Anne Curtis’ Buy Bust

Woohoo! 😍 Awesome one of my favorite down to earth Filipina actresses who is also a well known Kpop and Kdrama lover, #AnneCurtis ‘s movie#BuyBust with MMA fighter #BrandonVera is now being sold at @bestbuy !

I find that totally Awesome!

First shown on @netflix now at Best Buy!

Way to go @annecurtissmith πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ’— Happy Birthday!

I remembered fangirling hard on watching her BTS in training for this. For me, she is soo badass!

Anyways, actually, I was able to watch it while back! The moment it appeared on Netflix and had time, I watched it. It is a really good movie. Loved both Anne and Brandon here, their chemistry is subtle like siblings almost, looking after each other… Watching each other’s backs even though they just barely started training and working together. But they somehow have developed trust, especially Anne’s character had not too long before dealt with something with her previous crew.

Anyways this movie is Not for kids though, cause of the violent themes… I enjoyed the movie, it is a bit dark and gory though especially for my tastes, but still a pretty good decent movie. It’s about a military crew versus drug lords and angry citizens who are tired of being caught up in their drug bust war. Basically a drug bust gone wrong, turned into an all out war. This movie was said to be social take on Duterte’s Philippines War on Drugs

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