iKON Calendar 2019

My beloved #ikoncalendar2019
Its now Day 2 of March with #iKON 😘✌️ Btw can’t wait for #DoubleB

iKON leader / Songwriter of the Year 2018/Main Producer Composer Lyricist of iKON … #iKONBI and iKON’s main rapper/lyricist and composer too/ #ShowMetheMoney 3 winner/ performed “Rise” for #LeagueofLegends .. .. #iKONBobby ! #DoubleBiKON in my opinion is one of the scariest rap duo in Kpop (3rd gen btw, correct me if I am wrong..I sometimes mix up the gens) ✌️. They will make their subunit debut in May… supposedly… hopefully lol

And yesterday Bobby feat with Chinese rapper #Vava in #DJTPA ‘s song “Sugar Asia.” And #ikonmaknae Chanwoo was use as a model for #Fortnite #kpopskin made by Samsung for their Galaxy S10. And #ikonleaderbi #Hanbin #BI got a shoutout with #Zico on the latest episode of #NCIS

Anyways am so ready for the iKON’s future concerts especially when they all make their comebacks, whether it be solos, subunits or group projects πŸ’— Lots of love, support & good health #bi #hanbin #bobby #song #dk #june #jay #chan πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ’—

Anyways I got this at a Korean book store at 32nd Street between 5th & 6th Ave. And what is awesome about this is that it lasts for 2years. After using the 2019 side, you can flip it over to the 2020

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