Yuna Ito’s Singles Best 2005-2010 Love

Got this a while back but…

πŸ’—Thank you #Amazon seller #daisukeamazon of Mild JAPAN for my #YunaIto cd “Yuna Ito’s Singles Best 2005-2010 Love” ! It is so cute their child added candy too!

Yuna Ito is a female Japanese-Korean singer who was born in the US, and grew up in Hawaii. She has one of the most lovely angelic voices I’ve ever heard.

This arrived coincidentally in time for #valentines day!

This is a beautiful album, also has a DVD too but make sure your DVD player plays Region 2. But either way love this!😍 It has all of my fave Japanese songs of hers…most especially “Trust You”, “Miss You” “I’m Here” “Truth”, “Precious” & “Endless Story”

#music #beautifulvocals #talentedsinger

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