Man to Man Korean Drama on Netflix Review

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Since I’ve binge watch on Netflix’s Korean Drama series, “Man to Man” not too long ago. I decided to do a quick review. I could have done a review/ recap chapter by chapter but decided do an overall review instead since that is what I only have time for anyways. Peace out. And please don’t take what I say seriously just with a grain of salt, because this is mostly based on my feelings and thoughts on this drama.

Anyways “Man to Man” is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Park Hae-jin, Park Sung-woong, Kim Min-jung, Chae Jung-an and Yeong Jung-hoon.

The cast is quite talented bunch. Warning going to get slightly of topic because I will talk about the cast first.

Park Hae-Jin who played a prominent second lead in both My Love from the Star” and “Doctor Stranger”. I particularly enjoyed his role in 2014 tv series “Bad Guys” which is currently also being played on Netflix btw. Anyways in “Bad Guys” Park Hae-jin character there is part of a team of convicted sentenced criminals who are working together as a team to solve crimes under two police officers in order to lessen their prison sentence. Good show. I will definitely re-watch this and do an overall review too.

Park Sung-woong is a veteran South Korean actor who I honestly first saw in “Hidden Identity”. This show I liked so much, which I got to watch on He is part of a team of undercover investigators working together to solve crimes. Like “Bad Guys”, I will definitely re-watch “Hidden Identity” and do an overall review too. Btw, the main reason I watched “Hidden Identity” is actually because of Kim Bum from “Boys Over Flowers” doing a different character from what I am used to seeing him do and Lee Won-Jong, whose character I was fond of in “Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2” and bromance with Yeong Jung-hoon’s character there. Anyways from “Hidden Identity”, I also ended up liking Park Sung-woong’s character who is tough as nails which is kind of different from Park Sung-woong character here in “Man to Man”. In “Man to Man”, he is tough yes but he is also quite silly and he really acts like a superstar actor. He is totally hilarious but such a lovable character in Man to Man.

Kim Min-jung is popular South Korean actress that started off as a child star before transitioning into more adult roles. I remember her in 2014 South Korean serial killer drama series “Gap-dong” which btw is also being played on Netflix. She played a psychologist who has a deep interest in the Gap-dong serial killings. This tv series I “skimmed” watch a while back on I do plan to watch this again, this time thoroughly btw. Hehe. Anyways I like her character in “Man to Man”…kind of eccentric, tough and funny.

Chae Jung-an is a South Korean actress and singer. I remember her as the second female lead in the “Prime Minister and I” also known as “Prime Minister is Dating” where a young journalist played by Yoona, a member of one of South Korea’s popular KPOP girl group Girls’ Generation/SNSD gets into a contract marriage with the Prime Minster played by veteran actor Kim Beom-soo. This was a cute interesting show.

And lastly, Yeong Jung-hoon is a popular South Korean actor who is best known for his generational epic roles in both “East of Eden” and period medical drama “Jejungwon”. He is also the son of veteran actor Yeon Kyu-jin and married to popular actress Han Ga-in who I greatly remember 2012 fantasy historical drama “Moon Embracing the Sun”. Anyways Yeong Jung-hoon, I remember watching his vampire crime series “Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2” which is about a prosecutor who hides his identity as a vampire while solving cases using his vampiric powers. Interesting show btw. Hehe. Anyways compared to “Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2”, this time in “Man to Man” he plays the antagonist role and his role here is an interesting revelation to me. Cause, of course in the Vampire series, I was rooting for him, but in “Man to Man” I wished that he would pay for his sins but at the same time I was kind of feeling sorry for his character.

And now, I will get back to my main objective. My review on “Man to Man”. I will try my best not to spoil the show too much, just in case there are those who haven’t watch this yet.

Anyways “Man to Man” is about a NIS black ops agent (Park Haejin) who goes undercover as a bodyguard to a longtime celebrity (Park Sung-woong) because he needs to get a invite to a dirty foreign businessmen (who happens to be a big fan of longtime celebrity)’s lair to get an important artifact(s) containing information to another dirty businessman, who happens to be dead, corrupt organization based in South Korean and is Yeong Jung-hoon’s character’s father. From there the story starts, the bromance between undercover bodyguard and longtime celebrity develops. The undercover bodyguards romantic relationship with said longtime celebrity’s manager (Kim Min-jung) buds as well. Along to way, secret connections and mysteries are revealed with some action-packed fun and comedic and romantic scenes. I felt that the main cast as well as the supporting cast really gelled well.

Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed this series, “Man to Man”. From the first couple episodes you can see that Park Hae-jin’s character as an undercover NIS agent is really good at his job, both as an agent and a bodyguard. He mainly maintains a poker face but you can tell as the story goes on… the cracks in his facade becomes a tad more obvious. Most especially as he starts becoming much closer to both the actor and the actor’s manager, who both have somewhat silly or eccentric characters. They develop such a dynamic hilarious teamwork too as the story progresses. But he is still a damn good agent that’s for sure. And before the longtime actor and the manager starting steeping into his heart, who can tell that he already has a special bromance too with his handler and main contact, a former NIS agent turned public prosecutor played by Jeong Man-sik. Whose part is a supporting role. His character is quite hilarious , so lovable and righteous. And even though he stopped being NIS agent to ease his wife’s worries, he seems to still be working with them. Both Jeong Man-sik’s and Park Hae-jin’s character works under Jang Hyun-sung’s character, who definitely plays his part well. Btw, out of all the South Korean veteran actors, Jang Hyun-sung is my favorite! Most of the shows I’ve watched him in whether he be main or supporting are pretty good and thoroughly enjoyed, such as “Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 3”, “Signal”, “The Doctors” aka “Doctor Crush”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Queen for Seven Days”, “Temperature of Love”, “Twelve Nights” and “Where Stars Land”! I also particulary love him and his two boys in Return to Superman! Btw, I will re-watch this programs if possible on Netflix, Hulu and Viki and do a review like with this one. Peace out for straying off again.

Anyways to continue off with my review…

If there is another person in this series ho is just as good at using the poker face as Park Hae-jin, it would be Chae Jung-an character who plays the longtime actor’s former girlfriend who was once Miss Korea later becoming an actress to a conglomerate businessman (Yeong Jung-hoon)’s wife. I found her character quite intriguing and almost tough as nails for a former Miss Korea… Which may honestly a little stereotypical cause one would think at first look a beauty queen is delicate but they are actually have a strong composure and quite intelligent people. But what I was more thinking of as his almost tough as nails for a former Miss Korea, is her not being so sociable and interactive, since she is kind of cold or stern to others except to her best friend played by Oh Na-ra and former manager please by Lee Si-eon. And Chae Jung-an character seems to be wary of her husband, even though she acts as a devoted wife. But I honestly like her character, I found her very intriguing, strong and badass.

Anyways like I’ve mentioned before along the way, secret connections and mysteries are revealed with some action-packed fun and comedic and romantic scenes. I really felt that the main cast and as well as the supporting cast really gelled well. I loved the dynamics of the characters relationships with each other, the main trio (the undercover bodyguard, the longtime actor and the manager) and the concept of uncovering a dead businessmen’s wrongdoings by get an important artifact(s) containing information leading to proving his dirty deeds, which he hoped to pass to his son (Yeong Jung-hoon).

Anyways I hope you are entertained by my insight to Netflix’s “Man to Man”, a South Korean drama. And it got you somewhat intrigued to watch “Man to Man’, most especially if you haven’t watch it yet. Once again, please don’t take what I say seriously just with a grain of salt, because this is mostly based on my feelings and thoughts on this drama.

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