iKON’s New Kids Repackaged album Review

A little late…but in honor of iKON’s Junhoe’s birthday, the Beloved Noise Pollution and my personal promise of making a review of iKON’s New Kids Repackaged album….

Here it is..💗😁✌️💗

Anyways first off, I want to clarify I am NO #musicalexpert . But I am a #musiclover who is particularly leaning more towards KPOP & other Asian music. Don’t get me wrong I am into all kinds of music like classical music, instrumental to anime theme songs and International artists as well like Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Jojo, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, NSYNC etc etc, just to name a few. But as I mentioned before I lean a little more towards KPOP especially these past couple years.

For me my interest in KPOP all started with the debut of #2NE1 , iKON’s older sister group from the same entertainment agency. 2NE1 opened the doors to me to KPOP, with #BIGBANG another sibling group steeping deeply into my heart, followed by other artists including iKON, #WINNER , #BLACKPINK , #AKMU , #JINUSEAN and #LEEHI in their entertainment agency, YG entertainment. And former artists like #EpikHigh , #Se7en , #Gummy and #PSY have a place as well. But more of them on another time, including #2NE1 cause to me 2NE1 is always forever and legendary! For now the focus of my review is on iKON and their New Kids Repackage Album. Peace out for straying off topic. 😊 Warning, I might do this every once in a while.

Secondly, since I am making a review of all the songs in iKON’s New Kids Repackage Album. I also want to clarify I’ve heard most of the songs I before just that I haven’t exactly express my thoughts and feelings on the songs individually. Also since this is a repackaged album, there is selected few songs that came from each of iKON’s New Kids Series Albums: Begin, Return, Continue and The Final including their debut album “Welcome Back”.

Thirdly, disclaimer, I want to clarify this review is like a mention before is from my thoughts, feelings and possibility on interpretation of the songs and the entire album…before and after reading the English translations… So you don’t have to take what I say seriously just with a grain of salt. But I do hope this gets you interested in iKON and KPOP as a whole.

To me, iKON’s New Kids Series Albums is a four part tetralogy of iKON’s musical evolution and evolution of B.I’s artistic abilities. As well as the phases of a relationship…well almost from the released titled song of each New Kids Series album.

By the way, just to add a couple tidbits. The main producer, lyricists and composer of practically all of iKON’s songs is their leader and lead rapper B.I. aka Hanbin. He does have help though from other producers and from Bobby, iKON’s main rapper who writes his own raps in songs and assists B.I. in production.

  1. “I’m Ok” – Is the title track of this New Kids Repackage Album. And this song really touched me. I first saw this song watching the music video and I found it heart-wrenching….The feels!!! It begins with the leader Hanbin (B.I.) singing, “I’m Ok…” If you see the music video though, you would be like “NO! you are not okay!” It is an awesome video by the way, the concept and imagery is very well made. iKON did not promote to song in music shows because they want listeners to feel and enjoy the song. And as a listener myself, I totally felt the message of the song. It touched me deep into my soul and to me so relatable on many levels. For some listeners, they felt the song is all about love. Others felt it’s about going through different levels of loneliness and hardships but telling others you are ok and will be okay. B.I. says 1st part is about life and the second part is about love. And for no matter what interpretation one gets from this song will find it truly relatable and sadly beautiful this song is. 💗💙💗
  2. “Bling Bling”- is the title track of New Kids Series: Begin album. This a bop song! Hands down. I won’t explain more. I enjoyed their dance performance to this song too. For clubs and concerts especially, this is definitely hype the crowd up.
  3. “Love Scenario”-is the title track of New Kids Series: Return album. When this came out, I was surprised in sense cause I was so used to iKON and their hip hop sound and the powerful rapping of both Bobby and B.I. But at the same time, I wasn’t surprised cause in iKON’s predebut days they are a versatile group. And sang meaningful songs even before their debut, like with their predebut self made some “Climax”, which is my absolute favorite btw. The fact that is so light-hearted but reading the lyrics it is so heartfelt and and ironic for such a beautiful song that has a somewhat bittersweet lyrics. A song, in opinion, that represents the accepting a break-up. Anyways this is the song that hit iKON to the top for weeks straight and winning multiple awards including Song of the Year, Long Run Song of the Year, Digital Bonsang, Digital Daesang, Producer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year for B.I. Anyways check out the MV it is fresh and awesome too, and the dancing is awesome of course. 💗🤗💗
  4. “Killing Me”- is the title track of New Kids Series: Continue album and only one of my favorites. Especially when the MV on this song was first released. I found it sexy especially their dancing. They are called DanceKON back in they’re predebut. Anyways ‘Killing Me’ is a sexy filled with emotion and I felt that there was a deeper meaning in there especially for the song title itself. And no mistake, it does have a deeper meaning. Basically talking about that the after effects of the break up is still affecting them. Beautiful, deep, bop song! 🔥🔥🔥
  5. “Freedom”- this song is in New Kids Series: Continue album and only one of my favorites. This song reminds me of all the anime shows I love to watch and I love the rocker feels it gives. To me, this is song that definitely makes me feel good, party, and makes me want to break free. And that is want the song literally means “freedom!”
  6. “B-Day”-This an another bop song! Hands down. Like Bling Bling, I won’t explain more. I enjoyed their dance performance to this song too. For clubs and concerts especially, this is definitely hype the crowd up.
  7. “Rubber Band”- this song, iKON released as a single not long after the success of their New Kids: Return album. It was released with a beautifully choreographed dance . This is another song in which iKON has a way of making it sound so light-hearted but with sad bittersweet lyrics. Basically about a couple near the end of their relationship and on the verge of a break up. It is such a beautiful song and definitely on my playlist. One of my faves 💗😉💗
  8. “Beautiful”- the is a cute B-side song that iKON actually had a major hand in producing the MV for, with their leader BI (Hanbin) as the director. The self produced MV for this was made on episode 8 on iKON TV and if I remember correctly the money they self earned for this MV production was done on episode 2-3 on iKON TV. Side note, if you are interested you should definitely check out #iKONTV shown on YouTube. Which I will re-watch and likely do a review for but per episode. 😉✌️ Awesome and hilarious! No regrets watching and the major possibility of watching #iKONTV again. Anyways overall with or without reading the English translation this is a lovely song. It is upbeat and beautiful. Pun intended 😉✌️
  9. “Cocktail”-this is song is very cute and groovy. The feeling I get from this song is to enjoy, basically have fun and relax. This is all I can say. It’s a beautiful light-hearted happy song that I enjoy.
  10. “Only You”-this is a sweet b-side song from New Kids Series: Continue. Before reading the lyrics of this song. I found it to be light-hearted, soothing and beautiful especially with the parts repeating “wanna be with you only you, only you…” The feeling that I get is that it is soothing, mixed between a serenade and a sweet lullaby. I really love it song.
  11. “Everything”- this is a cute song and one of iKON’s b-side songs in New Kids Series: Return. And that it is also definitely one of songs iKON most especially B.I. (Hanbin) has a way of making a song so light-hearted but with sad bittersweet mixed with affirmation after a break up. Anyways this is a good well produced and well written song.
  12. “Love Me”- this is one of iKON’s b-side songs. Of course without the English lyrics, I thought it is cute song and I found it ironic. It is such as upbeat beautiful cute song. But the parts in English when they say ‘Nobody loves, Nobody loves me, I need love, give me your love, right now, right now…’ right away gives you the impression there is more to song. And that it is also definitely one of songs iKON most especially B.I. (Hanbin) has a way of making a song so light-hearted but with sad bittersweet lyrics. Anyways I love this song, most especially the bridge and chorus.
  13. “Don’t Let Me Know”-this is a cute b-side song from New Kids Series: The Final. It’s sounds so light-hearted but the way iKON most especially B.I. (Hanbin) is going with some of the songs… Has a way of making a song so light-hearted but with sad bittersweet lyrics. Basically how they were once were with a girl, now she is with happy with someone else. They aren’t okay yet, they don’t know if they will find someone too… Or along the lines be able to move on. Anyways it’s a type of song that can make one melo and filled with thoughts. It’s a beautiful song.
  14. “Goodbye Road”- is the title track of New Kids Series: The Final album. By the way, don’t be fooled by the title track and the last New Kids series album, The Final title. It doesn’t mean that the group is breaking up after releasing the four part album New Kids series. After all they released earlier this year in January this New Kids Repackaged Album with “I’m Ok” as the title track, signaling a new start for the group or some fans wonder another tetralogy album series to be produced by iKON’s leader B.I. Anyways “Goodbye Road” is in my opinion the end of the relationship between a man and woman expressing the bittersweet feelings of said break up. And how I feel about the song is that is so sweet, sad and relatable. I totally love this song.
  15. “Long Time No See”-this song is one of my favorites. And was said to be written for the fans who waited so long for iKON to come back. As whole, whether read the English lyrics or not. I really love it’s song. It is so beautiful. And I especially like the bridge and the chorus part. This song amongst other iKON songs are definitely in my playlist and one of my favorite songs from them.
  16. “Best Friend”-this is a cute song and one of iKON’s b-side songs in New Kids Series: Return. This song is also one of my favorites. It is fresh, feel good kind of song and light-hearted. But it is actually a song with a dilemma. The guy loves his best friend who is already with or has someone else in their heart. It is a beautiful song and the dilemma may seem light-hearted but it is very meaningful. I found it like a couple others as sad but sweet, beautiful and pure. And it is definitely one of my favorite songs from iKON. Btw, on this song, one should definitely check out #AKMU Suhyun’s version, the studio one and a fanmade one with iKON’s Jay. All really good versions!
  17. “Just Go”-for me ths is a bittersweet track and I found it sadly beautiful. This is actually an old iKON track that was re-released on iKON’s New Kids: Continue album and now this Repackaged album. Anyways from the song is sad, it’s about a guy telling a girl to go to the guy that makes her happier, that he is will be alright. It is sadly beautiful. This is the type of song that makes me raise my arm and sway it slowly side to side. I found it to be so sad, sweet, beautiful and pure. And it is definitely one of my favorite songs from iKON.
  18. “Adore You”-this song is a sweet and beautiful song. And the lyrics are as sweet and beautiful and the song itself. I totally love it. I feeling I get from this song is a mixed between a serenade and a sweet lullaby especially from the vocalists, since they are especially highlighted well here. And when the rappers rap, their parts are so groovy but tantalizing. It sounds like a love confession song, especially from the title of the song itself. It is a lovely, pure song and I adore it. Pun intended.
  19. “Don’t Forget”-this song is so beautiful. From what I understand this was written for iKON’s fans during their long hiatus. Basically, “Don’t forget us, Don’t forget me, everything about me…” For I don’t need to expound too much but just from those words whether you interpret it as a song to fans or to someone to a loved one. I found it to be so sad, sweet, beautiful and pure. And it is definitely one of my favorite songs from iKON.
  20. “Jerk”-for me this is a bittersweet track. I thought it was groovy and I love it, and wondered before I read the English lyrics why is it titled “Jerk” but I felt it would be surprisingly good. Cause iKON, particularly BI who is the main producer of iKON’s songs is so good at making sad songs with either groovy or upbeat music. Anyways, why Bittersweet? Well after reading the lyrics, from my understanding, it is about the guy basically expressing his regret for not treating his girl better while he still had her. To me, this song is still beautiful despite how sad it really is.
  21. “Perfect”-This one is one of my favorite songs from iKON. Actually when I first heard it was when iKON guested on Weekly iDol episode 341 when Hyeong-don and Defconn were still the hosts. They did a on the spot acoustic Korean version, since this song was only released in Japan with of course a Japanese version. Not too long after, in New Kids: The Final and New Kids: Repackage. Anyways I love this song cause it is so tantalizingly beautiful and the vocals are so well pronounced. The vocalists are well highlighted in this song, you can tell this song was especially made for them even though the two rappers each beautiful flow of serving us with a bit of a slow melo rap near the end before it fades out.
  22. “Hug Me”- This song captured me the moment started with Donghyuk singing in what I believe is a falsetto with Hanbin (B.I.) following up his rap. Even without reading the English translated version of the this song I thought, it seems so sad but beautiful. Anyways this song is bittersweet filled with a man’s longing towards the woman, who is already with someone else. He is having all of these feelings and trying his back to hold it back. But he feels he should tell her he feels, and he just wants one hug from her before he lets her go. The feels… Bittersweet. Anyways I love Donghyuk’s “falsetto”..quotations btw cause I am not exactly sure if it is a falsetto. And I also love Chanwoo’s slow melo rap. The entire song is sadly beautiful.
  23. “Just For You”-This song when I first heard it, was released at the end iKON TV. Miss that show btw, hope there is a season two. 🙏 Anyways this is a beautiful song made for the fans and it gives me a emotional rollercoaster feeling but overall that I will not regret them being one of the #KPOP artists I follow. That is all I will say.
Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on iKON’s latest album. Overall this album is a beautiful masterpiece and felt so relatable in many ways. 💗🤗💗
Once again Thank you @yesasia ! For My #iKONNewKids Repackaged Album 💗😍💗
Btw can’t wait for #DoubleB , they will make their subunit debut in May… hopefully 🙏
So ready for the #iKON ‘s future concerts & projects 💗 Lots of love, support & good health #bi #hanbin #bobby #song #dk #june #jay #chan 💗🤗💗 Let’s continue supporting them my fellow #iKONics & #ygstans
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Updated as of June 12, 2019

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