LOVE 020 The Movie Review

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LOVE 020 The Movie Review

Disclaimer: Picture of the film and Love 020, are definitely not mine.

Love 020 The Movie was recently added into Netflix for viewing. Woohoo! Thank you #Netflix

Anyways I wanted to check it this movie out because Angelababy is playing the lead role of Bei Wei Wei of this movie version.

FYI, there is also a tv series version on Netflix and also on with a different set of cast members. Which by the way, I am also currently watching and will likely do a review of the TV series version as well.

First off, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film and television… at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will stilll do this movie review as a movie lover and book lover…well cause this movie is an adaptation of a Chinese novel.

Anyways Love 020 is based on the novel of the same name by Gu Man and that is also called “Just One Smile is Alluring”. Anyways I read the novel online…well the English translation one that was quite condensed too, so I cannot really say it is a full novel word for word in English translation… But I can say though it got me interested enough to the point that I tried hunting down the English translated book version, and had no luck at all. But for me, even with the condensed English translated online version, I found it pretty good even though some of the translations seems quite elaborate. As in for a example, a one word name of an character is quite long and descriptive for a name, but at the same time in my opinion is not something to make a big deal of especially in truth I find it quite fascinating…because in a sense I am learning another’s culture…in this case through a novel. Anyways this novel was the main reason why I wanted to check out both the tv series and the movie version.

But right now though, the focus on my review is the movie version and I will compare it to the online book version… Warning! I might give some spoilers but I will try my best not to give them all the away 😁✌️ Most especially if you have plans on watching this yourself.

Okay here it is goes…

I will start first by talking about the main leads Angelababy and Jing Boran

Angelababy is a popular and beautiful Chinese-German model, singer actress based in Hong Kong. She is well known for her role in the blockbuster Mojin: The Lost Legend and a cast member in “Keep Running” the Chinese version of Korean variety show “Running Man” which propelled her into a household name. Btw, watched some English sub videos of #KeepRunning, I love their version as well. Especially since I happen to be a big fan of #RunningMan Korea. I so hope #Netflix and/or #Hulu gets the rights to broadcast both Running Man Korea and Keep Running, it’s Chinese version. I most especially hope they can broadcast first two season episodes Running Man Korea… It is an awesome hilarious show. And I especially loved it when both shows decided to do a crossover episode together! It was EPIC! Anyways I apologize for getting off topic, I got excited lol. Anyways to continue… Angelababy also appeared in other international films such as Hitman: Agent 47 and Independence Day: Resurgence. The most recent Chinese drama that I’ve seen her in though was in historical tv series “General and I”, which I heard is coming soon to And I highly recommend General and I, despite the criticism it faced, it was a popular show and I enjoyed it. 😉 Warning though, it is a looooooong series, it has 62 episodes. And since it has been a while I will likely re-watch it again and do a full review.

Anyways in Love 020 the Movie, Angelababy plays the female main lead “Bei Wei Wei”, who is considered the belle of the computer science department and 2nd year in the university. She is also the only female player in the Top 10 online RPG game , the same game Xao Nai is also playing in. She is known as “Luwei Wewei” in the game. Anyways I thought Angelababy was quite fantastic as Bei Wei Wei but will get to expound a little more on her character later.

While Jing Boran is a popular actor singer who debut in a boy band Bobo before later on debuting as a solo singer. He started becoming quite popular in his role in the time travel drama Love Weaves Through a Millennium interestingly enough with Zheng Shuang who plays the female lead of Bei Wei Wei in Love 020 Tv version. Anyways Jing Boran got even more recognition as a supporting actor alongside with Andy Lau in Lost and Love and then later starring in adventure film Time Raiders which was a box office success and also starred in highest grossing film of 2015 Monster Hunt.

Anyways in Love 020 the Movie, Jing Boran plays the male main lead “Xiao Nai”, who is the most popular student on campus, 4th year computer science student and highest ranking player in the online RPG game in the same program Wei Wei is playing in. In the game he is known as Yixiao Naihe”. He gets attracted to Wei Wei first btw. Also he and he friends started an game devepling business with them working on winning a competition with an online game they are developing. Anyways I thought Jing Boran was quite fantastic as Xiao Nai but will get to expound a bit more on his character without spoiling too much of the movie later.

Anyways slight recap of beginning and then my review…

Obviously right of the bat in the movie version, we see Angelababy as Bei Wei Wei going after the Boss/Monster or thief in the game and what matches is the beginning is where she is tag teaming with her clan in the game and played a major role in that baddie’s defeat. Slight difference, she runs to the internet cafe to catch up and help defeat the baddie. Also another change K.O. the top hacker appears in the beginning and seems to know Wei Wei well. When in the novel, he appears much later because of his interest Xiao Nai’s friend Hao Mei and considered as elusive, that nobody knows him at all until Hao Mei gets involved with him.

Moving on…

Overall…if I am comparing the movie to the English translation of the novel posted online…of course their will be similarities but differences especially to fit the important parts in about a 2 hour long movie… buy this is one of those rare movie versions I can enjoy and tolerate. Cause there are some book to movie versions or anime to movie / tv versions I wasn’t too fond of…. except for a rare few…lol

Anyways this Love 020 movie version stuck to how the main leads first interacted in the online game, how they run into each other outside the game without yet knowing the other’s online identity, how they finally meet outside the game to finally learn who each other are, and who knew who the other was first. As well as them going through challenges together as their relationship blossoms.

The slight differences between the movie and the novel version is that they made the antagonist one person here. Xiao Nai’s not so rival the foreign language senior student also played Wei Wei’s former partner in-game ex-husband. While in the book, they were two different people. Also Wei Wei’s best friend Erxi, despite being a supporting role, she played a lesser role in this version. Another difference was the result of a game making competition even though Xiao Nai’s and his friends ended up doing well on their own in the end. Wei Wei…for instance she seemed a little less awkwardor less nervous or shy around Xiao Nai in this version. While Xiao Nai, in this one is not as cold. He is still still capable tough and quite intellectual but he is not as cold in this movie version.

And just to clarify, still watching the TV version btw too, but from what I can say the tv version is more closely following the books storyline… But I will get into the tv version in a separate future please watch out for it if you are interested. I am currently watching it along with another watching show. 😁✌️


Whether or not you’ve read or watch any of the Love 020 versions… Overall I found the movie really good and entertaining. Not only did Angelababy as Wei Wei and Jing Boran as Xiao Nai played their parts well with the slight change in their character, I adored the main lead’s friends most especially when the main lead’s friends deal with the main antagonist in the online game… Hilarious!😂

The film was very vibrant and bright and since the concept is online couple taking their relationship to the real world, I found it magical. They condensed it well to fit the length of the film keeping to the main focus which was the relationship of the main leads within and mostly outside the game while dealing with obstacles.

Thank you @Netflix for adding this movie to your lineup! This an awesome film, in my opinion 💗🤗💗

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the movie version of Love 020.

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