Park Bom Spring Album Review

Peace out, if I am pretty late….actually about a couple days behind schedule…

But I will take advantage of this moment to say…

“It’s been a while coming but I’m here now! Eh eh eh eh eh eh…”


Lmao lol tweaking the 2NE1 “Fire” lyrics a bit here to suit my dilemma lol

Anyways moving on..

Disclaimer: I do not own #ParkBom …(but I am a longtime #2NE1fan , a #Blackjack )

First off, like my last album review post, I want to clarify I am no musical expert. But I am a music lover who is particularly leaning more towards KPOP & other Asian music. Don’t get me wrong I am into all kinds of music like classical music, instrumental to anime theme songs and International artists as well like Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Jojo, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, NSYNC etc etc, just to name a few. But as I mentioned before I lean a little more towards KPOP especially these past couple years.

Like I mentioned in my 1st KPOP album review on iKON’s New Kids Repackaged Album. My interest in KPOP all started with the debut of 2NE1, iKON’s and WINNER’s older sister group from the same entertainment agency. The same group…Park Bom is in…

2NE1 opened the doors to me to KPOP, with BIGBANG another sibling group steeping deeply into my heart, followed by other artists including iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK and LEE HI in their entertainment agency, YG entertainment. But more of them on another time, including 2NE1 cause to me 2NE1 is always forever and legendary! For now the focus of my review is on Park Bom. Peace out btw for going off topic. 😊 Warning, I might do this every once in a while. LOL

Secondly, since I am making a review of all the songs in BOM’s album. This is actually a much shorter review compared to my previous two KPOP albums review. But I will make this as in-depth and heartfelt review as I can especially since to me, despite this being a 3-song album. As a longtime fan, especially a Blackjack, a 2NE1 fan… This comeback means a lot and it is undeniably special… it is something Bom deserves to have, especially after all she has gone through.

Thirdly, disclaimer, I want to clarify this review is like a mention before is from my thoughts, feelings and possibility on interpretation of the songs and the entire album…before and after reading the English translations… So you don’t have to take what I say seriously just with a grain of salt. But I do hope this gets you interested in Park Bom and KPOP as a whole.

Anyways onwards to the actual review!

Starting with Bom’s Comeback Single after soooooo long…

  • “Spring” feat Sandara Park-Okay, the moment I heard this song on Youtube. Tears…happy tears…formed in my eyes. Cause her comeback has been a long time coming and highly anticipated. And as a longtime 2NE1 fan, knowing what they’ve gone through especially Bom… This song… This comeback album… after such a long tough hiatus…. Is comeback is something that she really deserves. And an added bonus… Spring also features Sandara Park aka Dara, her fellow 2NE1 member. This is a project a lot of Blackjacks including myself always hope for…. A SsangPark/ Park Sisters, aka Bom and Dara collaboration which is always something they always wished too. Anyways Spring is a beautiful song. The tone is melo but resigned. I especially loved the gospel part. The feeling you get from the song which definitely fits well with the lyrics is yes I’ve been hurt but I will be alright, I’ll be alright….which is mentioned in Sandara’s rap, which btw is awesome rap. Unique fresh vocals rapping. 😊 For longtime fans, we heard her sweet fresh vocals rap before in 2NE1’s ‘Can’t Nobody.’ And as always Bom’s vocals are phenomenal and so unique… As in really unique! Cause from all the vocalists I’ve heard, mind you not a pro but only she has this unique amazing vocals that you can say ‘it’s Park Bom!” And Bom can definitely still hit it, singing her heart out. Anyways like I mentioned before this is a beautiful song… sadly resigned but beautiful. It’s about moving on after a break up, after being hurt…accepting something hurtful happened…wondering and waiting for spring will come to oneself. It’s a sadly beautiful song. And I love it!

  • “My Lover”-This song is so beautiful and I found her unique vocals so addicting… Her vocals are so crisp and stable and emotional. To me, she is really expressing the emotions of the song well, both the lyrics and the tone. The song is expressing wonder… searching and wondering about one’s lover or more clearly… one’s old flame. Saying that it is not that you miss this person, years had passed already but when you are surrounded by lovers who can’t help but think of your former lover. Wondering how are they, where are they…and if you see them would you recognize them. Anyways overall… beautiful song. Love it.
  • “Shameful”-The moment this song started. I knew I was going to love it. Like ‘My Lover’ and ‘Spring’, ‘Shameful’ is a beautiful song that is quite meaningful and expressive, especially highlighted by Bom’s uniquely phenomenal vocals. And Park Bom, to me, totally expressed the emotions and the meaning of the song real well. The song is about expressing pain on why they are being treated unwell or being neglected by someone they cared for. That this person is hurting them… treating them that they are shameful, that something is wrong with them, that even though they already know or sense it…To just tell them that they don’t like or don’t care for them anymore. … to get it over with…so that the constant disappointment and hurt this person has been inflicting on them can finally stop. Or somewhere along these lines… Anyways, this is a beautiful, meaningful relatable song. And I love it.

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on Park Bom’s Spring Mini Album. It maybe short but so totally worth it, meaningful and emotional. And overall loved the entire mini album.

As Blackjack, YG artists stan and a longtime fan… The happiness over this comeback…is undeniably beautiful, brings me to happy tears cause it has been a long tough journey for her to get to this point…a comeback that is well-deserved.

Once again Thank you @yesasia #Dnation ! For My #ParkBomSpring Album 💗😍💗

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