1st Day of May with #iKON ikoncalendar2019

Before the 1st day of May ends…

My beloved #ikoncalendar2019

May with #iKON 😘✌️ Btw can’t wait for #DoubleB

iKON leader / Songwriter of the Year 2018/Main Producer Composer Lyricist of iKON … #iKONBI and iKON’s main rapper/lyricist and composer too/ #ShowMetheMoney 3 winner/ performed “Rise” for #LeagueofLegends .. .. #iKONBobby ! #DoubleBiKON in my opinion is one of the scariest rap duo in Kpop (3rd gen btw, correct me if I am wrong..I sometimes mix up the gens) ✌️. They will make their subunit debut someday soon… hopefully this year, but I can wait lol

Anyways am so ready for the iKON’s future concerts especially when they all make their comebacks, whether it be solos, subunits or group projects πŸ’— Lots of love, support & good health #bi #hanbin #bobby #song #dk #june #jay #chan πŸ’—πŸ€—πŸ’— Anyways I got this at a Korean book store at 32nd Street between 5th & 6th Ave. And what is awesome about this is that it lasts for 2years. After using the 2019 side, you can flip it over to the 2020

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