Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Book Review

Note by LadyAzulMoon: Peace! Pretty late on posting this… I apologize for the delay. Was 😷😫😷 on and off for a while amongst other delays. Luckily I was mostly done, but either way I apologize for being behind schedule on posting this review especially if you have been waiting for this. I appreciate for your time and patience. I just had to touch this up a little bit more… To make sure I gave all of thoughts on this one especially since I had wanted to see movie version first before I reading the book… anyways been a long time coming and finally presenting…

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Book Review

Disclaimer: Pride and Prejudice, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy are not mine…low whisper even though I want them to be… especially Mr.Darcy 💗 hehe peace 😁✌

Anyways, a little backtrack….I learned about a month or so ago, that the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie is playing on Sony Crackle…well 03/15 /2019 that it became available there… And interestingly enough, I never watched it until not long after I learned it was on Crackle and if you haven’t since the zombie movie version yet, it is still available on Crackle, I am just not sure now long it will remain there though…

Side note…you can watch it on your phone too! Just download the Sony Crackle app and you’re good to go. You can also get this Sony Crackle App on Fire TV.🤗

As I was saying, I watched the zombie movie version for the first time not too long ago, even though I love the original Pride and Prejudice by the absolutely amazing Jane Austen. I wanted to see the zombie movie version first before I read and review the zombie book version as well. And I actually grew quite of fond of the zombie movie version, which I mentioned in my zombie movie version review 💗😍💗

By the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet, not too long I posted a movie review of the zombie movie version. So, please do check out my movie version review too if it sparks your interest.

Anyways… moving on…

Back to my Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Book review…

First off… Please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film and television… at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this book review as film lover and a book lover…well cause like the movie version, this book is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice but with zombies added to the mix. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

Anyways the zombie version begins with story with, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” While in the original it really starts with, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Btw this is mentioned in both version, the zombie movie version and the zombie book version.

Anyways then and there…from the opening line, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains” one can tell in this version…heck! It is in the title, that zombies are added into the mix of this Jane Austen classic, with the undeniably unforgettable pair in my eyes… Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

Anyways if you read the original classic…will sum or give the gist of it… it starts with the Elizabeth’s mom learning of a rich bachelor (Mr.Bingley) moving in next door and throwing a party. Mrs. Bennet wants her daughters to go Bingley’s party, hoping one of her daughters will one day marry him or any other potential rich bachelor at his party. Elizabeth and her sisters attend said party and there she meets Mr.Darcy, who she does not get a good impression of. And her impression of him worsens when her sister Jane gets involved with his best friend, who happens to be Mr. Bingley and Darcy interferes. On top of her bad impression of Mr. Darcy, this angers Elizabeth cause his interference caused Jane pain. And then she meets the “dashing” Mr.Wickham who tells her that Mr. Darcy cheated him on his inheritance. In the zombie version.. at the peak at Elizabeth hating and plotting to kill Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy comes and tell her he loves her and wants to marry her. She denies him and tells him her reasons Although in this zombie version both the book and movie, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fight it out. He then leaves but leaving behind a letter to her of all the accounts she accused him of, basically telling her his reasons and her misconceptions… The letter clears this up all the misconceptions and prejudice, pun intended, Elizabeth has for Mr. Darcy…thus this being the true start between them…

From here on to the comparing Jane Austen’s version since I did read the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies book version, the story changes a bit specially to accommodate the zombie storyline. Also “the letter” Mr. Darcy gives Elizabeth in both the zombie movie and book version have slighty different content. To not give away too much, basically in the movie version, Mr. Wickham is undeniably evil which in my opinion fits especially in film makers want to keep it as a two-hour film. While in the book version, Seth Grahame-Smith stuck to the Mr. Wickham’s storyline from Jane Austen’s original as much as possible with a couple of additions.

Moving on…

Unlike in the zombie movie version after the letter from Darcy… By the way, please note, if you haven’t watched the movie version yet. Spoilers alert. In the zombie movie version… Elizabeth gets into a confrontation fight with Lady Caroline via her proxy lol who doesn’t want her to marry Mr. Darcy. Anyways in the end, Elizabeth won the proxy battle against Lady Caroline. Then news of Mr.Wickham and her youngest sister Lydia reaches Elizabeth. This leading both Elizabeth and Jane to go look for her and take her back from Mr. Wickham especially Elizabeth now knowing what a terrible person Mr.Wickham is. On their way to save Lydia, Elizabeth and Jane run into Mr.Darcy and Mr.Bingley. This, Elizabeth telling Mr.Darcy what happened with Lydia. Without telling her, Mr.Darcy goes to save Lydia for Elizabeth. With learning the Wickham is actually using Lydia to bring doom not only on Mr. Darcy cause he knows Darcy has feelings for Elizabeth, he is also bringing doom to England so he can rule it.

Another spoiler alert, that is if you have read or watch the zombie version yet…

In the zombie book version, after receiving Darcy’s letter instead of this leading to Elizabeth having confrontational fight with Lady Catherine right away Instead if follows the original Jane Austen storyline whereas after Elizabeth receives Darcy some time passes with her thinking over her actions, realizing her prejudice as well as realizing that now with her eyes open, she cannot really fault Darcy on his interference with Jane and Bingley, his character and treatment on Mr. Wickham over inheritance especially after knowing Mr. Darcy’s reasons and explanations that lead to topics Elizabeth accuse him of. In the letter he explains to Elizabeth that he separated Jane and Bingley out of fear that Jane had contracted the “mysterious plague.” While with the alleged wronged soldier Mr. Wickham, Darcy explains that Wickham attempted to elope with his younger sister to take her considerable fortune – the “inheritance” that Wickham had claimed. Elizabeth realizes that she had judged Darcy too harshly and is humbled. Darcy realizes that his demeanor encourages people to believe that all rumors said about him and resolves to act more appropriately.

From there, is the true beginning of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy…*sigh*

Then came my favorite part from the original Jane Austen version, and I am glad Seth Grahame-Smith kept this part in his version! Anyways, months after Elizabeth was given the faithful letter from Mr. Darcy… Elizabeth travels with her aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner and visits Pemberley Park, the Darcy estate! Also, it was during the Pemberley Park visit, Elizabeth meets Mr. Darcy’s sister! Then not long after that it is followed by the Lydia-Wickham crisis with zombies added which is way different from the zombie movie version but similar to the original Jane Austen storyline. This time I will not expound on that. Afterwards…the Lydia-Wickham was followed by the Elizabeth and Lady Catherine fight. By the way, on the part, the slight difference in zombie movie version, Elizabeth fights against Lady Catherine’s proxy while in the zombie book version, Elizabeth fights Lady Catherine herself. Another difference is, I loved Lady Catherine in the zombie movie version unlike in the zombie book version and the Jane Austen original version…I wasn’t fond of her at all… Anyways it was after the Elizabeth-Lady Catherine fight, that helped Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy union… *swoon* lol

Okay I will end my recap here, and move on to my review…

Anyways overall, I enjoyed the book. It was truly a nice take to the Jane Austen classic with the addition of zombies…I am glad that I gave this zombie version book a chance. Most especially after watching the movie version which made me curious enough to want to read this zombie book adaptation even more. From what I understand, it is because of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies… it led to more monster adaptations of classical novels… Example Sense and Sensibility which happens be another Jane Austen classic.

Side note again on the zombie movie version Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, I honestly love Lily James! To me, she played Elizabeth Bennett’s part really well and in this zombie version, she is so badass. Excuse language. But yes, she is totally awesome. Sam Riley as Mr.Darcy did an awesome job as well. I wasn’t sure if I would like him as Mr.Darcy but he definitely proved me wrong because he grew on me. I ended up adoring him too. I recommend this movie if this is up to your taste and if you haven’t watch it yet. If you love the classics and zombies lol 🤗✌

And like the movie version, I also love zombie book version Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. From what I do notice though, for classic Pride and Prejudice lovers. Warning if you haven’t read the zombie version yet. While in the zombie movie version, the characters are more badass. Here in the book version, Seth Grahame-Smith made all the characters most especially Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, zombie killing warriors…although Elizabeth is a little more bloodthirsty mainly because she was fueled by her immense prejudice against Darcy in the first half of the book before he gave her the letter that helped changed her opinion of him. Anyways like the zombie movie version, I recommend this zombie book version if this is up to your taste and if you haven’t watch it yet. Most recommend this book too, if you love Pride and Prejudice, the classics and zombies lol 🤗✌

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the the book version of ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.’ Especially since I have finally watched it the movie version not to long ago, before reading this book zombie adaption of Jane Austen’s book written by Seth Grahame-Smith. Thus, leading to this long-awaited book review, most especially if you have been waiting for it. Once again, I am sorry for the delay. But thank you so much for your patience and for giving this review a chance 😁✌

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By the way, once again, if you haven’t checked it out yet, not too long I posted a movie review of the zombie movie version. So, please do check out my movie version review too if it sparks your interest.

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