GAP-DONG Korean Drama Review

Gap-dong Korean Drama on Netflix

Peace out, I was pretty late on posting this… I apologize for the delay. Was 😷 😫😷 on and off amongst other delays… But was mostly done with this, but either way I apologize for being behind schedule on posting this review. I appreciate for your time and patience most especially if you have been keeping an eye out for any of my reviews. I had to touch this up a little bit more… To make sure I gave all of thoughts on this…

Disclaimer: Pictures of the show, cast are not mine. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia and Asian wiki.✌️

Anyways been a long time coming and finally presenting…

Gap-dong Korean Drama Review

Not too long ago, during Avenger Endgame release…which was almost about two weeks ago… I couldn’t watch Endgame at that time cause I was really under the weather 😷 😫😷… Instead I decided to finally watch the BLEACH the movie, which I will also make and post a review of soon… Please watch out that movie review.

Anyways, moving on, besides that BLEACH movie that weekend, I’ve also binged watched a Korean Drama series on Netflix called “Gap-dong”. And like “Man to Man” another K-drama which I’ve reviewed about a month ago, I decided to do a quick review. I honestly could’ve done a review/ recap episode by episode… but decided do an overall review instead since that is what I only have time for…

First off… please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film, literature and television… Not at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies books and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this Korean drama review as a Tv show lover and a Korean drama lover…. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

Warning by the way this show is not for kids, it may not be gory but it is dark. Centered on mind games, a dangerous game of chess between the protagonists and possible bad guys, psychos and un-repentable killers. Good show though, intense and the cast, my goodness is incredible in my opinion. I will start of with talking about the main cast.

The main cast consists of Yoon Sang-hyun, Sung Dong-il, Kim Min-jung, Kim Ji-won and Lee Joon.

First off, about the main cast, starting with Yoon Sang-hyun. Yoon Sang-hyun is a South Korean actor-singer who had his breakout role with Queen of Housewives and well-known for his roles in My Fair Lady, Secret Garden and I Can Hear Your Voice.

Here in Gap-dong, Yoon Sang-hyun played the son of an intellectually challenged man accused as the killer who died by committing suicide to prove his innocence around the 2nd and 3rd murders. Then 17 years later Yoon Sang-hyun is a police detective helping juvenile delinquents along the way. The eerily similar killings to Gap-dong’s case are happening. With that he takes the opportunity to join the investigation team to prove once and for all that his father is not the killer.

Sung Dong-il is a South Korean actor who made his acting debut in theater. In 1987. He then rose to fame playing a comic with a Jeolla dialect in the television drama Eun-shil. He then played the son of a chaebol tycoon in Love in 3 Colors and then a university professor in March. His film career jumpstarted by participating in the hit comedy 200 Pounds Beauty. Thus, he became known as Korean cinema’s most reliable supporting actors by displaying his comic skills and charm in films like Take Off, Foxy Festival, The Suicide Forest, etc. He also starred in major roles like The Suck Up, Mr. Go and The Accidental Detective. While in the small screen he was praised for his role in The Slave Hunter, Reply 1997, Reply 1994 and Reply 1988.

In “Gap-dong”, Sung Dong-il plays a police inspector at the time of the original murders, who is now a well-decorated officer. When he received his latest promotion, he shocked his superiors for requested to be assigned back to where the original murders had taken place because he wanted to end his career by capturing Gap-dong once and for all. Although, he still believes, Moo-yeom’s father…Yoon Sang-hyun’s character’s father the intellectually challenged man is the real killer. So when Moo-yeom…Yoon Sang-hyun, joins the team he is extremely prejudiced against him which makes their working relationship explosive and literally have them butting heads most of the time.

Kim Min-jung is popular South Korean actress that started off as a child star before transitioning into more adult roles. She made her acting debut at six-year-old in the MBC Best Theater episode called Widow. She later starred in numerous televisions dramas making her one of the most in-demand and highly praised child actresses of her generation. She is one of the few child stars who successfully transitioned into adult roles. Her most notable adult TV roles are Ireland, Strike Love, Thorn Birds, etc.

In Gapdong, Kim Min-Jung plays the psychiatrist Maria Oh. She leads a mysterious double life and is an intense suspicious of anything, anyone that might be related to Gap-dong. She comes up with her own tactics…whether or not sneaky, manipulative and underhanded in order to find out who Gap-dong is and to catch him as well.

Kim Ji-won is a popular South Korean actress who entered the entertainment industry appearing in commercials, and was known as the Oran C Girl and the Lollipop Girl. She then made her acting debut in 2008 in drama Mrs. Saigon. She first gained attention in the 2011 sitcom High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged which led to her being cast in her first major television role in the musical What’s Up and film debut in Romantic Heaven. She also starred in high school drama To The Beautiful You and horror film Horror Stories. Her breakthrough role came when she co-starred in teen drama Heirs which won her the New Star Awards at the SBS Drama Awards. Which led her to her role in crime thriller Gap-dong and web series One Sunny Day. Which lead her to her 2017 role as an army surgeon is pan-Asia hit drama Descendants of the Sun which brought her even further recognition outside of Korea. Thus in 2017, she got her first leading role in romance sports drama Fight for My Way which solidified her status as a leading actress.

In Gap-dong, Kim Jiwon plays Ma Ji-Wool teenage student and a webtoon artist who goes by the pen name of Matilda. She plays a pivotal role the case when her webtoon The Beast’s Path ends up foretelling the crimes as well as serving as a clues to finding out who he is. Because of this she becomes the killer’s next target. Especially because of her character is naivety and does not see the bad side of people or the person(s) she knows and she believes in the good in people. On the lighter side, she is totally crushes on Moo-yeom and is quite threatened and insecure of the possible of Moo-yeom and Mario Oh being together.

Kim Joon is a popular idol/singer/actor who first started his career as a member of K-pop boy group MBLAQ in late 2009. But before debuting as a KPOP idol and soloist, he landed numerous CFs in his debut and also had a small cameo is the first episode of The Person is Coming. And he also played the young Raizo in the 2009 international film Ninja Assassin, which starred Rain who played the adult version of Raizo and who was his CEO in J Tune Entertainment at the time. While pursuing is singing career as MBLAQ member and soloist, he also pursued an acting career. He was cast in Jungle Fish 2, voice Korean dub for Gnomeo & Juliet in 2010-2011. Then in 2012 he was casted in the highly popular sequel espionage series Iris II which participating in a on screen marriage show We Got Married with Oh Yeon-seo. Which was then followed by his role in Rough Play, which was too risqué for a K-pop idol with the numerous nude sex scenes. But with that role he won Best Male Newcomer and Best New Actor. Thus, leading him to his roles in Gap-dong and Mr. Back in 2014. Late 2014, after 5 years as a group member he along with Thunder left the group to pursue solo activities. In 2015, Kim Joon starred in Heard It Through the Grapevine which lead to him winning some awards as well. Thus, leading him to more acting roles including his most recent role in My Father is Strange, where he met his current girlfriend actress Jung So-min. In 2017 he released his solo debut single, written by his former MBLAQ bandmate Thunder, the younger brother of 2NE1’s Dara, before going into his mandatory military enlistment.

In Gap-dong, Kim Joon plays a chaebol’s son who has been imprisoned in an asylum for having the disposition of a psychopath who later becomes a barista after his release. Despite that he is a genius with a 150 IQ with excellent and detailed memory that prove to be valuable in not only cracking the case but to also find the real Gap-dong. The only catch is that he considers Gap-dong as his god and hero, thus making him not only the main suspect but possible killer of the current killings said to be done by either Gap-dong’s copycat or Gap-dong himself.

Moving On…

About Gap-dong Gap-dong is a 2014 South Korean Drama series about a succession of 9 serial killings that gripped a fictional city since 1993. This was actually based on a real- life unsolved case called the Hwaseong serial murders. Anyways, it not only about solving a cold serial killer case, finally bringing a killer to pay for his sins, and bring retribution and justice to the victims and the victims’ families… the main focus of Gap-dong centers around Yoon Sang-hyun’s character, Moo-yeom…who I mentioned earlier is son of an intellectually challenged man accused as the killer Gap-dong who died by committing suicide to prove his innocence around the 2nd and 3rd murders. Then 17 years later became a police detective while helping juvenile delinquents along the way when the eerily similar killings to Gap-dong’s case started happening again. And with that he takes the opportunity to join the investigation team to prove once and for all that his father is not the killer.

Anyways, while I was watching this series, I really felt like I was on the edge of my seat especially with how precarious all the protagonists’ positions were all in and how messed up the baddie(s) and honestly how messed up some of the protagonists too are in this show. I wanted to seriously ripped my hair off. I felt that Yoon Sang-hyun and Sung Dong-il were really good in their roles as opposing forces who have or must learn to work together in the name of justice, and learn not to let their personal grudges interfere in their job. Meanwhile Kim Min Jung’s character really floats in the grey area for me, but I cannot say I understand her character because I wouldn’t want to go through the type of experience her character has been through…. Major hint there by the way although they kind of give lots of hints about her as the story goes on… But anyways from what I learned about her, I can understand why her character is kind of messed up, emotional and kind of in the grey area but at the same time it is amazing how strong and how she was able to survive with all of her inner demons. Basically, she is a true survivor. Pun intended. While Kim Ji-won’s character gives me conflicting emotions but understand her in a sense… But at the same time makes me want to scream at her, “No stay away for him, he is bad news” or awwww and say, “yes, she is 17 but she is still so young, naive and innocent…” Anyways in my opinion, Kim Ji-won’s character is the only pure light character in the show who got several close calls that got slightly tainted by her awakening of the dark side of people close to the end of the series. Finally, onto to Kim Joon. If I will be honest though, I was at awe with Kim Joon’s role and the flitting between good and evil but stepping more in the evil line though. But my goodness, to me he is a revelation. Seeing him in this one, I was like no wonder he won all of those awards. He might not seem so intense at some points but he can be intense when his character gets to that level. Like wow. And I will be honest, I didn’t expect too much from him as actor because I mainly know him as a popular K-Pop star who honestly mainly noticed him as the male lead in K-Pop sexy idol Hyuna’s Bubble Pop MV and played a not that bad young Raizo in Ninja Assassin. But anyways as I was saying, I could definitely see why the producers chose him as part of the main cast, he is pretty convincing. I wanted to smack his handsome psychotic face. But at the same time… I pity him cause if he had someone there to really be there for him, maybe just maybe there was a chance for him if not be completely different but to be his anchor for him to be keep grounded to hold himself back, to not be influence by his darker side.

Also, I am not in-depth and knowledgeable in law or crime but I love watching crime shows like NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc etc. And whether or not, there might have been some plot holes from what I am not aware of… I can definitely say though that this show was pretty good and suspenseful. It may have released in 2014, since I didn’t have the means to watch it at the time. And when I finally did have to means to watch it, I put it off for a while till recently. My reason for putting it off…while I wasn’t too sure of the dark themes and shows with mind games…I needed some time to even consider to really watch it.

Heck, it took me a while too to come around watching the anime Death Note and that is filled with psychological dark crazy themes. And that anime completely blew my mind away in the sense that I had to stop after a few episodes because I really felt I was going crazy and couldn’t handle it anymore. I can admit though Death Note is a great crazy anime and I do plan to try to watch it and finish it fully next time once I fully mentally prepare myself and gather the nerve and guts to lol. Just likely, will not do a review though, I will mostly likely be too mentally exhausted to do a Death Note anime review, especially after my first shot at watching the series and failed to complete it the first time even if is one of the shortest very popular anime series. By the way, if you haven’t watch it yet, and even though I know I didn’t finish it at all yet, I recommend the Japanese anime version. The other Death Note versions don’t compare. Also, Death Note is not for kids though wait till they are older, like 18-20, and pray they are mentally prepared if you are an anime lover parent lol.

Anyways back to Gap-dong it honestly was not bad! It was a really good dark and in my opinion well developed tv series. The cast in my opinion played their roles well. It is not like Death Note that you have to stop because it is that crazy if you aren’t mentally prepared. But that again I did had hesitations before watching this show but either way it was still a good entertaining gripping show. And I have no regrets watching it…finally. Once again, if you happen to be interested in watching this tv series, this show is not for kids, it may not be gory but it is dark. Centered on mind games, a dangerous game of chess between the protagonists and possible bad guys, psychos and un-repentable killers. But it is definitely a very good show.

Thank you @Netflix for adding this to series to your lineup! This an awesome show, in my opinion 💗🤗💗

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on Gap-dong. Hopefully, this review builds your curiosity in checking out Gap-dong!

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