The Girls Who Sees Smells aka The Sensory Couple Korean Drama Review

Three years ago, in 2017, was when I first watch the Korean drama The Girls Who Sees Smells aka The Sensory Couple! It is also one of the first three K-dramas I’ve ever watched too, along Boys Over Flowers and Princess Hours. But this program was actually broadcasted on early spring 2015. And even though, I watched this back in 2017, it has been so long that when I re-watched this again recently this past weekend May 2019, this show it fresh and new in my mind, that I decided to do a review.

Disclaimer: Pictures of the show, cast are not mine. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia and Asian wiki.

Anyways been a long time coming and finally presenting…

The Girls Who Sees Smells aka The Sensory Couple Korean Drama Review

First off… please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt! Like with music 🙃✌️. I do not have a professional degree in film, literature and television… Not at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies books and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this Korean drama review as a Tv show lover and a Korean drama lover…. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

To begin with the review, I will start with the cast!

Park Yoochun formerly known as Micky Yoochun but better known as Yoochun is a former South Korean singer-songwriter and an actor. He is also a former member of both South Korean boybands JYJ and TVXQ. His agency, C-JeS Entertainment, not too ago…this past April announced his retirement for the entertainment industry after he tested positive for drugs. He is well known for his role in dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley , Rooftop Prince, Missing You, Three Days and A Girl Who Sees Smells, which is this Drama review is for.

Park Yoochun played as Detective Choi Moo-gak, used to work in an aquarium before his sister was murdered. After his sister’s murder, he became determined to become a police inspector and take revenge for his sister’s death. Also, after his sister’s death, he is unable to feel, sense especially smell or taste his food.

Shin Se-kyung is a South Korean actress, singer and model. She started out as a child actress and had her breakthough in the sitcom High Kick Through The Roof which led her to various projects in both film and television dramas. In films, she starred in Hindsight, R2B: Return to Base and Tazza: The Hidden Card. In dramas she starred in Deep Rooted Tree, of course The Girl Who Sees Smells, Six Flying Dragons, The Bride of Habaek and theBlack Knight: The Man Who Guards Me. She is was listed in 2011 and 2012 in Forbes 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in Korea.

The Girl Who See Smells aka The Sensory Couple in my

Shin Se-kyung played as Oh Cho-rim / Choi Eun-seoul, the witness to her parents’ murder and had a accident due to the parents’ killer chasing after her, thus her being hit by a car. She survived with some memory loss and developed a strange ability to see smells as patterns in the air, which helps her and Moo-gak out when they team up to solve the series of barcode murders. She lived on not knowing she is the sole witness to the barcode serial murders.

Namkoong Min is a South Korean actor, director and screenwriter who first gained recognition in neo-noir film A Dirty Carnival. Thus, leading him to more projects in which he got praise for his performances like Remember: War of the Son, Beautiful Gong Shim, his breakout role in Good Manager andFalsify. He also starred as the villain in The Girl Who Sees Smells, the romantic comedy series The Undateables, Listen to My Heart and the most recent, medical prision drama Doctor Prisoner, which, I heard he is doing a great job in that program too!

Namkoong Min played as Chef Jae-hee / Jay Kwon Ford. He plays a part time smart charismatic chef and a part time villainous role of the barcode serial killer. He gained recognition for his role her wining the Best Villin Award at the 2016 DramaFever Awards, which in my opinion he greatly deserves.

Yoon Jin-seo is a South Korean actress who starred is popular Korean films like Oldboy, All for Love, A Good Day to Have an Affair and Secret Love; dramas like The Return of Iljimae, The Fugitive Plan B, 12 Signs of Love, and A Girl Who Sees Smells.

Yoon Jin-seo-played Yeom Mi, the Lieutenant in charge of solving the barcode serial killings and who helped Moo-gak get on the team.

On the cast, as a whole and in their roles

I thought that the cast did an awesome job and I felt for the characters they played. Park Yoochun as the stoic Moo-gak, Shin Se-kyung as the bubbly Cho-rim, Yoon Jin-seo as the analytical stern Lieutenant Yeom Mi. And most especially Namkoong Min who played Chef Jae -hee who was the overall antagonist of the role. I truly believed they did splendidly well! And like I mentioned previously on Namkoong Min, he truly deserved the recognition he received.

On the cast as a whole, I truly love their chemistry! I love the vibe and the way they play in their respective roles of each other! Whether they are partners/lovers ( Moo-gak & Cho-rim), mentor-protege/ boss- subordinate (Moo-gak & Yeom Mi), enemy/rival (Moo-gak & Jae-hee) etc. I even love how they jell well in their respective roles with the supporting characters as well.

Next up, I will talk bit about the beginning of the TV Crime Drama series, The Girl Who See Smells. It begins who Shin Se-Kyung’s Choi Eun-seol arriving home to her parents murdered and comes across the murderer. While the murderer is distracted, she escaped but gets hit by a car. A barcode carved on her parents’ skin was later found thus actually being the work of the “Barcode serial killer”. This led the lead detective of the case Oh Jae-pyo to realized that Eun-seol is the sole surviving witness. On that same night, Choi Moo-gak was visiting his sister (played by Kim So-hyun) also named Choi Eun-seol, who was being treated for mild injuries after a bus accident. He discovered her dead with her throat slit, when he returns to her after stepping away for a bit. Then months later, the sole witness Eun-seol comes out of her coma with no memories of her life before and her left eye turned green and gaining the unique ability to see smells as colors, shapes and trails of lingering scents left by people. So to protect her, Oh Jae-pyo adopts her and tells her he is her father and that her name is Oh Cho-rim.

Years later, Cho-rim has adjusted to her ability, dreams of being a comedian while working a gofer for a small, struggling theater company. While, Moo-gak was so traumatized that after two months of no sleep and constant pain, he fainted and was clinically dead for 10 days. When he woke, he lost sense of smell and taste and cannot feel pain and he also became stoic and emotionless. He also left he aquarium job to became a police officer in order to reopen the Barcode case and catch the killer. And he runs into Cho-rim who offers to help him solve cases using her ability so he can get promoted to detective so he can join the Barcode killer investigation team headed by Lieutenant Yeom Mi but in exchange for he must partner up with her in a upcoming audition. Thus, this leading to their true start and the plot of the story to unfold…

Moving on now to my actual review…

The Girl Who See Smells aka The Sensory Couple in my opinion is such a good crime drama tv series! I love how there are some mind games between the police and the killer, but not to the point that your mind is about to explode over the craziness. And like that even though you don’t want the killer or bad guy to win, it is interesting to see how the good guys will deal and overcome the issue of the killer always being two or three steps ahead of them! Cause the killer is highly intelligent, capable but he has a flaw or “inability” that would which be hard for anyone to have! And that “inability” once discovered by the good guys, can and will be used against the killer. I will not expound any more on that, because I will and already spoiled enough. So instead say, that it is awesome how they come about that.

What I like about this show, is that although the plot is focused mainly on the barcode serial killer case, they do solve other cases on the side. Also, I like how even though this is a crime drama, it has supernatural, comedic elements with some hints of romance that was accentuated more in the second half of the series. Anyways, I totally recommend The Girl Who Sees Smells if you want a crime drama but with light elements to it. And if you are interested in watching this, it is on! 😊

Thank you for having this to series to your lineup! 💗🤗💗

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on SENSORY COUPLE aka The Girl Who Sees Smells . Hopefully, this review builds your curiosity in checking out SENSORY COUPLE aka The Girl Who Sees Smells!

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