Lee Hi First Love Album REVIEW

For the love of Lee Hi!!!

And in honor of the news of Lee Hi’s comeback, which has definitely been a long time coming, I decided to do an Album Review of Lee Hi’s First Love Album, even though I don’t exactly have the physical album yet. Thank you for Spotify and Youtube though! That I am able to listen to her first album. And luckily, I have her 2nd album, Seoulite, which I’ve reviewed not too long ago. If you are interested, you can definitely check out here mySeoulite album review! But for now, since you are already here, the main focus of this review will be on her 1st album, First Love.


Lee Hi First Love Album

Disclaimer: I do not own Lee Hi…(But I am a fan and a #HiceCream #HiHeels / #YGartists #YGstan )

First off, like all of my previous album reviews post, I want to clarify I am no musical expert. But I am a music lover who is particularly leaning more towards KPOP & other Asian music.

Don’t get me wrong I am into all kinds of music like classical music, instrumental to anime theme songs and International artists as well like Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Jojo, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, NSYNC etc etc, just to name a few.

But as I mentioned before I lean a little more towards KPOP especially these past couple years.

Like I mentioned in my previous KPop album reviews, my interest in KPOP all started with the debut of 2NE1, iKON’s, WINNER’s and Lee Hi‘s older sister group from the same entertainment agency. The same group…who Park Bom, in my previous album review was also in…

2NE1 opened the doors to me to KPOP, with BIGBANG another sibling group steeping deeply into my heart, followed by other artists including iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK and LEE HI in their entertainment agency, YG entertainment. But more of them on another time, including 2NE1 cause to me 2NE1 is always forever and legendary!

But for now, like I mentioned earlier…the focus of my review is on Lee Hi and her first masterpiece, her debut album FIRST LOVE. Peace out btw for going off topic. Warning, I might do this every once in a while. LOL

Secondly, I have listened to the entire album before especially on #Spotify and #Youtube when it was first released but was still not able to get the physical album. Anyways since I am making a review of all the songs, I will still give a heartfelt review as best as I can. Especially since this is one of my favorite Albums.

Thirdly, disclaimer, I want to clarify this review is like a mention before is from my thoughts, feelings and possibility on interpretation of the songs and the entire album…before and after reading the English translations… So you don’t have to take what I say seriously just with a grain of salt. But I do hope this gets you interested in Lee Hi and KPOP as a whole.

Anyways onwards to the actual review of LEE HI’s debut album FIRST LOVE!!!

Btw, just to sneak in even though I will repeat this over and over again… I love every song in this album…

Anyways starting with…

  • “Turn it Up” (Intro)-love this intro song to her debut album, First Love. It is a good start…introduction…to the kind of music Lee Hi will be presenting to us. It is also kind of like a short but bop anthem, most especially since it is like she is expressing herself easily…her strength…her power! That she is calling us forth to her. Definitely proven true too in my opinion cause her vocals in this short bop intro is phenomenal. And when you read the English translation to this short song, it basically expresses that she calling us to her hear, listen and get into the zone with her power…her vocals…because she is definitely a star! This is definitely an awesome well written song. What makes this song even more awesome is that Tablo of EPIK HIGH, wrote this song! No wonder I love it because to me, Tablo is such a lyrical genius! Example check out is rap part in Taeyang x Tablo “Eyes, Nose, Lips” version. It is fire and the lyrics just hit you deep into your soul. Anyways back to Lee Hi’s songs in her debut album First Love…next up…

  • “Special” (featuring predebut Jennie of Blackpink)- This is one of my main favorite songs on the album! It is so beautiful. Another this that makes this special is BLACKPINK’s Jennie, pre-debuted her rap in this song. What makes this song even more special is that Tablo of EPIK HIGH, wrote this song! No wonder I love it! And like I mentioned previously for “Turn it Up”, Tablo is such a lyrical genius! Anyways moving on this the actual song review of Special. I love this song! It sooo mesmerizing, soothing, and seems to hit you deep into your soul. You might turn at first without reading the English lyrics that it must be a confession song or a confession song but that person is already with someone else. But it is actually not when you read the actual English lyrics, it is actually a breakup or on the verge of a breakup song. Either way, this is such a beautiful song and I undeniably love it!!!

  • “It’s Over”- This is one of favorite songs in the album. It is sooo bop! Upbeat and fun! And when you see the music video too, it is sooooo adorable cause KRUNK, the YG entertainment mascot plays a major role in the MV! KRUNK basically plays the cute manifestation of her lover, who keeps hurting her and breaking her heart. Anyways I love the song! And what I love about it is that even though it is such a bop upbeat fun song, it is actually a breakup song cause Lee Hi is literally telling KRUNK that it is over! Anyways totally love this song, and definitely one of my main favorites!!!

  • “One Sided Love”- This my favorite song on the album! It is such a soulful, beautiful song! I totally love it! Anyways from the title itself you can tell it is basically about a one sided love, in which she says that her one sided love doesn’t know her feelings and when you read deeper into the English translation she also says that even if it takes forever for her love to be known to the special someone, she will be okay as long as he exists. Anyways it is sooo mesmerizingly, beautiful…. Anyways I will let this beautiful song speak for itself!

  • “Dream”- At this fifth song, knowing that this another favorite song on the album. I knew I was going to love the entire album…. Her vocals are soooo soulful and gospely and the song seems to hit deep within my soul. Anyways when you read the English translation of the song, it is basically about her longing for someone, dreaming of them, and praying for them… This is such a beautiful mellow song and it literally sounds like a dream because it soooo mesmerizingly soothing. Anyways I will let this song speak for itself!

  • “Rose”- This my favorite song on the album! It is so beautiful. I totally love Lee Hi’s vocals here! It is so phenomenal! And her vocals, the song seems to surge deep within your soul even though it is on the slightly upbeat side. I totally love her short rap her too. Anyways when you read the English translation and my interpretation of the lyrics, she is basically warning a potential lover, that they may supposedly like or love her, but they shouldn’t take love and her lightly because the potential lover must stay away and be certain of their feelings, to know if they serious because she and especially love shouldn’t be taken lightly and that not only should the love the happy beautiful side of love but the pain and struggle that comes with it too. Anyways it is such a beautiful mesmerizing song.

  • “Fool for Love” – This is another beautifully mesmerizing song and I totally love it! The song is amazing and I can feel it deep into my soul. And when I read the English lyrics, I was like, it is totally relatable to how I felt when I was experience love for the first time and on the verge or close to a possible relationship but fear creeps in because like the lyrics say, “I don’t want to love if it not really love… Scared of giving everything and being forgotten” and will learn all about that potential love and I feel foolish about love. Anyways I love the song, it is mesmerizingly beautiful and soulful. Anyways I will let this song speak for itself!

  • “Because”- This is another beautifully, mesmerizing song and I totally love it! Anyways, it is somewhat sad but accepting breakup song. In the English lyrics, from what I can understand… On her part, she felt many emotions and is asking her former lover why are they mad and telling her it is her fault, that they can let her go, that they can forget her. It seems like to me, it is her former lover, is either having a hard time letting her go or just pinning the blame on her for the ending of whatever it is that they have. But either way it is beautifully written… I totally love this song!

  • “Am I Strange”- also known as “I’m Weird. Another is also another beautiful song that I totally love this song. It is the type that makes you sway side to side along with the music. Anyways I thought from the title she is asking if she is strange, but then when I read the English lyrics she is asking if she is weird because of the way she is being looked at. But either way, I really love this song it is so beautiful and soothing.

  • “1,2,3,4”- This is one of favorite songs in the album. It is sooo bop! Upbeat and fun! And this song is actually her debut song! I totally love this song. It is the type that makes you sway side to side along with the music and snap your fingers along with the beat. When you read the English translation of the song and from what I gather from the lyrics is that she is basically to telling the former flame to leave her alone, they are done, to stop his “hypocrisy” him being a liar, that it is game over, that time will past and settle everything. And then near the end of song she realizes and know for sure, she is really over him and that it is game over. Anyways I will let this awesome song speak for itself!

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on Lee Hi‘s debut album First Love. This album is overall is such a beautiful masterpiece of a debut album! And her vocals are raw and phenomenal. And totally tailor-made for her. Her album is totally worth it! And no date confirmation yet, but I will definitely wait patiently for her upcoming comeback! And like I mentioned in my Lee Hi’s Seoulite Album review, someone I know who is not a Kpopper even thought it is good and felt that it is truly her. And I agree. Btw if you haven’t read it yet, please check out my Lee Hi Seoulite album review too.

Anyways once again… Thank you #Spotify for putting this album in your massive haul of music and artists! And thank you too to the awesome uploaders who put the songs and Lee Hi’s First Love album on #Youtube !

And if you are interested in my content, please subscribe to and follow here on my website. I will start making even more reviews here soon on #books #anime #movies #tvshows #cds etc. Especially on future KPOP artists’ album reviews and possibly MV interpretation/ review as well.

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