First ever Filipino Movie Review! 🙌 MARIA !😘

After some Memorial Day activities, I squeeze in a little movie time🤗…

I know it has almost been a week or so since… I apologize for the delay✌️… but I thankfully I was mostly done. 😊 I just had to touch this up a little bit more… To make sure I gave all of my thoughts on this…especially since this will be my first ever Filipino movie review!!!

As I was about to say, when I had time after Memorial Day activities, I decided to watch a Filipino movie and write a movie review…


MARIA the Filipino Movie Review

Disclaimer: Pictures of the film and Maria movie, are not mine. Pics of #Maria the movie starring #CristineReyes is not mineAnd just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia.

Before I start, just sneaking in that Netflix added Maria now too long ago, and I was interested because #1 it is a Filipino movie, side note, I noticed Netflix has been adding a lot of Filipino movies since last month and there wasn’t even too many at all last year! I found that fascinating! #2 Cristine Reyes, who plays the titular character Maria! Cristine happens to be, in my opinion, a popular Filipina actress is currently in a child friendly Filipino drama in the Philippines, and currently doing a good job at making you want to slap her for being an awesome antagonist #3 from all of Cristine Reyes, previous roles…this movie as the titled character Maria is the most badass character I’ve ever since her acted!!!


Let’s begin…

First off, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film and television… at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies, anime and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this movie review a movie lover… 😉

Moving on…like with some of my previous movie and tv show reviews, I will first talk a little bit about the cast… But in this case, I will just talk a bit about the main character Maria who is played by Cristine Reyes…


Christine Reyes is a popular Filipina actress, who first started out in the industry as a contestant of GMA’s reality TV program StarStuck and working as GMA artist before becoming a contract artist of ABS-CBN and managed by Viva Arts Agency. Since working in ABS-CBN, she took part in various shows such as Kahit Isang Saglit, the titular role Eva Fonda, Reputasyon, and her most recent project as the antagonist role in Nang Ngumiti ang Langit. She was also well known for her role as the wife in 2011 Filipino movie which held the title of third highest grossing film No Other Woman with Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey.

Anyways in this movie, Cristine Reyes plays the title role of Mariaaka Lily. Who is a housewife and mother. But she is hiding a big secret about her past… she used to be an assassin and was a part of a syndicate!

Anyways first of a slight recap of beginning as to not spoil to much of the movie and then I will continue onwards with my review…

The story starts of with an introduction of the bad guys being really bad! As always! The syndicate’s head honcho calls in his entire inner circle to find the betrayer amongst the group. The inner circle includes his two sons who are warring or not getting along with each other because they are both aiming to one day inherit their father’s syndicate. The head honcho after killing the betrayer in front of his underlings orders his youngest son, the one he usually favors and wants to inherit the syndicate, to assassinate a campaigning political figure who can possibility ruin his dark plans and for the younger son to make up for his previous past mistakes and to prove himself. And so, the younger heir of the honcho goes to the province where the politician resides in order to first scope and monitor his activities before proceeding to assassinate the guy. Then Cristine Reyes as Maria is introduced, along with her daughter and husband. Her husband being a big supporter of a politician in that it campaigning heavily and resides in their province… that politician by the way is also the same guy that the syndicate want to kill. Anyways during the monitoring of the politician, that is when the younger heir of syndicate discovers Maria and her family, but they disappear, so he orders his men to hunt for them especially for Maria. It is then revealed that Maria is actually called Lily, she is his ex that was a former member and assassin of their syndicate, who not only wanted to leave and is tired of their dark life botched a previous assassination attempt saving a mother and daughter that they were supposed to kill. Thus, leading to the hunt for her by the syndicate and her “death”. Back in the present, Maria was alerted to the syndicate discovering she is alive when she sensed and noticed suspicious men following her, thus leading to a chase and knocking them out and her running straight to her family so they can get away. Unfortunately, her bad ex and his men already found them. In a struggle, despite years in hiding Maria was to hold her own but her ex and his men still wer able to kill off Maria’s husband and daughter right in front of her before kill the rest of her ex’s men and escape. Her bad ex was able to escape as well. Thus, leading to Maria to search for her father like figure and teacher who honed her into the assassin she was previously, and hunt for revenge against her ex. Thus leading off to the second half or so filled with even more action and Maria’s thirst for revenge!

Moving on to the actual review…

On the film, Maria, I thought it was pretty good! I was entertained. It reminded me of Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 with Uma Turman… although not completely. Because in comparision to previously mentioned recap of Maria….Kill Bill and Maria have different plots and storyline. The only thing that is similar is they both want revenge on their ex… Although in Kill Bill, Uma Turman’s character founds out she is pregnant and decides to leave the organization for her unborn child because she doesn’t want him/her to grow up in the organization and became like her and her lover, Bill…a killer. She found a guy and was about to be married when Bill and his top assassins showed up and killed the entire wedding party and left Uma Turman’s character for dead, except she survived and was comatose for years. When she wakes up she is filled with thirst for revenge and her main focus is against her ex Bill and the top members that were involved in her daughter’s and the wedding party’s death, and her own near death. In Maria’s case, her main objective is to hunt for her ex and fulfill her revenge on him and take care of those who stay in her way in her revenge against her ex. Besides Maria’s case, there is a underlying story of how dysfunctional her ex’s family is…tension between the head honcho and his two sons most especially the oldest who really wants to be heir to the syndicate, and the high tension between the two sons as well over extreme jealousy and pride. Also, I find it amusing that the two girls or respective top female assassins under the two sons of the head honcho and who are the top female assassins since her supposed “death” reminds me a Bratz dolls. I know… kind of a little mean. But hey…can’t help it, those girls looks remind me of those dolls and I don’t even personally own a Bratz dolls!!! I only ever had Barbie dolls when I was a kid!

Anyways, I enjoyed this film! Like I said, I was pretty much entertained. And whether or not, Cristine Reyes had training and/or stunt double for all her action scenes…one thing is for sure, she played her role well. She has always been a very good actress whether as a protagonist or antagonist in romantic shows, comedies or dramas. But definitely in Maria, is a new and good way of her making her get out of her mainly dramatic actress image. Thus, in my opinion, this role turns her into a even more versatile talented actress.


Thank you @Netflix for adding this to movie to your lineup! In my opinion, this a pretty well-made movie! Will definitely watch out for anymore movies…especially Filipino that you may add! 💗🤗💗

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the Filipino movie Maria . Hopefully this review gets you interested in the anime and the live action movie version whether or not you are into anime and into Asian movies…most especially Filipino movies.

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