I mentioned during my Bleach live action movie review, that at one point I will also make another live action anime to movie review. Btw, if you haven’t checked out my Bleach live action movie review yet, please do

Anyways, without any further delay and as promised…the long awaited …


Disclaimer: Pictures of the film and Fullmetal Alchemist, are not mine. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia and Asian wiki.✌️

Before I start, just sneaking in that Fullmetal Alchemist The live action movie was added into Netflix for viewing late last year. So… if you haven’t checked it out, into anime and love Full Metal Alchemist… Go for it!!!

And just to add the anime is both on #Netflix and #Crunchyroll ! Netflix has the dubbed but up to three seasons if I remember correctly. And it also has the anime movies of this series. While Crunchyroll has all the seasons, just not dubbed versions but they do have subtitles. But in Crunchyroll, they do not have the have anime movies of this series.

And once again, live movie version is on #Netflix ! Woohoo! Go check it out if you are willing to see whether or not film makers are good live actions! Cause in honestly, kind of curious about this live action but kind of doubtful it will be any good cause no offense meant just giving my opinion… majority of live action animes are not bad just ehhhhh or at least to not live up to the level that the anime gives…

But there are a fair few anime to live action that I can say were pretty good… #1 and I highly recommend you guys to check out if you haven’t watched it yet…Rurouni kenshin live action movie Trilogy, my fave by the way…so you know I will not make a review of this cause I will let the movie speak for itself but I will consider making a review for this movie trilogy too if you want😊 please comment and let me know; #2 BLEACH live action movie…btw if you have not read it yet, I made a movie review on this not too long ago, please do check it out if you are interested; #3 the newly released in theaters Detective Pikachu live action movie which honestly wasn’t bad to me in my opinion, it was pretty decent and well made.


Let’s begin…

First off, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film and television… at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies, anime and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this movie review as both an anime lover, Full Metal Alchemist lover and a movie lover… 😉

Moving on…I will first talk a little bit about the cast… I will not like do an in-depth individual one like I did for each cast member with my previous Drama Series and Movie reviews. But I will do an in-depth overall one, because it has a lot to do with what I was expecting as an anime fan who rarely finds anime to live movie versions being decent or up to par…

As an anime fan, in general, I was trying to not expect too much on this movie version. Especially since it is a movie version of one of the most awesome popular animes ever. Like I said, I was trying not to expect too much on this movie version because whether it is anime to movie, book to movie, tv show to movie… The majority of movie versions or live actions that I’ve ever watched…. don’t impress me much. Ooooh Shaina! Okay corny I know…

Getting back to business…

Another reason, that I wasn’t expecting too much on this movie version was the cast version. You can say that is pretty bad of me, but I honestly thought from the pictures I saw of the cast that they didn’t fit the roles at all. But I honestly, when I finally saw the movie, they don’t… looks wise…but I thought they played their roles well in this live action movie version. Their looks are different from the respective characters they played from the Full Metal Alchemist anime. Anyways I also felt the cast has room to improve in their parts but I do truly feel they played their respective roles well, and that any issue I had on their looks was slightly overcome by how good their presence are. Obviously like with Bleach live action, I stand corrected.

Now I start with a slight recap of the movie…

Like the anime, the movie begins with Edward Elric and his younger brother Alphonse, at their young age, self-learning alchemy. After their mother’s dead due to illness, they committed the taboo act of Human Transmutation in order to resurrect her. But it backfires, suffering of consequences via the Law of Equivalent Exchange with Edward losing his left leg and his brother being dragged into the Gate of Truth. Thus in order to save his brother’s soul and binding it to a suit of armor via blood seal, Edward sacrifices his right arm. Edward later receives an invitation by Colonel Roy Mustang to join the military so he can research any means of restoring his brother’s body. After becoming a State Alchemist with the title of Fullmetal Alchemist, thus beginning his quest to find the legendary philosopher’s stone with his brother to repair their bodies along with their childhood friend and Automail mechanic Winry Rockwell.

It was only years later, Edward and Alphonse confront a cultist named Father Cornello, who they believe is using a philosopher’s stone to recruit the people of Liore. And when Mustang arrives to personally deal with the issue, Edward exposes Cornello while the stone is revealed to be a fake. When they reached East City and spend the night at the home of Major Maes Hughes and his pregnant wife, the brothers are provided with lodging while Major General introduces them to Shou Tucker, someone who became a State Alchemist by creating a talking chimera. As the brothers become good friends with the Tucker’s young daughter Nina and their dog Alexander… Tucker tells Edward to find Dr. Tim Marco, who was the one that was able to create the philosopher’s stone before going into hiding… From there, this is when the storyline of movie really starts lifting off…


Now moving on with my actual review…

I thought that the live version movie of Fullmetal Alchemist was pretty well made and decent. If I wasn’t sure about the actors before….I can honestly say the grew on me and like I mentioned before also felt the cast has room to improve in their parts but I do truly feel they played their respective roles well, and that any issue I had on their looks was slightly overcome by how good their presence are. I also felt that if given time or if they decide to do a sequel, I feel the actors will grow even more into the characters. I honestly can say for me, in my opinion, from the entire cast although they all did pretty well especially the bad guys who freaked me out at how creepy they were… I was pretty much at awe with Ryosuke Yamada who played the main lead as Edward Elric, the titular Fullmetal Alchemist, definitely was suited for the role. And from what I read about him somewhere, his role as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist actually earned him the Newcomer Actor Award at the 91st Kinema Junpo Award… I can definitely say that accomplishment of his is well deserved! 😊

Going back to my review on the movie…I like the atmosphere and colors of the film. Somewhat similar to feeling I got from the live version Bleach movie, which is also playing on Netflix btw. As I was saying… I thought the atmosphere of the movie pretty good too. Dark and almost comic book like. And lighthearted when it has to be light. Overall, I enjoyed the film. I thought it was pretty awesome. If the filmmakers decide to just stick with just this movie, it is okay with me because I enjoyed the film. But I would have curiosity on how the filmmakers might continue but I will be okay if they stop at this film especially since I understand too, like I mention before, that there aren’t too many anime to movie films that did well, just a fair few in my opinion. But if the filmmakers decide to continue one with the live version cast and make a follow up movie, I would be okay with that too…. because I am curious of how they screenwriters and directors will take it from there. Most especially since, Edward Elric is still trying to find a way to restore his brother’s body!


Thank you @Netflix for adding this to movie to your lineup! In my opinion, this a decent pretty well-made movie, especially since most anime to live action versions aren’t usually up to par or not decent. But this one I say that it is pretty well made or decent enough Fullmetal Alchemist movie version. Anyways this Fullmetal Alchemist movie version is definitely one of the rare few anime-to-movies that I enjoyed and wasn’t disappointed over💗🤗💗

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the Full Metal Alchemistmovie version. Hopefully this review gets you interested in the anime and the live action movie version whether or not you are into anime and into Asian movies

Once again, if you are not aware the anime is both on #Netflix and #Crunchyroll ! Netflix has the dubbed but up to three seasons if I remember correctly. And it also has the anime movies of this series….and they are really good too. While Crunchyroll has all the seasons just not dubbed version but they do have subtitles. But on Crunchyroll though, they don’t have anime movies of this series.

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