Anyways…I got BLACKPINK’s Kill This Month mini album early last month! Woohoo!!! And during that time, I was able to listen to all five tracks in this mini album and just wasn’t able to getting around towards making an album review until now… Peace out for the delay….

For the love of BLACKPINK…. PRESENTING!!!


Disclaimer: I do not own #BLACKPINK …(But I am a #BLINK / #YGartists #YGstan )

First off, like all of my previous album reviews post, I want to clarify I am no musical expert. But I am a music lover who is particularly leaning or more inclined towards KPOP & other Asian music. Don’t get me wrong I am into all kinds of music like classical music, instrumental to anime theme songs and International artists as well like Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Jojo, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, NSYNC etc etc, just to name a few. But as I mentioned before I lean a little more towards KPOP especially these past couple years.

Also, like I mentioned many times in all of my previous KPop album reviews, my interest in KPOP all started with the debut of 2NE1, BLACKPINK’s, iKON’s, WINNER’s and Lee Hi’s older sister group from the same entertainment agency. The same group…who Park Bom, in my previous album review was also in…

2NE1 opened the doors to me to KPOP, with BIGBANG another sibling BUT elder group steeping deeply into my heart, followed by other artists including iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK and LEE HI in their entertainment agency, YG entertainment. But more of them on another time, including 2NE1 cause to me 2NE1 is always forever and legendary!

But for now, the focus of my review is on BLACKPINK and their mini album masterpiece, KILL THIS LOVE. Peace out btw for going off topic. 😊 Warning, I might do this every once in a while. LOL

Secondly, I have listened to the entire mini album before especially on #Spotify and #Youtube when it was first released not too long ago. Anyways since I am making a review of all the songs, I will still give a heartfelt review as best as I can. Especially since this is one of my favorite Albums.

Thirdly, disclaimer, I want to clarify this review is like a mention before is from my thoughts, feelings and possibility on interpretation of the songs and the entire album…before and after reading the English translations… So you don’t have to take what I say seriously just with a grain of salt. But I do hope this gets you interested in BLACKPINK and KPOP as a whole.

Btw, just a little tidbit…TEDDY is the main producer of all 2NE1 and BLACKPINK’s songs. TEDDY is also a former 1TYM band member and a main producer with a comprehensive production discography. He is such a genius…. a talented lyricist, composer and producer. He is the great mind to both 2NE1 and BLACKPINK’s discography. Also well as being involved in the production of artists songs within and outside of YG. TEDDY also became the head of YG entertainment subsidiary agency THE BLACK LABEL.

Now … Just a little bit about BLACKPINK…

They are a four-member female KPOP group. The quartet from oldest to youngest consists of Kim Jisoo aka JISOO, Kim Jennie aka JENNIE, Park Chaeyoung aka ROSE and Lisa Manoban aka LISA. They are currently one of the top girl groups on their generation in Korea, as well as internationally. They are also the first K-Pop girl groups to perform at Coachella. They are also currently on the their 1st World Tour!

Anyways onwards to the actual review!


Oh, and just to squeeze in…I know I will still say this for every song in this mini album but I love all the songs, I just love the entire album!

Moving on…I am starting with…

  • “ Kill This Love” – I love this song! Very catchy! The title of the song pretty much is exactly what the title means…Kill this love! After reading the full English lyrics of this song… it a break-up song or on a verge of ending it. The girls are proclaiming that they have enough with all the pain they’ve been through…. That is time to move on and kill this love!!! Although if I want to be honest, in my opinion I believe that their first single and debut song Boombayah is much stronger. But…what I love about Kill This Love is that it has a build-up… It makes me feel like I am warming up to kick some butt! Excuse my language. Anyways this is an awesome bop song!
  • “Don’t Know What To Do” – I love this song!… And I totally love the members vocals! The somewhat upbeat mellow song is btw is actually a sad song. The song is about trying to moving but can’t move on. Trying one’s best to move on but can’t help missing that person, and not sure what to do without that person. I totally love the tone of this song too. Anyways I love how it is both upbeat but mellow at the same time. It is the type of song that when at the party while feeling the music you feel mellowed out but just want to bounce around and bop your head along with the beat. Anyways this is Beautiful song and it is definitely one of my favorites in this mini album!
  • “Kick It” – I love this song! I honestly wasn’t sure of first on how this song will go according to the song title as Kick it. But this song is song of strength and of moving on… This song is basically about letting it all go, the past or most specifically that person… that they are going to ‘kick it’, live, find and do the best oneself. The girls are, may have get through dark times or low points because of that person, but now they can handle it, they can get over that person and move on. Anyways I love this beautiful song! It is definitely one of my favorites.
  • “Hope Not” – I totally love this song! I love the tone and their vocals in this song! And I feel like this expresses their vocal color more! Most especially Jisoo, who usually gets the much lesser lines amongst the members! In this one she totally shines and this song totally suits her vocals. Really well accentuated. Anyways this song is about missing someone, feeling a sense of regret while trying to move on but on the same time it is okay that they are hurt as long as that someone will be happy and from someone better than them. Anyways this is a beautiful and sad song. I totally love it! I got Stay vibes from this song! This is one of my favorite songs.
  • “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” (Teddy Remix) – I love Ddu-Du Ddu-Du!!! It’s a bop song! Obviously I clearly love this entire album. And knowing that it is a Teddy Remix…of course I am going to check this version out. Anyways for Ddu-Du Ddu-Du… going straight to the point is about empowerment and BLACKPINK’s powerful introduction. That they are not to be messed with. Although like with Kill This Love, Boombayah is stronger cause this is like the warm up to kicking some butt! Giving me the expressing that there is more to come! And it will come when least expect it. But either way, I love this song and I tied with Whistle at 2nd place no matter what version it may be in my personal rating. 1st place for me, would be Boombayah tying with their version of Wonder Girls’s So Hot!. 3rd place for me, would be Stay tying with Hope Not. Anyways, going back to this remix version of Ddu-du Ddu-du… I totally love the vibe I get. It is hot! Got a mixed of hip hop vibe as well as some EDM in it! Don’t get me wrong! I still love the original version of Ddu-du Ddu-du but this remix is also an awesome version! Teddy is as always, a talented genius!

Overall, as I mentioned before I just love their entire album! And for me, there wasn’t really any song in this album that I can say I dislike because I found it as a masterpiece. It is simply amazing and awesome! Teddy and BLACKPINK did an absolutely amazing job. The impression I got from BLACKPINK especially this mini album overall…. The vibe BLACKPINK gives off a Sweet but Sexy concept while displaying their subtle charms, strength and power! Which they are totally slaying! Not your typical K-POP girl group and definitely NOT bubblegum pop. Of course, 2NE1 is still and forever will be my Ultimate Badass Girl Crush Group. But, on BLACKPINK… I am sure even though they have their slow releases of music with their mini albums…BLACKPINK IS and ARE definitely rocking and owning their own personal concept.

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on BLACKPINK’s KILL THIS LOVE album.

Anyways thank you @Amazon for my BLACKPINK KILL THIS LOVE Album! This album may short-listed with songs but it is worth it cause not only do I want the album for the songs… I totally love the album cover, it is soooo lovely and intricate and love the royalty concept that YG artists all seems to have and portray well.

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