Hua Jai Sila 2019 Drama Remake Review

I’ve binged watched this Thai drama this past weekend… Btw I apologize for being behind schedule on posting my reviews. Especially on this latest one that I just had to touch a little bit more, in order to make sure I gave all of my thoughts on this…

I hope you give this a chance especially since this will be my first ever Thai TV drama review!!! Woohoo! You can say I getting quite into Thai right now while I am waiting for some dramas that have my interest on but are not fully available yet because they are locked…Huhuhu…

But I happened to come across some Thai shows that captured my interest from the trailers and fanmade videos I saw both on Netflix and Youtube! Too bad there is no Thai dramas available yet on…

Anyways been a long time coming and finally presenting my first ever Thai TV drama Review…

Hua Jai Sila 2019 Drama Remake Review

Disclaimer: Pictures of the show, cast are not mine. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia, DramaList and Asian wiki.

First off… please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film, literature and television… Not at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies books and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this Thai drama review as a Tv show lover and a Thai drama lover…. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

Oooh… Just a slight tidbit… Hua Jai Sila is also known as Man of Vengeance or Heart of Stone. This drama is actually adapted from the novel “Asoon Rerng Fai” by Nawika, and it was released as a drama in 2017 and the remake version of the drama just recently been concluded not too long ago, this year 2019 in May.

Anyways Hua Jai Sila can be found in Youtube on the Thai channel one31. Honestly there are no English yet for this show on that Youtube channel yet but you can definitely see the English sub versions uploaded by other people but not in full screen because uploaded versions could get blocked! Hopefully sometime in the future the drama release on that actual channel one31 will have English subtitles…. But for now, since I couldn’t help myself after seeing some trailers of this remake version with such gorgeous ensemble of cast members. Cause once I saw that this was uploaded on Youtube, available with English subs, although low quality….not full screen, etc etc…I decided to binge watch it this past weekend and make a review anyway cause it honestly looks like an awesome show.

To begin with the review, I will start with the cast…

Thanapob Leeluttanakajorn is a Thai actor, singer and model. He is best known for playing Phai in the thai teen drama Hormones. He was also a member of the boygroup 9×9 (Nine by Nine). His nickname is Tor! Interestingly enough… in this Thai drama that I am making this review for… Hua Jai Sila…. He plays the main lead of Tor/Sila.

Nopjira Lerkkajornnamkul also known as Fern…. is a Thai actress and a very accomplished artist. in this Thai drama that I am making this review for… Hua Jai Sila…. She plays the female lead of Mingta.

Siraphan Wattanajinda is a Thai actress, who is well known for the movies Dear Dakanda, Secret Sunday and Where the Miracle Happens. She had been nominated 3 times for Thailand National Film Association Awards! And 2 nominations for Best Actress and 1 nomination for Best Supporting Actress. In this Thai drama that I am making this review for… Hua Jai Sila…. She plays the female supporting of Pinsuda / Mam.

Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit, also known as Ann, is half-Thai and half-American. She has been active actress since 1989 and starred in many high-rating dramas in Thai Channel 7. She is also currently running her own business in the beauty industry. She made her debut as a producer and comeback to acting with Channel 7’s drama ”Sanaeha Maya” in 2018. In this Thai drama that I am making this review for… Hua Jai Sila…. She plays the main female antagonist of Sida.

Typhoon Kanokchat Munyadon is a Thai actor and singer who rose to fame from the 21th KPN singing awards. In this Thai drama that I am making this review for… Hua Jai Sila…. She plays the main male antagonist of Sawit / “Ae”.

Raviyanun Takerd, also known as Ben, is a Thai actress and model. In this Thai drama that I am making this review for… Hua Jai Sila…. She plays the female supporting of Mingkwan, and also kind of like the second main female antagonist.

Now I will give a slight recap of this Thai Drama… Hua Jai Sila…

Tor is the love child of a mistress and a wealthy man, who is a politician or has a high authority with connections. When his mother dies, Tor is forced to live with his father’s family. He is abused by his stepmother and stepbrother. Tor turns to the girl-next-door, Mingta, who also suffers neglect at the hands of her so-called mother and sister, cause she is also the child of her father’s mistress.

One night, while being chased by his stepmother, Tor jumps into a river and is presumed dead. But he survives and is taken under the wing of another prostitute who knew his mother and takes on a new life as Sila.

Years later, he returns as a notorious, rich pimp, with plans to avenge his mother and to get revenge against his stepmother and stepbrother. His main goal is to hurt the people that hurt him as a child, but he never expected to run into only friend he ever had as a child, Mingta….

When they run into each other… Tor how under the identity of Sila, Mingta feels that he looks familiar to her. And the moment she sees a ring he wears around his neck, she immediately believes that he is Tor, her childhood best friend who supposedly died.

Mingta repeatedly tries to prove and get him to admit that he is Tor. But he repeated denies it at all their multiple encounters and confrontations because of his plans for revenge… Thus, Tor as Sila does a lot of things to not only get Mingta to not be involve with him, but to keep to her safe. Because of his methods to keep her away, it works but doesn’t work at the same time…

This is because, despite her loathing, hating him and vowing to stay away from him… believing that he is so bad to be her Tor OR to changed to be her kind Tor. So Mingta relentlessly tries to keep her evil sister safe from him. Mingta’s goal is to protect her family, no matter how horrible her stepmother and stepsister are to her, and she truly believes Tor / Sila is ruining her family, with her strong belief that he is Tor aiming for revenge on not only his cruel stepmother and stepbrother but her own ruthless sister too.

Anyways with both Tor/Sila’s and Mingta’s conflicting goals… their respective goals will definitely keep them both running and clashing into eachother . Thus, the misunderstanding between them to not only be resolved, feelings grows as well as the truth and justice will be revealed as the story unfolds….

Will not expound more than this, just so I won’t spoil too much. But go and check it out especially if you have patience enough to wait this one youtube. If there is the uploaded English subtitle version that it no the full screen with loads of cons…. 😊 😉

Now I will really start this review…

Okay Hua Jia Sila is definitely a revenge drama! Very intense and explosive and I also get a kind of sexy vibe from the show too especially since the actors and actresses in this show are very undeniably attractive. I didn’t watch the original 2007 version nor read the book version Asoon Rerng Fai of this drama Hua Jia Sila…but I actually found this drama interesting. Although, I did not like all the harassing, manhandling and abuse going on in this drama.

But I understand why these points are well accentuated and has a lot to too with revenge. And even though it is not really a good thing, I can understand why Tor / Sila has to be bad…. since he truly believes that in order to get revenge on his stepmother and stepbrother especially… He has to be bad or badder than them to get them, and make them pay dearly for their sins. Or to be bad enough to do underhanded tactics to get someone who is the undeniably ruthless and unrepentant!

Honestly my main issue with him…Tor / Sila, is he does a lot of manhandling…well on Mingta, just to get her to really hate him and not get involve with him in her belief that he is Tor, her presumed dead childhood friend. Because I do notice that he seems to take good care of everyone and is very respectful and has a protective nature towards women… Most especially women he is quite protective are includes those who are in his dark world…his casino and club because of both his mother’s and aunt’s dark past as mistress and prostitutes respectively. It is just Mingta, he manhandles and harass even though he does take care of her discretely and at times gives himself away by showing care for her and by being gentle at rare moments. Anyways like I said, I know and understand that he aim is to get Mingta to really hate him, so she won’t get involve or get in the crossfire of his revenge. But it is kind of impossible for her to not be involved because her evil sister Mingkwan is a part of his revenge plan since his scumbag of a stepbrother, Sawit, has interest in Mingkwan and his stepmother Sida who chose Mingkwan to be married to Sawit… And Mingkwan was also involved as one of the main tormentors in his horrible childhood too… Also, you can tell he is kind of like a moth drawn to a flame, he is definitely interested in Mingta 🤔 … So there is no way, Tor / Sila can keep Mingta away from his revenge plan aye yay yay* *shaking my head*

Anyways…. I had mixed feelings but felt that Tor / Sila got back at Mingta’s sister Mingkwan real good…a mental and emotional total slap in the face for calling him a orphan dog and that she will never let him touch her back in their childhood years to the present! And whenever Mingkwan torments Mingta relentlessly whenever Mingta believes that Tor is not dead or whenever Mingta tries to prove that Sila is in fact Tor! And for assuming that Mingta doesn’t really care for her safety and for her to be careful because she really believes that Mingta just wants Sila! So, in a way, with all her faults and undesirable nature and way of thinking, she really needs a major wakeup call!

Although I was hoping both Mingta’s stepmother and stepsister, Mingkwan will at least be the redeemable characters in this drama, cause Tor’s stepmother and stepbrother…there is no turning back for them! Anyways, back to Tor / Sila’s revenge on Mingkwan, I honestly know it is not good to inflict pain or do revenge, but hey… Mingkwan did say she will never let the orphan dog touch her, and I’m sorry but she got it coming! Especially over the relentless torment she put upon Mingta for being the daughter of her father’s mistress and always believing she can get away with it by giving Mingta her hand me downs. Anyways, revenge is not good and Tor / Sila’s revenge plan on Mingkwan is a total low blow especially on a woman. Because Tor as Sila basically seduced Mingkwan, was charming enough to get her to chase him relentlessy and get extremely jealous for him, slept with her and then revealed who he really is and threw Mingkwan aside. So bad and the rudest wake up call ever *smh*. As a woman and in my opinon, nobody would want to be in Mingkwan’s position cause that kind of revenge is just ugh!!! But like I said, although bad to say, but she had this coming. You would pity her for a moment but of course Mingkwan even more scorned takes it out on her sister and does a couple terrible things which led to her ultimate wake-up call. *aye yay yay* *shaking my head* Anyways, you would literally pray till the end, that least one pair of antagonists would be redeemable and I was praying hard for Mingkwan and the mom, because I had no love for the other pair of antagonists’ aka Sida and Sawit!

Anyways back to Tor /Sila…. I did love the development and complexity of his character! Having such darkness and hatred in his heart because of his thirst for revenge and justice…yet despite the hatred in his heart he still had some dignity and respect for people expect for his stepmom and stepbrother. And has such an immense protective nature towards women in general cause the moment he learns harm is inflicted upon them especially on his aunt Mam and Mingta by his unsavory relatives, he loses his temper and his protective nature kicks in!

I like how both his aunt Mam and Mingta are both his life and his heart respectively. Both are amazing! And in a sense, helped him soften his heart and at least allow him to express the good gentle side of Tor more. And with that, he still does what his can for his goal, his own way though…but properly, and less er temper…sort of…

Anyways both Tor / Sila’s stepmother and stepbrother and Mingta’s stepsister and stepmother are the epitome of both ruthless and cruel, evil and bad respectively. Although on Tor / Sila’s stepmother, Sida and stepbrother Sawit aka “Ae” ‘s case…they are totally bad to the core, and the soul is so black that you can definitely see that there is no room for redemption for either of them. Because they are that bad!!! My goodness! Not only they think too highly of themselves and think of others as lower than dirt… They are selfish, cruel, abusive and believe that with their power and money they can get away with anything. Yes, the father cheated and resulted in the birth of Tor. But wow…if makes you wonder and can’t help but think it was bound to happen cause the marriage sounded like a marriage of convenience or feelings faded fast and also Sida has a horrible personality. Honestly that doesn’t make it right to cheat… but divorcing or separation would have been better option. But the impression I got there was at the time before Tor’s mother passed away there wasn’t much of a choice cause Sida’s family and father was very rich, powerful and dangerously ruthless and that Tor’s and Sawit’s father was a political figure. On Sawit, hmp, he is a total spoiled scumbag! I will not expound any more than that! So, I will just say that he doesn’t deserve to have children and that there should be a neon Danger sign over his head saying, “Women stay clear or you will get hurt, literally!”

One thing for sure though, Siriam and Typhoon who played their parts respectively as Sida and Sawit did an absolutely amazing job! I totally loathed their characters!!!! Grrrr!!!! Actually overall, I thought the cast was absolutely amazing. Loved them all! The main leads Tor and Fern respectively as Tor / Sila and Mingta were perfect, gorgeous pair and have undeniable chemistry. Even with the manhandling going on. I could feel the chemistry. The actresses who played Mingta’s stepmother and stepsister Mingkwan, did really well too. I disliked them and continuously prayed that they will turn good cause the other two antagonists were absolutely horrible people. Siraphan who played Tor’s aunt Mam, I totally love her, being bad but a good person. Yes, she is a mistress, but she did all she could within her power to not have Tor / Sila be consumed by his hatred and thirst for revenge. Afraid that it will get back at him. I felt that that was what happened with her, because the impression I got is that she originally planned to just seduced Sida’s younger sister’s husband Thun, but ended up really falling for him. Because it is such a coincidence to me that she became Thun’s (the husband of Sida’s younger sister) mistress. But that it was never clear…if that was in fact what she did. So, if you watch this show, please interpret Siraphan as Mam’s actions however you please. But I am sure she absolutely deserves all the nominations she has gotten and I hope one day she wins an award because she is an amazing actress. The supporting characters did well too! I love Mee, the woman that seduced and got Sawit to gamble in Tor / Sila’s casino and I also loved Mam’s assistant and Tor / Sila’s head of security and bodyguard! These three were amazing!

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the Hua Jai Sil Thai Drama series. Hopefully this review gets you interested in Hua Jai Sila and in Thai dramas and shows!

As I mentioned before, Hua Jai Sila can be found in Youtube on the Thai channel one31. And that there are no English yet for this show on that Youtube channel yet but you can definitely see the English sub versions uploaded by other people but those uploads do not go into full screen. If you can wait for the English subtitles on the actual Youtube channel. I applaud you on your patience. Cause in my case, I was so excited to checked out this drama that I endured the extreme low quality, small boxed screen, garbled chipmunk voices etc of what my brother likes to call the uploaded “low quality version” on Youtube! Still worth it in my opinion though, because I liked this drama despite how horrible the antagonists were… Anyways I highly recommend Hua Jai Sila 2019 Drama Remake.

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