Lee Hi 24 Degrees Mini Album Review

I know it has been about a week since she’d ended her promotions early… But… For the love of Lee Hi!!! Giving her all the love, she deserves, especially knowing she must be feeling down and affected because of the current issues going on at YG entertainment…

But this is the time to celebrate and honor of Lee Hi’s comeback, which has definitely been a long time coming! Although her promotions have ended early…

So, I decided to do an Album Review of Lee Hi’s 24 Degrees Mini Album, even though I don’t exactly aim to get the physical album yet. Crossing my fingers that this is the 1st half of a full album release, then the 2nd half will come later and final they will merge it as one album like they did with Lee Hi’s Seoulite album 3 years back…

But anyways…Thank you for Spotify and Youtube though! That I am able to listen to her latest release…her 24 Degrees mini album, just like what I did with her First Love album!!! And luckily, I have her 2nd album, Seoulite, which I’ve reviewed not too long ago. If you are interested, you can definitely check out here mySeoulite album review! But for now, since you are already here, the main focus of this review will be on her 1st album, First Love.


Lee Hi 24 Degrees Mini Album Review

Disclaimer: I do not own Lee Hi…(But I am a fan and a #HiceCream #HiHeels / #YGartists #YGstan ) and any information I got on Lee Hi, I got on Wikipedia 😊

First off, like all of my previous album reviews post, I want to clarify I am no musical expert. But I am a music lover who is particularly leaning more towards KPOP & other Asian music.

Don’t get me wrong I am into all kinds of music like classical music, instrumental to anime theme songs and International artists as well like Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Jojo, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, NSYNC etc etc, just to name a few.

But as I mentioned before I lean a little more towards KPOP especially these past couple years.

Like I mentioned in my all of my previous KPop album reviews, my interest in KPOP all started with the debut of 2NE1, iKON’s, WINNER’s and Lee Hi‘s older sister group from the same entertainment agency. The same group…who Park Bom, in my previous album review was also in…

2NE1 opened the doors to me to KPOP, with BIGBANG another sibling group steeping deeply into my heart, followed by other artists including iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK and LEE HI in their entertainment agency, YG entertainment. But more of them on another time, including 2NE1 cause to me 2NE1 is always forever and legendary!

But for now, like I mentioned earlier…the focus of my review is on Lee Hi and her mini masterpiece, her mini album after a 3 long year hiatus, 24 Degrees. Peace out btw for going off topic. Warning, I might do this every once in a while. LOL

Secondly, I have listened to the entire album before especially on #Spotify and #Youtube when it was first released but was still not able to get the physical album. Anyways since I am making a review of all the songs, I will still give a heartfelt review as best as I can. Especially since this is one of my favorite Albums.

Thirdly, disclaimer, I want to clarify this review is like a mention before is from my thoughts, feelings and possibility on interpretation of the songs and the entire album…before and after reading the English translations… So you don’t have to take what I say seriously just with a grain of salt. But I do hope this gets you interested in Lee Hi and KPOP as a whole.

Just a little bit about LEE HI…

Lee Hayi also known by her stage name Lee HI, i is a YG entertainment Solo artist who is best known as the runner-up of SBS K-pop Star Season 1. She debuted in 2012 with her single “1, 2, 3, 4” and release her first full length album First Love which I’ve reviewed previously. She debuted with 2NE1’s Park Bom in a sub-unit called BOM&HI with the digital single cover of All I Want for Christmas is You. Then is 2014, she debuted in a sub-unit with Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun as Hi Suhyun with the digital single of “I’m Different” featuring iKON’s Bobby. Then in 2016 she her album Seoulite, which I’ve also reviewed previously. She sang, featured in several other artists songs, soundtracks, guested on shows and debuted in Japan between 2016-2018. And just recently of May 2019, she returned to seen with her comeback EP 24 Degrees with the lead single “No One” featuring B.I.

Anyways onwards to the actual review of LEE HI’s mini album 24 DEGREES!!!

Btw, just to sneak in even though I will repeat this over and over again… I love every song in this album…

Anyways starting with…

  • “No One” featuring B.I of iKON – I totally love this song! And this is definitely one of my favorite songs from her EP album! This song is lit! From listening to the song, my head just wants to bounce along with the music and tap my leg along with the beat. 😊 It is such an awesome upbeat song! And I totally love Lee Hi’s vocals and B.I’s rap in this song! Their collaboration has been long-awaited since Mix & Match days with predebut iKON and Lee Hi was assigned to B.I’s three member team consisting of himself, DK and predebut Hongseok of Pentagon and performed their version of “Let It Go”. By the way, check their “Let It Go” version out, it is totally bop! Anyways from my interpretation of the song especially when I read the lyrics, in contrast to the upbeat playfulness of the song…it is actually about loneliness and longing…the feeling of looking for someone and not wanting to be alone. Anyways for a sad song with an upbeat melody, for me it is undeniably awesome! Lee Hi’s and B.I’s live performance and MV of the song is a definite much watch!!!

  • “No Way” featuring G.Soul – I totally love this song! And this is definitely one of my favorite songs from her EP album! Anyways this is such a beautiful song! From listening to the song, I totally love Lee Hi’s and G.Soul’s vocals! Her vocals especially are so sensual, mature and smooth. She definitely grew into her voice because she used to be known as the girl with the big voice. Anyways, the song is like a lullaby, especially with the piano accompaniment. And I totally love it when she and G.Soul do a little adlibs together, it is just so sexy and totally pleasant to ears. Anyways from my interpretation of the song especially when I read the lyrics, the song is basically about love…about two people in love, confessing your love for the other and wanting to be with them and dance with them forever! Hands down such as sexy beautiful song! I will let this song speak for itself because it is so lit!!!

  • “Love Is Over” – I totally love this song! And this is definitely one of my favorite songs from her EP album! Anyways this is such a beautiful song!From listening to the song, I totally love Lee Hi’s vocals! From listening to the song, it makes you want to sway front and back and snap your fingers along with the bit. Reminds me of the Blues! So beautiful and smooth. Anyways from my interpretation of the song especially when I read the lyrics, the song and lyrics speak for itself…going through a break-up because the Love Is Over. Pun intended! Anyways I will let this song speak for itself because it is so beautiful!

  • “1,2” featuring Choi Hyunsuk of Treasure 13 I totally love this song! And this is definitely one of my favorite songs from her EP album! From listening to the song, it sounds so upbeat and carefree…but actuality it is a somewhat sad song. Anyways from my interpretation of the song especially when I read the lyrics, it is about dealing with the with a lover hurting her and lying to her over and over again… Almost as if, letting them or pretending for a couple seconds that what they done didn’t hurt but after a while can help feeling upset and not letting it go. I exceptionally like the bridge where the lines go if translated in English, “I think I’ve heard more of ‘I’m sorry’ than ‘love you’ let’s put a stop You just like a torn without a rose…” I also exceptionally adore Choi Hyunsuk rap, really playful but in a sense when you read the lyrics of his rap and get into this song… and feel what Lee Hi’s feeling hearing that…it would annoy and hurt you, cause in his rap is almost like he is aware that what he is doing is hurting her repeatedly but he just kept help himself, but he won’t leave her! From that I was like Ouch! Definitely can’t help but feel upset and getting tired of that same routine over and over again especially since he doesn’t sound like he really means he is sorry and cares for her. Anyways I really love this song. And what is interesting is, B.I/Hanbin wrote this for Lee Hi to sing and had Choi Hyunsuk write his own rap. This is a totally awesome song!

  • “20 Min” – Obviously I love this song! It is so special because Lee HI had a hand in this song! This is because this song was self-written and produced by her! Anyways as I was saying I totally love this song! And this is definitely one of my favorite songs from her EP album! From listening to the song, from Lee Hi’s vocals I can really feel Lee HI’s vocals, I can feel her emotions like she doesn’t give a damn anymore. Anyways from my interpretation of the song especially when I read the lyrics, I can feel that she is not only sad of the end between her and her lover but it like it is done, she is so done and that it is over between them…no matter how much she feels for him and how it may still hurt that they have to end and she really expounds that it is not anyone’s fault alone although none of her mistakes comes to mind. Anyways I will let this song speak for itself because it is so beautiful!

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on Lee Hi‘s mini album 24 Degrees after a three-year hiatus. This mini album is overall is although short, it is such a beautiful masterpiece! And as always, her vocals are raw and phenomenal. And the songs are totally tailor-made for her. Her mini album is totally worth it! Although, in all honestly, like I mentioned in the introductory of this review…. I am aiming to wait purchase until the end of the year in case she and YG entertainment are aiming to two a 1st half and 2nd half album release like they withSeoulite before releasing as one full album. And like I mentioned in my previous two Lee Hi Album review’sSeoulite and First Love, someone I know who is not a Kpopper even though it is good and felt that it is truly her. And I agree. Btw if you haven’t read it yet, please check out both my Lee Hi Seoulite and First Love album review too.

Also, side note, I am hoping in light of everything that is going on in the KPOP industry especially with YG entertainment right now… I hope things will get better especially for all the artists.

Anyways once again… Thank you #Spotify for putting this album in your massive haul of music and artists! And thank you too to the awesome uploaders who put the songs and Lee Hi’s 24 Degrees mini album on #Youtube !

And if you are interested in my content, please subscribe to and follow here on my website. I will start making even more reviews here soon on #books #anime #movies #tvshows #cds etc. Especially on future KPOP artists’ album reviews and possibly MV interpretation/ review as well.

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2 thoughts on “Lee Hi 24 Degrees Mini Album Review

  1. Lee Hi is such an underrated artist. She’s very pretty too! I discovered her through ONE, a former YG rapper because he was featured in one of her MV. She’s brilliant and has an amazing voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with you Lee Hi is definitely I
      underrated and pretty! She deserves more. So talented and agree she has an amazing voice! I discovered her during her predebut in Epik High’s It’s Cold and thought she was amazingly talented. Love that Epik High alwayscollabs with her, their music together are masterpieces…my favorite Here Comes the Regrets one of the most recents. But what first pulled me in was her debut with 1,2,3,4 and It’s Over and loved her even more during Mix & Match with predebut iKON. On One is amazing artist and actor as well! Love him in both Hwagui/the Korean Odyssey and Her Private Life! Glad now he will soon focus on his music.


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