When A Snail Falls In Love Chinese TV Drama & the Online Novel Version Review

I’ve binge watched this Chinese drama this past weekend…… I apologize for the delay 😷 😫😷… I was mostly done, but either way I apologize for being behind schedule on posting this review. But on the bright side, I was able to touch this up a little bit more… To make sure I gave all of my thoughts on this…especially since this will be my first Chinese drama review in long time!!! And it also turns out this is based and adapted from a Chinese novel with the same title too…. Meaning it became a double review, cause I searched for and reviewed the novel as well…well…the online English translated one… Hehe… Woohoo!!

Disclaimer: Pictures of the show, cast are not mine. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia, MyDramaList and Asian wiki. By the way, just to sneak in, you can find this Chinese drama on Viki.com and Youtube

Anyways been a long time coming and finally presenting…

When A Snail Falls In Love Chinese TV Drama & the Online Novel Version Review

First off… please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film, literature and television… Not at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies books and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this review as a Tv show lover and a TV drama lover and a book lover…. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

By the way, so you know…I will first start off with the TV Drama Review and then I will continue on with the Online Translated Version of Novel review!

If you are wondering why I am starting the review this way… it is because in my case… to mainly to avoid the possible disappointment that the onscreen version might be “ugh” compared to the book. Cause some times, I’ve noticed the book version is better than the onscreen live version. Or I would complain on why is the onscreen version so bad or lacking, even though it is an adaptation. So, to avoid that I will start first with the onscreen review than I will move on with the book review…or in this case the online translated novel… hehe


For the TV Drama review, I will start with the main lead cast members…

Wang Kai is a Chinese actor who is well know for his television roles in All Quiet in Peking, The Disguiser, Nirvana in Fire, Ode to Joy, of course When a Snail Falls in Love, Stay With Me and Like a Flowing River as well as his film role in The Devotion of Suspect X.

Wang Ziwen is a Chinese actress also known by her English name Olivia Wang. She is well known for her role as Qu Xiaoxiao in Ode to Joy and as Xuxu in When a Snail Falls in Love.

Loving these two by the way… They are sooo undeniably cute… He is a tall guy and she is small and petite! And what is interesting is… When A Snail Falls in Love happens to be their 2ndpairing together, Ode to Joy was their first!


Moving on, I will talk a bit about plot of the drama version When A Snail Falls In Love

The story whether drama or book is about two people… Ji Bai and Xuxu! Ji Bai is a stone-faced team leader of the Major Crimes Unit. While Xu Xu is a new intern specializing in offender profiling. They are tasked with solving a series of crimes that are somehow mysteriously connected. Xuxu, although on the team as an intern due to her high analytical skills and amazing profiling she barely passed her physical. And so, she is trained personally by Ji Bai who tells her if she doesn’t pass the next physical exam, she is off the team. And, while training and solving crimes together, the two develop feelings for each other. Also, Xu Xu draws comic panels of their relationship, portraying herself as a snail and Ji as a lion.

But anyways…moving on with the TV drama recap…well at least the beginning parts…

The drama begins with Ji Bai casually dressed in the dining car on a train in Burma/Myanmar and he along with the other passengers witness a main being held a knifepoint while being robbed by a couple of thugs. Ji Bai waited until the thiefing thugs moved between the train cars away from the passengers before dealing with them. After taking care of the thugs, he heads to a car rental place, dressed more businesslike before heading to his destination…to a shop that sells fine antiquities. The shop seller explains to him that he is not the owner whom he contacted on the item he was looking for…a fine pipe…but leads him to where his boss is. The boss prolongs giving the pipe to him since it is not that antique and asked Ji Bai what is his occupation. After a slight tension with the boss, after revealing he is a policeman he was able to get the pipe…. But on his way out…he sees a man being carried to a different part of the building by a group of gangster… that he goes back to car just to take off the outer layers of his business wear before helping the man out, who was about to be roughen up, and together they took care of the gangsters and the leave together. While in the car together…turns out the guy is his informant who happened to be dealing with “trade secrets”. Ji Bai asked his informant if he can meet his informant’s boss…the guy in charge of all the intel they are gathering…so they head to a café restaurant place to see if the informant’s boss is there. When they arrive at a café, he sees a man who suddenly leaves at the back of the café and not long after his informant goes to the back as well to change his clothes and ask for his boss. But when his informant came back to them, he tells Ji Bai his boss is not there, but Ji Bai is curious of the man who heads to the back and tries to go there too but his informant stops him and gives him a note from the boss saying that “Lang is no longer here. Unresolved issues of the past. Golden Python is stirring up trouble in Burma.” This note cause Ji Bai to rush to back of the café but the mystery man who he is now sure is his informant’s boss is long gone. Soon after Ji Bai returns to Lin City contacts his childhood friend Ye Zi to give her the pipe, which happens to be the loss possession of her father who was kidnapped and murdered ten year before, along with Uncle Zhao, a veteran decorated police officer who happens to be Ji Bai’s uncle and Zhao Han’s father. Anyways, Ye Zi suspects that her uncle suspected for embezzlement at the time, was is involved in her father’s kidnapping even though there was no evidence found against him. Ji Bai starts questioning Ye Zi since he took over as one of the managers at the Ye Conglomerate, the gained so much money and not long after has major losses. Ye Zi then tells him, like he told her once before if it is not kidnapping, murder he will not investigate her and that his unit is not in charge of investigating finances.

Back in China… Zhan Han is introduced along with a subordinate who they call “Monkey” of their division, Major Crimes Unit, Zhao Han is Zi Bai’s subordinate but still holds a high position in the team. Anyways, Zhan Han and Monkey talks about they are needed in a case where blades hidden in parks are found. And as soon as they separate ways, Zi Bai calls Zhao Han that he is informed of a profiling intern that is joining their team, and has Zhao Han assess her and try to think of ways to kick her off the team. Xuxu, a profiling intern and Yao Meng, a police intern for the Violent Crimes Unit at Lin Police Department are introduced to the Violent Crimes Unit. While Yao Meng was arm wrestling, Xuxu was sitting down and drawing comics of a picture of the Major Crime Unit’s wall, when Zhao Han walks in to greet and assess them. Yao Meng goes over and introduce herself to him first… And Zhao Han notices Xuxu at the corner, asks about her sketches and realizes the drawings are animal caricatures that fits the likeness and personalities of the Major Crimes Team…Monkey, Goat, Fox, and Rhino…although he, Zi Bai and even Yao Meng’s animal likeness aren’t drawn yet. The team asks her to give Zhao Han a likely caricature, and she drew a Hippo to describe Zhao Han which the present team all approves. Zhao Han thinking of JI Bai wish to take Xuxu off the team but at the same time already impressed and wants to give Xuxu a chance decides to give Xuxu another test on the picture of two boats…one right side up and the other capsized and both boat’s occupants in the water which she used to draw her caricatures… Zhao Han then asks her what happened before that scene and who fell in first and Xuxu gave the correct answers leaving Zhao Han speechless thus telling her to check out her dorm with Yao Meng.

Not long after… the Major Crimes team along with the interns Xuxu and Yao Meng minus JI Bai who was still on vacation, starts their new case which connects to another case!

The case is Blades Buried in Parks around the city that are hurting and maiming unsuspecting victims discovered to have the Ye Conglomerate’s logo, connecting to the Kidnapping of Zhang Shiyong…husband to Ye Qiao and the son in law of the Ye Family Corp, who happens to be the conglomerate not only been in real estate and such but the blades as well. Xuxu plays a major role in discovering the connection between both cases as well as the rift and tension between Zhang Shiyong and Ye Qiao who Xuxu believes are dealing with Zhang Shiyong having an affair that Ye Qiao recently discovered. Xuxu also between the perpetrator of the Blades Buried in the Parks and the Kidnapper are one in the same, due to the fact that the kidnapper waited for the blades to be discovered and Ye Conglomerate’s name smeared in the news before contacting Ye Qiao for Zhang Shiyong’s ransom. It was during the money being exchanged to the kidnapper, that Xuxu realizes something wrong and instead of the man shadowing Ye Qiao and Yao Meng who was pretending to be Ye Qiao’s cousin she profiles at the spot a janitor to be the actual kidnapper! She follows him which leads to her being taken hostage, and in truth, she was right, the janitor is the kidnapper and his father is a former manager and employee of the deceased Ye, Ye Zi’s father by the way. Anyways, as I was saying Xuxu is taken hostage, and she somehow was able to talk him down while Zhao Han and Monkey try to keep him from hurting her but kidnapper got agitated by the sounds of sirens, likely he was taken down with the appearance of Ji Bai using a hook to take the kidnapper off her and grabbing her to safely although accidently grabbing her on the chest… During, this unintentional mishap, the Zhao and Monkey and the other officers were able to apprehend and take the kidnapper away. Ji Bai reprimands Xuxu for not being careful and allowing herself to be taken hostage. That Xuxu chances staying the team could get her kicked out, but Zhan Hao vouches for her. So, Ji Bai gives Xuxu the ultimatium if she doesn’t pass her physical on the next exam she is out and also added that he will personally train her… Thus, this is the beginning to their story and a much bigger plot of cases connecting with one another…

Now I will give my review on the Drama version…

I found the drama exciting…in my opinion has all the elements! It has action, drama, hints of comedy, mystery, thrilling moments, suspense and hints of romance. And what I love is that even though it slowly shows the development of Ji Bai’s and Xuxu’s relationship, it wasn’t mainly focus on that. Their progressing relationship was given in hints, and small moments and doesn’t really get the main focus until the last 10 minutes of the series.

I also loved the fact that in the first episode, although I honestly wasn’t playing much attention only realized it until later on that we are already getting hints of how the story will go from the conversations Ji Bai has…most especially between him and Ye Zi and him and Zhan Hao!

On the main lead cast, Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen respectively as a Ji Bai and Xuxu are totally awesome! I felt on that the both shine in their characters and have undeniable chemistry! They are a mixed of adorable, sexy and badass! Most especially Wang Kai! I can see him totally play Shang in the live version of Mulan, unfortunately that is not going to happen from articles I’ve read online about the live version Mulan. Back going back to When A Snail Falls in Love and Wang Kai as Ji Bai and Wang Ziwen as Xuxu… I found them absolutely amazing in the roles and are a perfect fit. Wang Kai as the stoic, tough, capable team leader of the Violent Crimes Unit. And Wang Ziwen as the kind of strange, intelligent, analytical profiling intern. These two totally expressed their characters well.

Although I did not mention them I will now talk about the rest of the cast but in a more condensed way…peace hehe…I couldn’t find much details about them so I will talk about them in this following paragraph… and I will likely already give away some insights between the drama and novel…

Anyways first off, the actress who played Ye Zi, I thought she played well in her role…She gave this strong impression acting like someone who knows she done something bad, continues doing something bad, regrets it but has no choice because she is already in too deep. On Yao Meng, I actually have a lot to say about her but for the drama version of Yao Meng, I am glad she has a happier ending because her character is greatly pitied and a sad story in the novel version so I am glad the writers of the drama wanted her to find her happiness too. Anyways, I am glad they made Yao Meng character stronger and dedicated to her job in the drama as well as finding love with Zhan Hao. Because in the novel although she is a cop she was kind of like a dreamer and seems to be more focused on gaining Ji Bai’s attention then doing her job. On Zhao Han, I love his character and I thought he and Yao Meng being paired in the drama are cute. And his brotherhood with Ji Bai, although slightly hinted in the drama was definitely seen! Their brotherly chemistry was well done. In the novel, it is shown more…although in the novel he and Ji Bai are NOT related and Uncle Zhao doesn’t even exist in the novel. Another interesting tidbit…in the novel the Ye Family especially Ye Zi unlike in the drama, are not childhood friends with Ji Bai.

Overall, despite the different backstory of the characters in the drama compared to the novel, I still felt all the actors and actresses played their roles well and that the story was well executed and I thoroughly enjoyed the drama. It is a definite must see!

Now I will review the novel version…although in this case, the online English translated version of the novel When A Snail Falls In Love

And just to clarify once again, most especially if I haven’t yet… the drama When A Snail Falls In Love is based on the novel of the same title by Ding Mo… which I am about to discuss more about with you…

Moving on, I will talk a bit about plot of the novel version of When A Snail Falls In Love translated online in English…

Like the drama, the story is about two people… Ji Bai and Xuxu!Ji Bai is a stone-faced team leader of the Violent Crime Unit. While Xu Xu is a new intern specializing in offender profiling. They are tasked with solving a series of crimes that are somehow mysteriously connected. Xuxu, a intern due to her high analytical skills and amazing profiling skills. But unlike in the drama where she is trained personally by Ji Bai who tells her if she doesn’t pass the next physical exam, she is off the team… In the novel, Ji Bai chose to train her himself due this not only being a prerequisite as a highly qualified officer to train an intern, he chose to teach her because he is curious of her skills and how well she will train under his tutelage. And, like in the drama while training and solving crimes together, the two develop feelings for each other. But unlike the drama, Xuxu does NOT draw comic panels of their relationship, portraying herself as a snail and Ji as a lion, they were just describing as such by the author Ding Mo… Although most of the time, Xuxu is described as an alien, a little monster and a little girl!


First off, a recap of the novel version…

Unlike the drama version with Ji Bai being first introduced on the story… Xuxu and her fellow intern Yao Meng are introduced first. Another difference is Ji Bai’s subordinate, Zhao Han, does not test Xuxu’s profiling skills by analyzing what happened in a picture on unit’s wall like in the drama, instead he asked a series of questions to both Xuxu and Yao Meng to test both of their analytical skills to make sure they both fit to intern at the Violent Crimes Unit. And instead of the mentions on Xuxu poor physical exam results like in the drama, both interns will have a supervisor who will train them and one of the likely instructors is Ji Bai who is currently on vacation. Xuxu is later informed via text and email from Ji Bai that he is the one who will train her and has her analyze and send him to analyze and profile past assignments into a report by a certain deadline. While Xuxu still has a lot of time to finish the report assigned to her, she decides to go the park for a quick run, but hears a scream. Here is when Ye Zi is first introduced, along with her brother, who wasn’t much help and didn’t give a good impression to Xuxu. Ye Zi was the one who screamed because her hands cut from something on the ground. Xuxu rushes over to help her stop the bleeding and discovers the blades hidden in the grass. She contacts the authorities and while this commotion was going on, Ji Bai contacts her because she is late submitting her report so she explains what it going on. Ji Bai has her to hand over her phone so he can speak to the officer in charge, from there and the use of Xuxu’s camera he was able to point out the other hidden blades to them. Afterwards, Ji Bai then reprimands Xuxu then although she was there first at the scene, she wasn’t much help to the officers and she missed her deadline for submitting the report. So Ji Bai has her to resubmit the report to later on the next morning, which was she able to finish. Anyways, following days while Ji Bai is still on vacation and having Xuxu write reports and have Xuxu work with Zhan Hao in finding the culprit in the Hidden Blades case… Xuxu was being pursued by the Ye siblings! Ye Zi was trying to find ways to take her out as a thank you for helping her, but ended up having food send for her and her department for a whole month. While Ye Zi’s brother wanted to pursue her as a romantic conquests to a genuine one because he liked her because she doesn’t seem to be falling for any of his charms at all. But despite the Ye siblings pursuing of Xuxu, Xuxu doesn’t care although she is much okay with Ye Zi but she is so busy in the police department trying to help solve the case. Unfortunately for Xuxu, she reached a low point because her fellow officers doesn’t seem to find the culprit in accordance to the profile she gave… Xiao Meng, who has interest in Ji Bai, takes the opportunity to reach out to Ji Bai knowing he would appreciate her concern in wanting to help his student Xuxu… Ji Bai does thank Xiao Meng and then reaches out to Xuxu. Xuxu tells him all the details and he tells her that she is supposed to personally go on the field and check out and interview the suspects who fit her profile herself to better find the culprit. Because of Ji Bai’s advice, Xuxu goes with Zhao Han to investigate…and with that finally had a break through…and found the suspect! But finding the suspect led to Xuxu being taken hostage… But Ji Bai happened to came back from his vacation and was able to help rescue Xuxu while accidently grabbing her by the chest… Thus, this is the beginning to their story and a much bigger plot of cases connecting with one another…

Now I will give a bit of my review on the Novel version…

I adored the novel version…it is an online translated version I’ve read truly loved it. Although it is not like the drama of though where you can clearly see all the elements being played out and feel the excitement as part of the audience since it is considered mostly as a crime drama. But like I said I adored the novel all the same, I found it interesting because the novel does have themes of crime and suspense because the main characters are police officers, but it does focuses more on the progression of Ji Bai’s and Xuxu’s romance. The novel satisfies my thirst on the budding romance between Ji Bai and Xuxu and the more interaction and dynamics between them as police officers and student-teacher.

Overall, if I am to compare both versions even though I loved both for what each satiated me which…whether it is the excitement over the drama and/or the romance in the novel… I would say that I liked the drama more because I am personally into suspense and crime shows even though it did left off at a cliff hanger which shown an obviously wrapped dead body at back of a truck driving deep into the mountains which I can suspect must be the second big case that they had to solve that Yao Meng played a big part of in the novel version. Although if they do continue the second part of the drama with the second big, it would be interesting how they would change it up because in the novel Yao Meng did not marry Zhan Hao and she did not stay as a cop and her story in this second half is tragic. But either way, only time will tell in the future if When A Snail Falls In Love comes back with a second season and continues where it left of and follows the story line of the novel but not with Yao Meng at the center of it, she is a married police woman in the drama.

Anyways, When A Snail Falls In Love Chinese Drama is such an awesome show! I highly recommend this to your watch list! Once again, you can find this this Chinese drama Viki.com and Youtube. 😊 And, also When A Snail Falls In Love Chinese Novel is such an awesome read! I highly recommend it my fellow readers…and into romance with some suspense… Although, looking for an English version of the novel might be a little hard unless you search for an translated one online that is uploaded.

Also, if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on this Chinese Drama, When A Snail Falls In Love. Hopefully this review gets you interested in When A Snail Falls In Love and I also hope that this review gets you interested in other Chinese Dramas as well!

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