U-PRINCE Series Thai TV Series Review

I’ve binge watched this Thai drama these past two months…on and off in between some other programs  while I was taking time out for myself, for my health and to think things over as I reinvent myself and also taking the time to reorganize my thoughts for this review… Well, cause…it is the longest review yet… LOL Peace out if this took a while. Also I wanted to make sure I gave all of my thoughts on this…especially since this will be my first Thai TV series review in such a long time!!!

Disclaimer: Pictures of the show, cast are not mine. And just add, info on the cast if mentioned in this review I got from Wikipedia, DramaList and Asian wiki.✌️  By the way, just to sneak in, you can find this Thai drama on GMMTV channel on Youtube with English subtitles

Anyways I apologize for the delay and for being behind schedule on posting this review but been a long time coming and finally presenting…

U-PRINCE Series Thai TV Series Review

First off… please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film, literature and television… Not at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies books and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this Thai TV Series review as a Tv show lover and a Thai TV series lover…. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

Unlike the previous reactions, this Thai TV series has 12 stories about 12 campus handsome talented heartthrobs called U-Prince Ambassadors, who represent each faculty of their university IUCA.

The following are the 12 U PRINCE AMBASSADOR STORIES

  • The Handsome Cowboy
  • The Gentle Vet
  • The Love Geologists
  • The Badass Baker
  • Absolute Economist
  • Foxy Pilot
  • Playful Comm-Arts
  • Extroverted Humanist
  • Single Lawyer
  • Crazy Artist
  • Badly Politics
  • Ambitious Boss

I will do a brief recap, review and talk a bit about the main characters of each stories I mentioned above.

First off, I will give a summary about each story…so spoilers alert!…I might end up in each story saying more than should but if it get you interested in the following U-Princes stories either way, go for it and check them out!

Anyways…here it goes…

The Handsome Cowboy

U Prince Series: The Handsome Cowboy is focused on Sibtis, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Agriculture and Prikkang, his childhood friend that he couldn’t recognize when they met again after so many years apart.

P’Sibtit, a bad boy, and charming cowboy from the Faculty of Agriculture. While Prikkang is a down-to-earth girl who doesn’t like narcissistic and arrogant people so when she meets P’Sibtit she starts off the wrong foot with him. He is, on the other hand, quite smitten with her cold demeanor and tries to win her over. However, what they are not aware of is that they had used to be childhood friends before Prikkang moved from the countryside… Prikkang had been waiting for her childhood friend for so long realizes first that P’Sibtit is her childhood friend, and was already quite put off at grown up P’Sibtit’s character… really loathes him despite knowing he is her childhood friend. While at a dating segment where he pushed her to attend with him, as his promotion as U-Prince Ambassador is when P’Sibtit realizes who she really is to him after putting a flower wreath on her hair thus seeing her necklace with the missing puzzle piece inside of it, that represents a forever remembered bittersweet memory in their past as childhood friends. Especially since the puzzle without that missing piece is currently framed and hung with importance in his home. That is the true start between them.

The Gentle Vet

U Prince Series: The Gentle Vet is focused on Thesis, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Veterinary and Suaysai, a female student from the Faculty of Engineering.

Thesis, a second-year student at the Faculty of Veterinary who is not only germaphobe especially for always carrying and using sanitizing spray all the time.  Thesis has for a long while been questioned on when he will have a girlfriend or be in a relationship.  But he always deflects answering that, that people misinterpret and questions his preferences especially since he is known to have one close male friend. One rainy day he meets Suay Sai, who is one of the rare female engineering students, she is quite sporty and is a girl who is afraid of rain due to a childhood trauma. After meeting in the rare and witnessing Suaysai’s fear of the rain…Thesis and Suaysai become great friends! But due to Suay Si fear of the rain, Thesis is not able to enjoy the things he likes with the person he loves the most, which is SuaySai. At that moment, Thesis makes a promise to protect Suay Sai from everything that she fears even if he is hurt by that. Suay Sai doesn’t truly believe that Thesis loves her especially since she is well aware of the rumors and Thesis’ close male friend’s advances on Thesis. Thesis being likely to be aware of his close male friend’s advances but just ignores or denies it. Although Suay Sai has her doubts on Thesis’ love, she is conflicted by his obvious great care of her and willingness to help her train her dog, so she tries to find out if he really does love her and where his true preferences lies.

The Lovely Geologist

U Prince Series: The Lovely Geologist is focused on T-Rex, U-Prince Ambassador of the Geology under the Faculty of the Science and Bai Plu is the girl he became quite interested in because her yard is where he will hunt for “fossils.”

T-Rex is majoring in Geology at the Faculty of Science. He is known for being a huge fan of dinosaurs and has a innocent child-like persona due to his childhood trauma of losing his parents. One day he meets Bai Plu, cause he wanted to check her yard and use his fossil hunting device.  And his device alerts him of something as leads him to ask her permission to dig up her yard. She refuses cause she finds him weird and untrustworthy. Her mom allows him though cause T-Rex promise that whether or not he finds something and digs holes in the ground he will garden or plant something.  Thus, making Bai Plu irritated, despite her irritation this leads T-Rex into falling in love with Bai Plu and decides to persistently pursue her, especially after he finds out that she has a boyfriend who not only treats her badly, but has also been cheating on her. Anyways, as both T-Rex and Bai Plu continue spending time together as T-Rex hunts for “fossils”, their relationship blossoms…

The Badass Baker

U Prince Series: The Badass Baker is focused on Dash, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Culinary  and Rene, the Faculty of Communication Arts who also known by the penname of Comet Knight.

P’Dash, a student at the Faculty of Culinary Arts, is a very talented cook. His friend T-Rex helps him to find a new apartment, but what he doesn’t tell him is that he would share it with Renee, a free-spirited and lazy girl who studies at the Faculty of Arts, majoring in Dramatic Arts. At first, they don’t get along at all, especially since Dash really cares about cleanliness and hygiene while Renee on the other head neglects herself and the apartment due to her overall focus on finishing her novel as the author Comet Knight.  After a rough first meeting, Renee and Dash makes a deal that Dash will stay for a couple of months before finding a new place but while he is still staying with her he will cook her meals while she takes time to clean the apartment and herself. As both Dash and Renee, spend more and more time together as roommates, they slowly start falling for each other… Yet, they have to deal with an obsessed building supervisor that forever tries to date Renee and Dash’s conniving author ex-girlfriend who knows about Renee’s “secret past” previously known as the controversial author Little Mermaid

Absolute Economist

U Prince Series: Absolute Economist is focused on Teddy, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Economics and Chompink, a quirky student of the Comm-Arts faculty.

Teddy is strict when it comes to spending money, focused on the charity funding events he in charge of and he is lonely man cause his last relationship really hurt him. One day, he meets Chompink, who has a major crush on him and gets upset when she finds out he is already taken by a man, but what she doesn’t know it is just an on-going stint that Teddy and his guy friend are doing to keep their popularity and that they are both pretty much straight men. Chompink who is not aware of the true score between him and his “partner”, who happens to have an interest in her sister; Chompink comes up with crazy antics to get Teddy which led to her making a really big expensive mistake…breaking a good friend’s camera and she has to pay asap! This led to her finding out that Teddy to going to fund the best team who comes up with the best charity project, which of course the team will use for the project.  Chompink and her friends win, and with the money left over she pays for her camera debt and clubbing with her friends!!! Which Teddy finds out with his “partner”, after coming across Chompink and her friends at a club.  He confronts her and gave her the ultimatum to pay of her debt or he tells the dean on her.  She complies not before doing couple other crazy antics to pay of her debt to him and antics in expressing her admiration towards him.  This later leads to Chompink begrudgingly signing a contract with Teddy, serving as his maid to pay off her debt after Teddy warning her if she doesn’t comply with his contract, he will inform the dean of her misuse of the school funds for charity.  Along their time together as maid and boss/master …their relationship blossoms…while dealing with the antics of Teddy’s ex girlfriend and obsessed fans of Teddy’s “partnership” with his guy friend who really has interest in Chompink’s sister.

Foxy Pilot

U Prince Series: Foxy Pilot is focused on Hawk, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Engineering and Aurora, a young actress who decided to finish up her education at the IUCA.

Khun Hawk is a stoic graduate from the Faculty of Engineering, majoring in aviation. He is cold and rarely expresses emotion. When he attends the job interview at Palmer Airlines, the owner requests Khun Hawk to take care of, chauffeur around and befriend his spoiled daughter Aurora who happens to be a rising popular actress paired up and rumored girlfriend of a popular actor and likes to be called “princess”. While Hawk has an emotionless stoic persona and doesn’t care of what others say or think, Aurora is full of herself but also very lonely and tends to hide her true feelings behind a smile. All she ever wanted to do what she wants and loves, not depending on another for popularity. But despite having such contrasting personalities, they get closer and develop a strong friendship and slowly fall for each other… But along the way, they have to deal with Aurora’s fans and haters alike, conflicting feelings, and the “interference” of Aurora’s other two guy friends…her rumored actor boyfriend and her visiting childhood friend turned fiancé!

Playful Comm-Arts

U Prince Series: Playful Comm-Arts is focused on Kirun, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Comm-Arts and Sung, who is also a student in the comm-arts department.

Sung, a writing student from the Comm-Arts department who happens to be a really close friend of Renee in Badass Baker. Sung has a very imaginative mind and dreams of making Kirun, also from the Comm-Arts but majoring in film, her boyfriend. She was the one who also anonymously voted thousands of times doe Kirun thus resulting in him becoming a U-Prince ambassador. One day, Sung gets hit by a tricycle and “died”, so she makes a promise with the god of death. The god of death sent her back to the mortal world and gave her some kind of divine power. That divine power is every time she has physical contact with Kirun, Sung will go into trance and supposedly sees moments between them that will similarity happen between them in the future. Sung is confused and troubled over her situation with the divine power believing she will die, that she at times avoids Kirun who gets mixed signals from her because he is aware that she likes him and isn’t sure if she still does because he likes her too. Sung and Kirun then get grouped together for a filming project with a couple others especially Kirun’s close friend who likes Sung and a girl who likes Kirun. Kirun is the film director for the project while Sung is the writer! She uses and adapts her current dilemma and feelings for Kirun in writing the story to their film project, while Kirun will use the film project to get close to her and confront her.

Extroverted Humanist

U Prince Series: Extroverted Humanist is focused on Kiryu, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Humanities and Kirun’s younger brother. Pinyin is his junior, she is a shy transfere from China.

Kiryu is an outgoing and friendly second-year student from the Faculty of Humanities. He is also Kirun’s younger brother. He becomes interested in Pinyin, his junior who transferred from China. However, she has the completely opposite personality – she is introverted, anxious, without friends and shy. At first, Pinyin finds Kiryu’s personality quite overwhelming but she then grows fond of him. They slowly they start falling for each other. But Pinyin’s aunt and Minute, a rich girl from the Faculty of Physical Education interferes in their blossoming relationship.

Single Lawyer

U Prince Series: Single Lawyer is focused on First Class U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Law and Minute, a high maintenance student of the Faculty of Physical Education.

Firstclass and Minute were first introduced in the previous story of Extroverted Humanist, as conflicting parties part with Minute turning over to a honest leaf especially after Firstclass saves her life despite the tension between them. 

Firstclass is the first student at the Faculty of Law in the last 10 years to have all straight A’s. He is very serious and strict when it comes to punctuality, which can be seen from the fact that his hobby includes collecting watches and clocks. Minute on the other is a self-centered and spoiled rich girl whose world starts crushing down when her family gets filed for bankruptcy and she is forced to sell her luxuries. After telling her gay best friend her dilemma at his apartment, her gay best friend gives her a proposition, to date him publicly and live at his and his brother while he really dates and lives with his boyfriend in secret. Minute accepts but Firstclass who overhears their conversation couldn’t allow them to go through with such a deal. It was then that Minute then learns that Firstclass is her long time gay best friend’s older brother… So Firstclass could accept, his brother talked to him and came out with an additional deal… Firstclass gave an ultimatum…that he will let them do their proposal with each other and let her live with him, if he lets him teach her how to be lady and be mannerly. She begrudgingly accepts… This arrangement leads to the true start between Firstclass and Minute.

Crazy Artist

U Prince Series: Crazy Artist is focused on Hippy, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of the Fine Arts and he is also the lead singer of his band, Bullet. Mel Be, on the other hand is a student of the Faculty of Science.

Hippy has many tattoos, loves rock, anything he finds interesting he would express that it rocks, he enjoys the feeling free and living life.  Mel Be is a studious young woman who loves to read, and who has a brother that is somewhat of an artistic rocker whose outlook in life she doesn’t quite understand.  Mel Be is dumped by her boyfriend Theo close to the date of their 5th anniversary, his reason for breaking up with her is that he feels that they are too similar to each other, although later the true reason is revealed. The same day, she meets Hippy who not only witnessed her break up but gives her his shirt to trade with so she will feel better.  But instead she blows her nose on it. Because of that, either way he wants her Beatles t-shirt as an exchange for blowing her nose on his shirt. Thus, making Hippy thinking she rocks, feeling that she is still not well from just breaking up with her boyfriend he follows her to make her feel better and makes sure she gets hope safely while they take the bus together. Hippy get close and gets to know her and starts calling her “Nerdy Glasses” and later on “Dried Banana”, while she ends up calling him “Crazy”. Hippy feels that with their encounter, her love for books and for her Beatles shirt they have a lot in common, but she doesn’t believe that.  After a while on the bus ride, getting to know each other and Hippie makes sure Mel Be gets home safely, she learns each tattoo Hippy has represents a memory…good or bad…and starts remember her ex again, she then tells Hippie to wait outside cause she will wash his shirt and give it back to him.  But while Mel Be was hand washing Hippie’s shirt she suddenly remembers the thing Theo had said to her and makes her angry that she accidentally rips Hippie’s shirt. Because of that, feeling bad that she rips Hippie shirt, Mel Be decides that if he really wants her Beatles shirt that really belongs to her brother, he must pretend to be her boyfriend for five days. He then tells her that he is actually not easy but since she dares to make the offer, he will accept to date her for 5 days to get the Beatles shirt. In their arrangement both Hippy and Mel Be, although she still doesn’t believe they will match well nor believe that the arranged relationship is normal, they start getting along well especially since Hippie always finds ways to cheer up Mel Be, make her feel comfortable and relaxed and giving her whole new perspective and experience outside of her books and studious life. Thus, leading to the true start of their love story.

Badly Politics

U Prince Series: Badly Politics is focused on Survey, the U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Political Science and Cherry Milk aka Cherima, a quirky Political Science student who is taking fashion classes on the side to help develop her fashion brand Cheri Cherry.

The story begins with Cherry Milk being reprimanded for not doing well in one of her major political science classes, so in order to make up for it she is told to do a research paper on an surviving group of people from a lost country, the Honzel.  Her dilemma though…there is not to much information about them, until she finds out that the mysterious overbearing highly capable U-Prince of her faculty who she doesn’t have much knowledge about due to growing her business, Survey, is a surviving member of that group. So, she tries to get to him to help her. A couple of setbacks, she has to wait for her turn on a long queue of people who also needs his help or a girls who want to date him, another is that once she does get to see him on her turn on the queue she was advised if she wants him to help her she must give him something really rare and unique! Finally meeting him after a crazy encounter he makes a deal with her, he will help her with her research if she will clean his apartment and “date” him to help him keep his admirers away. Cherry Milk begrudgingly accepts his deal because she wants to pass and be allowed to take her side Fashion classes again. During this arrangement, as Cherry Milk and Survey get closer…secrets about Survey and his past is revealed.

Ambitious Boss

U Prince Series: Ambitious Boss is focused on Brian, U-Prince Ambassador of the Faculty of Business Administration and Mantou, his childhood friend who he had a crush on since he was since they were 6.

Mantou, the favorite and only daughter of a Mafia boss, who has a great dream of getting married once high school is over. Even though her first arranged married failed because the guy a childhood friend who she greatly admires does not like her, her parents arrange her second prospective marriage, and they expect the second to work. Her second “fiancé” aka future husband, Brian is the son of a great Mafia chief of the West and also the owner of a large embassy and is also another childhood friend of hers. Except this childhood friend of hers, Brian, she doesn’t particularly like as much because he also teases, insults and makes fun of her. Mantou although still pines for her 1st fiancé, slowly develops feelings for Brian, who starts expressing more affection. With that her 1st Fiance who is also the son of a Mafia chief who tries to get back her favor after denying her affection since she is the daughter of a powerful Mafia head and also since his side of the Mafia is not particularly in good terms with Brian’s side of the Mafia, to not only spite them but due to his conflicting feelings for Mantou now that she is betrothed to Brian, who is also his childhood friend and rival.  Brian’s ex, a daughter of another Mafia chief and her father, comes in as well causing more trouble and chaos to ignite a Mafia war so her side can become the leaders instead of Mantou, Brian and their other childhood friend.

Now I will give my insight especially on what I noticed in this series with all 12 stories… Each U-Prince and their Story have their own uniqueness.

But to start this off … I will list down my personal rating along with why I rated it as such. 12 being least liked U Prince story to 1 being my favorite U-Prince Story!

Here it goes Countdown Review Style of Each U-Prince Story!

12. U Prince Series: The Gentle Vet First of, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story but I did NOT exceptionally like the idea that the female lead, Suaysai played by Sutatta Udomsilp, despite having growing feelings for the male lead, Thesis played by Vorakorn Sirisorn… Suaysai decides to date Thesis to find out if he is gay even though he clearly expresses love, interests and lots of concern for her when she cries because of her fear of the rain due to an emotional trauma. Overall, the story isn’t bad, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

11U Prince Series: Extroverted Humanist First of, just like The Gentle Vet… don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story but it just wasn’t my cup of tea either. But I do recommend you guys to check it out. Because the main pair in this story are actually a pair of Thai idols! Kiryu played by Captain Chonlathorn Kongyinyong is member of the Thai boy group NINE BY NINE. While Pinyin, is played by a popular German-Thai female soloist Ploychompoo Jannine Weigel. They are cute and wholesome pair in this story.

10. U Prince Series: The Lovely Geologist Like both The Gentle Vet and Extroverted Humanist… I enjoyed the story but it just wasn’t my cup of tea too. But I do recommend you to watch it, it is a cute story and the main actors…T-Rex played by Kacha  Nontanun Anchuleepradit and Baiplu played by Cherreen Nachijaree Horvejkul did well in their roles even though their chemistry was a little lackluster compared to the other pairs in the other stories of this Series and like I said the story was just not my cup of tea.  Oh and just in case if you are not aware and you are a K-POP fan the actress Cherreen who plays Baiplu is Nickhun of 2PM’s younger sister.

9.  U Prince Series: The Handsome Cowboy I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story Sibtit and Prikkang , played respectively by Push Puttichai Kasetsin and Esther Supreeleela.  These two chemistry and talent shines through in the story… Only thing was I felt as much as the chemistry is so sexy and the actors themselves are undeniably gorgeous and talented. I was not too fond of the Handsome Cowboy’s storyline but I do understand the elements are not only heavy but quite intense cause Sibtit who Push plays, is a total playboy and has a habit of punishing people and he is kind of aggressive and pushy even though from the looks of it, the women he comes across does not mind but there is no doubt he broke many hearts because he is a playboy. It is just that I thought the story was too much… it was a roller coaster of emotions and frustration… it just wasn’t my cup of tea even it is something I would. The actors were amazing though, and like I said earlier undeniably gorgeous. This is the longest story in this series by the way…

8.  U Prince Series: Foxy Pilot I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story Hawk and Aurora , played respectively by Mek Jirakit Thawornwong and Baitoei Zuvapit Traipornworakit. I thought they played their roles well and although cliché I enjoyed this storyline more than Handsome Cowboy but compared to the Handsome Cowboy’s main couple…the chemistry between Hawk and Aurora is quite lacking. Although, I did felt their characters had an understanding despite the lack of romantic chemistry.

7. U Prince Series: Playful Comm-Arts  I honestly love the actress who plays Sung, Fon Sananthachat who is really talented and her partner White Nawat Phumphothingam who plays Kirun, really hold his own being paired with her.  I found this story interesting but at the same time unfortunately, I did not particularity enjoyed the fantasy concept in this one, since her character supposedly died and is brought back to life after she makes a promise with the God of Death. Although, I do understand that her character is a person filled with imagination… But it does makes me wonder if she imagined some parts or the whole story in her developing relationship with Kirun. But she obviously did end up with Kirun despite the question of her imagining things, because he mentioned her as his girlfriend when he appeared in the last story of the entire series Ambitious Boss. But either way, quirky but interesting story.

6. U Prince Series: The Badass Baker   I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story Dash and Rene , played respectively by Victor Chatchawit Techarukpong and Piglet Charada Imraporn.   Like Push Puttichai Kasetsin and Esther Supreeleela, Victor and Piglet have amazing chemistry and talent shines through in the story… Only thing is compared to the Ambitious Boss that I placed a spot higher than at #5, Badass Baker didn’t stand out too much because the story is kind of cliché but still entertaining but I enjoyed this story more than Foxy Pilot which also has a kind of cliché storyline but the main couple’s chemistry there was lacking in my opinion compared to the chemistry that Victor and Piglet have here in The Badass Baker.

5. U Prince Series: Ambitious Boss I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story Mantou and Brian, played respectively by Mook Worranit Thawornwong and March Chutavuth Pattarakhumphol. I really felt that their respective characters are hilarious and amusing. What I did not like to much was the fact is that Brian insults Mantou a lot because she is silly and stupid… even though she really kind of is, but either way that is just mean. Although he does tone the insults down later on, which greatly helped him cause Mantou starts caring more for him too. Also, I was kind of conflicted with the Mafia theme but I understand that the atmosphere despite some of the conflicts going on…the story was a little on the comedic side. But I felt that actors of the main couple, helped boost this story more for me because I found their characters undeniably adorable and entertaining and the story although conflicting for me has a interesting twist in the end. Although…I forgot to add, their is one point that I don’t really like is the underlying “joke” to tell someone to force someone to be with them as supposedly good advice… By the way, if you are not aware and or a new Thai drama fan, Worranit is also a singer and she is the older sister of Mek Jirakit Thawornwong , the male lead is the Foxy Pilot story and who is also a singer.

4.  U Prince Series: Crazy Artist  Even though they don’t seem to have too many leading roles, I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story of Hippy and Mel Be, played respectively by Kun Kunchanuj Kengkarnka and Note Panayanggool. Their chemistry is amazing and the storyline beautiful…pulls your heartstrings…it is somewhat cliché in some aspects but it is still a beautiful love story of Hippy and Mel Be.

3. U Prince Series: Single Lawyer Even though they don’t seem to have too many leading roles, I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story Firstclass and Minute, played respectively by August Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong and Apple Lapisara Intarasut. Their chemistry is absolutely amazing and I felt the tension between their characters, they portrayed it well. They are a sexy pair and the chemistry is amazing! What was interesting in this case, it is hinted in the storyline that although he is popular as a U-PRINCE…Firstclass is more innocent than Apple…well in terms of experience.

2. U Prince Series: Absolute Economist I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story of Teddy and Chompink, played respectively by Hunz Isariya Patharamanop and Focus Jeerakul. Straight to the point, I love the story! It may be kind of cliché but the storyline is hilarious and I love the crazy adorable chemistry! The supporting characters were awesome hilarious too!

1.  U Prince Series: Badly Politics  I absolutely love this story it is my favorite and I honestly love the actors who plays the main couple in this story Cherry Milk and Survey, played respectively by Mild Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul and Lee Thanat Lowkunsombat.  Straight to the point, I love the story, love the twists and I certainly love the chemistry! Interesting tidbit, it turns out Lee Thanat won the spot for this role asthe winner of the Finding U-Prince Project making this his first acting gig! Really lucky in fact too that he was paired of with Mild who is an amazing popular actress! Although this was his first acting gig, he was absolutely amazing!

Anyways, U-Prince: The Series is such an awesome series of love stories whether hilarious, crazy, adorable, cringey and rollercoaster ride of emotions! I highly recommend this to your watch list! Once again, you can find this Thai TV Series on GMMTV channel on Youtube with English subtitles. 😊

Also, if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on this Thai TV Series, U-Prince: The Series. Hopefully this review gets you interested in U-Prince Thai TV Series and other Thai TV Series as well!

Btw, next on my Thai review agenda, I will likely follow up with the Ugly Duckling and then the Kiss Series and its sequel Kiss Me Again. Anyways will see, but these programs are definitely within my sights…

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