Ugly Duckling Series Thai TV Series Review

I’ve binge watched this Thai drama this earlier this month…  I apologize for the delay… I wasn’t able to post this til now cause well 😷… But taking it as a good thing cause it gave me time to touch this review up a little more… to make sure I gave all of my thoughts on this…especially since this is in my proclaimed lineup for Thai series/drama reviews!!!

Disclaimer: Pictures of the show, cast are not mine. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia, MyDramaList and Asian wiki.✌️

Anyways been a long time coming and finally presenting…

Ugly Duckling Series Thai TV Series Review

The Ugly Duckling series can be found on Netflix and GMM TV channel in Youtube!


First off… please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film, literature and television… Not at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies books and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this Thai TV Series review as a Tv show lover and a Thai TV series lover…. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

Unlike the previous reactions, this Thai series has 4 stories about 4 young women who are a part of the Ugly Duckling club. So…  warning to viewers, this is the ultimate Chick Flick…well….just like the U-Prince series which is also definitely catered for women too…

But as I was saying…

The following are the 4 UGLY DUCKLING STORIES

  • The Perfect Match
  • Pity Girl
  • Don’t
  • Boy’s Paradise

Now I will start with the summary and review of each UGLY DUCKLING story!

First off…

The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match is a story about a young woman named Junita, nicknamed Junior, who is a wealthy girl who lives in Bangkok and had plastic surgery because people said her face was fat. She did the surgery without knowing that she was allergic to chemicals, causing her to get acne and pimples all over her face that would take a year to fully recover. After the incident, her mom wasn’t happy that she is now “ugly”, nobody including boyfriend and her friends wanted to get close to her and whoever saw her would call her “ghost-face.”

During her lowest point, she came across the Ugly Duckling forum because her cousin Alice who happens to be a member introduced it to her, which consists of 4 girls…her cousin Alice, Maewnam, Mami and the newly added Junior.

When Junior couldn’t stand the rejection and teasing anymore from people, her boyfriend and friends in Bangkok, she begged her mom to let her study at a college in the countryside to avoid the social life of Bangkok, and to have face treatment done by a doctor recommended by the Ugly Duckling forum. And at college in the countryside in her new life as a not rich girl while getting treatment and imaging her dream guy from her favorite fiction that’s where she meets Suea. Suea is a very handsome, flirty, penniless senior, who is the first person to sincerely befriend her despite her looks! And by some fate or destiny they were pair together as the assigned Senior and Junior pair, in which Suea as Junita’s senior will watch out for her as his junior in the college. In that arrangement Suea and Junior get closer and learn much about eachother and developed a great bond. But as they bonded, they learn to deal with eachother’s issues such as Junior’s insecurities especially over her now “ugly” face full of acne and Suea’s belief and knows from experience that although he is incredibly handsome, women are not only vain they will only look at him twice and date him if he was rich. So while Suea’s and Junior’s relationship develops as well as their understanding towards one another, they deal with Suea’s girlfriend’s betrayal, and a friend’s unpleasant predicament. As well as issues, they had to go through on their own, to find themselves and to see if their love is true!

Anyways on The Perfect Match, I thought this was a pretty good story! I totally enjoyed it! I exceptionally loved the main cast and couple who played Junita aka Junior and Suea, respectively Mook Worranit Thawornwong and Push Puttichai Kasetsin. I found Mook and Push really talented and played their roles respectively well. Mook expressed the shy, insecure, innocent and somewhat naïve Junita aka Junior exceptionally well. While Push also played exceptionally well as Suea….who is handsome, friendly, playful, foul-mouthed, naughty as in alot of innuendos implied by him but is still considered as respectful towards women.  Anyways.. out of the four Ugly Duckling stories, The Perfect Match is my absolute favorite from all the stories even though the characters especially the main ones Junior and Suea have flaws and issues that seem ugh… I thought they were well developed… positive points, flaws and all. For instance, Junita’s insecurity and naivety and Suea’s prejudice, harsh-mouth and hot-temper.  But those flaws seemed to have toned down as the story progresses. Either way this 1st story of the Ugly Duckling series is a definite recommend!

Pity Girl

From where the story in The Perfect Match ends with Suea and Junior running through the park is where Pity Girl begins…

Alice smiles as her cousin Junior and Suea run past her as she comes upon a bench with a handsome guy lying down reading a book and a big tree looming beside the bench. Alice climbs up the tree to take a closer look and take a picture of a bird nest. She looks down and observes the boy reading the book and finds him really attractive she decides to take a picture but then he looks up at her, she was so surprised that she fell down the tree.

Six months later after falling from the tree, Alice now suffers having “goldfish memory”. She’s in fact so forgetful that she doesn’t even remember her boyfriend breaking up with her 14 times already. Every time she wakes up, she has once again forgotten everything besides Fuyu, who she calls her hero. But then a new boy in school named Aston has now vowed to be Alice’s own personal post it to help her remember everything. As Alice and Aston get closer, they deal with Alice’s ex and his current girlfriend’s antics, Alice’s real feelings for both Fuyu and Aston who both have feelings for her while dealing with Alice’s memory being revealed along with Aston’s past.

Anyways on Pity Girl, the story isn’t bad, I actually found it interesting but what annoyed me was the mainly the first episode or two. I honestly had to grit my teeth most especially in that first episode because I really wanted to give this story in the Ugly Duckling series a chance. Anyways I understood that in general the Ugly Duckling series has a more of a rom-com feel meaning in my observation as a rom-com it is not a drama but it does have slight dramatic themes and moments but it is much lighter and has comedic moments. Here in Pity Girl, I kept in mind during the first episode that it is rom com and I should give it a chance, that is because since the main female lead is suffering from major memory loss and cannot remember a thing when she wakes up the following day. Similar to 50 First Dates actually. Anyways whenever she realizes she forgets something or get teased she cries loudly and overdramatically that what I have usually seen in comedies! In the comedies I saw with crying “dramatically was involved”, I honestly don’t remember being so annoyed but in Pity Girl I was… But then again, maybe that is why the story is titled “Pity Girl”…. Anyways those moments really annoyed me, but I repeat so again I really had to grit my teeth because I wanted to know what happens next especially since even though I wasn’t so into the main pair Alice and Aston, they really grew on me. They are really cute! Honestly out of the main couples in each Ugly Duckling series, I think Pity Girl is the most wholesome and innocent one despite the bullying Alice had to face for being forgetful. I can honestly say though this second story is not high on my recommend list but go ahead and watch it, it is not that bad.


This third Ugly Duckling story, Don’t, begins with Aston coming back from abroad to go to school and finally be with Alice! And after meeting up again, they happen to see Maewnam covered with a box frantically running around at the school staying away from people…

Thus…this leads to Maewnam’s backstory to why her head is covered with a box!

After confessing her love in elementary school to her crush, Maewnam is undeniably crushed when he rejects her in front of all his friends. He calls her ugly which caused a chain event with others calling her ugly and teasing her relentlessy too! At that moment, she was so traumatized she decides to wear a box on her head believing she is ugly.

One day, she is forced to return to school, Maewnam meets Minton and Zero. Minton who was a new student, despite seeing her walk around with a box on her head, was very accommodating towards her. As for Zero, was mean at first but later thaws up towards her.  Minton is sweet, friendly, and new to the school while Zero is a notorious troublemaker who uses his fists to solve his problems. With Milton, Maewnam does not face any problems and is a friend she confides in. While with Zero, although being around him causes her to get in unsavory situations, she was able her face her fears…literally got her head out of the box and is able to confide in things with him that she couldn’t say to her father, brother and Minton. As Maewnam, gets closer to both boys…she starts realizing her true feelings for the both of them…who she cherish as a friend and who she has fallen in love with…while finding out who was the boy who caused her trauma when she was little, making her hide her head in a box for years and dealing with bullies especially Zeros’ popular mean ex-girlfriend.

Anyways on Don’t, I thought this was a pretty good story! I totally enjoyed it! I honestly was a little weirded out at first with the concept that the main girl had to hide her head in a box for years, but I understood the concept and that the situation Maewnam was in… She is really young when she was bullied! Her confidence in herself was broken! And it makes her no trust anyone! Thus, leading to her being traumatized, believing she is ugly and had to hide her head literally in a box for years until she was forced to go to school and circumstances leading her to reveal true looks to Zero, who was the first to see her.  Anyways this is definitely one of the main reasons why bullying and name calling isn’t right! Because it can affect someone for years as well as the everyday life. Anyways, I adored the young actors in this flick… Mild Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul, Mek Jirakit Thawornwong and Chatchawit Techarukpong! If his name looks familiar to you… Yes! Mek Jirakit is related to Mook Worranit from The Perfect Match story! They are brother and sister! Anyways all three, are talented actors and I find that they played their roles well.  I also found the plot twist in this story to be very interesting too, how it was played out. Anyways, either way, I totally recommend Don’t from the Ugly Duckling Series to your watch list!

Boy’s Paradise

Mami is a young woman who is happily living in her family’s pension she dubbed as Girls’ Paradise with a bunch of girlfriends, one of them is a girl she has a crush on. Mami vows to die before dating a man especially since she had a trauma when she was young on a boy she deeply cared about, thus turning her towards women!

Anyways this story Boy’s Paradise begins with the other Ugly Ducklings… Junior, Alice and Maewnam coming to Mami’s, their fourth and final Ugly Duckling member’s Girls Party! Their they see that Mami is greatly in favor of women and has a deep affection for her bestie girl friend. What Mami is not aware of is that her mother mother catches on to her secret girl crush . So, her mother makes an arrangement with the female friends especially the girl she cares for, in a way kicking them out and then rents out the house to three guys in hopes to bring her daughter around back to having affection towards men!  The three men who comes to live in her home, now dubbed Boy’s Paradise is her cousin LJ, who she isn’t aware has feelings for her, Rayji, an actor-idol and CU, a photographer!

At first, she avoids all three men, but she then Mami gets pulled into someone else’s romance problems…Rayji’s… so she begs her new roommate C.U., to be her fake boyfriend. Thus, this is the beginning of either a friendship, partnership and/or relationship between Mami and CU. Also, during this situation she learns  that men aren’t that bad and learns who her true friends are and who deserves her friendship.

Anyways on Boy’s Paradise, I found it interesting and the most mature story out of the three. Btw, when I say mature, Imean language wise. Alot of innuendos. Either way…though….It honestly not my favorite compared to the first Ugly Duckling story, The Perfect Match which is my favorite amongst the four…but like I said Boy’s Paradise is definitely the most mature with a slightly complex storyline. Especially since the main girl went through a trauma which was not revealed later on, this explains why she is hates men and loves women…but this is still find it as an interesting storyline. Also, I happen to love the actress in this story Esther Supreeleela, she is a very talented actress who also happened to be in the first story of U-Prince Series: The Handsome Cowboy with Push Puttichai Kasetsin. By the way, if you haven’t read it yet…I did a U-Prince Series review a while back… Please go check it out if you haven’t yet! Anyways, I totally recommend the fourth story Boy’s Paradise from the Ugly Duckling Series to your watch list!

Anyways, moving on…

If I were to rank these Ugly Duckling Stories according to my least favorite to most favorite… it would be…  Pity Girl, Don’t, Boy’s Paradise and The Perfect Match! But even if I rank them this way, the entire Ugly Duckling Series with all four stories, is definitely something you should definitely consider watching but like I mentioned before…this series is mostly catered to women but I believe in general anyone can enjoy this series!

Once again, the Ugly Duckling series can be found on Netflix and GMM TV channel in Youtube!

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the Thai TV series Ugly Duckling. Hopefully this review gets you interested in watching the show as well as other Thai shows and dramas!

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