The King’s Avatar Chinese TV Series Review

This drama review has been a long time coming especially since the drama/ show for this review was released for viewing on Netflix last month! And it took some time because the drama is long…about 40 episodes in all!… But still in my opinion… despite that the drama show is definitely something to look forward too! And this review, will definitely express why I believe that is so…

Anyways presenting…

The King’s Avatar Chinese TV Series Review

Disclaimer: Pictures of the tv series The King’s Avatar and its cast, are definitely not mine. The pics were taken online, saved or screenshotted online. And just to add… info of the cast…I got them from Wikipedia, MyDramaList and Asian wiki.✌️ 

The King’s Avatar TV Series is available on Netflix for viewing.  Woohoo! Thank you #Netflix ! Oh… and just to add, it is also available on the WeTV app, the Chinese app!

First off, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film and television… at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this tv series review as tv lover and book lover, this tv series is an adaptation of a web novel / manga. And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

Anyways… The King’s Avatar is based on the novel of the same name by Hu Dielan.  The anime version of The King’s Avatar was released in 2017 and the second season of the anime is planned for a 2019 release. While, the web series drama version was first released on July 24, 2019, and was later released for viewing on Netflix last month in August!

Anyways…let’s begin!

 I will start first by talking about the main leads for The King’s Avatar drama web series…Yang Yang and his three leading ladies…Jiang Shuying, Lai Yumeng and Li Yujie

Yang Yang is a popular actor who made his debut in the Chinese drama ‘The Dream of Red Mansions.’ But what really helped spike his popularity was his performance in the coming of age film, ‘The Left Ear‘ as well as participation in travel reality show ‘Divas Hit the Road’ which totally put him on top in the star ranking. He also starred in ‘The Lost Tomb‘ and popular sports youth drama ‘The Whirlwind Girl.’ And soon after starring in the tv version of Love 020. Which was also soon after followed by even more roles and success. Leading up to him starring as the main lead in the Novel to TV series adaptation of “Martial Universe” and his most recent project… another Novel to TV series adaptation and eSports Gaming series “The King’s Avatar” , which this review is going to be focused on.

 Anyways in The King’s Avatar, Yang Yang plays Ye Xiu, who is known as Ye Qiu aka Jun Moxiao or Lord Grim the Freelancer is the world of Glory is the former captain of Team Excellence Era aka  once was the holder of the avatar One Autumn Leaf, the Battlemage.  He was forced to resign from the team excellence, forced to give up the strongest accounts in the game On Autumn Leaf and leave the competitive scene of Glory due to his unwillingness to take part in any sponsorship to profit the team.  He eventually finds work as an internet manager of the Happy Internet Café, owned by Chen Guo who happens to be a huge fan of his alias Ye Qiu. While working at the internet café, he eventually remembers a new server in Glory opened, server 10, taking that his way starting from the bottom back to top in Glory this time as Ye Xiu holder of the avatar Lord Grim, the Freelancer, which is the most controversial career in Glory. If he rises to the top as the Freelancer, it can open a whole new possibility in Glory…thus fulfilling his promise to his friend Su Muqiu, the original holder of Lord Grim. He greatly believes that Glory is not a one-man competition, that it is a team effort and to show strength in a modest manner.

Jiang Shuying is a Chinese actress aka Maggie Jiang.  She rose to fame in 2013 film, So Young and won the Asian Film Award for Best Newcomer.  She also starred in family drama A Servant of Two Masters and won the Huading Awards for Best Supporting Actress. In 2015, she starred in medical drama Grow Up and romantic comedy series My Best Ex Boyfriend.  Then in 2016, she then starred in the romantic drama To Be a Better Man, a highly popular series where she received acclaim for her performance and won the Best Screen Performance award at the iQiyi All-Star Carnival. That same year, she won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 3rd China Australia International Film Festival for her performance in the action film Call of Heroes. Other projects that followed for her are 2018’s modern romance dramas Memories of Love and Mr. Right; 2019’s The King’s Avatar, which this review is for, and finally her most recent project starring in Novoland: Eagle Flag.


In The King’s Avatar, Jiang Shuying plays Chen Guo, who is the owner of the Happy Internet Café aka . She is a great admirer of Ye Qiu, the former captain of Team Excellence Era aka   as well as the former hold of Glory avatar One Leaf Autumn.  Despite, Ye Qiu leaving the Glory scene with reasons unknown to all and constant speculations, Chen Guo remains to be Ye Qiu’s admirer not knowing his true identity as Ye Xiu, her new employee and internet manager at her café.  She will become a great help in helping Ye Xiu rebuild his career and rise again in Glory, this time as Ye Xiu and the holder the Freelancer Lord Grim. She will also become the boss manager of Team Happy aka Xing Xin.

Lai Yumeng is a Chinese actress who made her debut in soccer-themed drama, “Go! Goal! Fighting” in 2014. Her performance was then followed up with her in a support role in fantasy period drama, “The Legend of Flying Daggers.” She then became a regular cast member on variety show, “Divas Hit the Road.” In 2018, she was part of the main cast of both season one and two of The King of Blaze.  Anyways, her most recent project was her starring in the live-action drama adaptation of web-based series The King’s Avatar, which this review is about, as well as her current role in Pretty Man 2 and her upcoming role in drama As Long As You Love Me.

In The King’s Avatar, Lai Yumeng plays Su Mucheng aka Dancing Rain the Launcher in the Game world of Glory. She rose to be a professional Glory player through the guidance of Ye Xiu and is known as the best launcher player and a member of the Team Excellence Era aka  , Ye Xiu’s former team. Despite Ye Xiu’s leaving Team Excellence Era aka   , she still stays by his side and remains as his biggest supporter and best partner.  Her hairpin is considered as Ye Xiu’s lucky charm, acknowledgement that she is his best partner  as well as a symbol of hers, Ye Xiu’s and her brother Su Muqiu’s strong bond.  She is the little sister of Su Muqiu, Ye Qiu’s close friend and the original user of Ye Xiu’s Glory avatar Lord Grim.

Li Yujie is a Chinese actress and model aka Daisy Li.

In the King’s Avatar, Li Yujie plays Tang Rou aka Han Tang Rou, the Battlemage in the Game world of Glory. She is an intelligent, talented pianist as well as a fast learner and a highly skilled rising star in the game world of Glory due to her being Ye Xiu’s prodigy and game skills close to Ye Xiu’s level and style.

The rest of the main supporting cast who are also the rest of the members of Xing Xing aka Team Happy are: Tang Rou aka Han Yanrou the  Battlemage played by Li Yujie/ Daisy Li; Bao Rongxing aka Bao Zi/ Steamed Bun the Invader played by Lai Yi; Qiao Yifan aka Yi Cunhui the Assasin played by Fan Jinwei; Luo Ji aka Mei Guang the Summoner played by Sun Ning; Mo Fan aka Deception the Ninja played by Yang Tingdong; Wei Chen aka Windward Formation the Warlock played by Bai Xiang; Wu Chen aka Dawn Rifle the Launcher played by Song Hanyu and An Wenyi ako Cold Hands the Cleric played by Junchen.

Moving on now…

A slight recap of beginning and then my review…

Right of the bat, The King’s Avatar begins at the Glory competition and the competing teams are Jia Shi vs Wei Cao!

In the competition, both Jia Shi and Wei Cao fiercely battle against eachother in a team match. And during that match we are introduced to Ye Qiu! Ye Qiu but really called Ye Xiu is considered as the god and master of the Glory, leader of the top Glory team, Jia Shi and his avatar Leaf of Autumn, the Battlemage is considered as the top-ranking strongest account in the whole of Glory! Yet, he is also known to be mysterious not only because he always wears a mouth mask during competitions to conceal his identity or his face…but also because he never makes public appearances and never attends commercial performances or promotions. Only his teammates and the whole of Jia Shi, and select few veteran Glory players knows how he looks like. Also, introduced is Su Mucheng, another member of Jia Shi, who is considered as the Ye Qiu’s best supporter and partner in the Glory as well as the best launcher and female player in Glory, the avatar holder of Dancing Rain, another one of the strongest accounts in Glory!

Anyways during the competition, Ye Qiu, really named Ye Xiu, demonstrates his outstanding unbelievably awesome skills during the game, and played a major role in winning annual Glory competition especially after a serious error of judgement was committed by a team member.

Fast forward a bit, the scene where is Ye Xiu and the rest of the Jia Shi, Team Excellence Era, are conducting a review over the competition they have just won, and where he points out the team member’s fault then says that this isn’t they first time a member, Chen Yehui made such an error. Thus leading Ye Xiu to say that if every player treats a team match as an individual performance then the team won’t go far…thus leading Ye Xiu to also announce that Chen Yehui is off the team.

Later… while Ye Xiu seems to be thinking hard over the past successful competitions the team has, his boss-head manager of Jia Shi…Tao Xuan comes over to speak with him…well seemingly hinting something sinister at Ye Xiu  especially after mentioning a rising star in the Glory world Sun Xiang..while Ye Xiu is just thinking of contemplating future strategies and revealing at the latest competition his and Su Mucheng’s latest partner technique Screen Cannon. The boss-head manager Tao Xuan then has Ye Xiu and Sun Xiang meet and not long after drops the bomb on Ye Xiu that Sun Xiang will be taking over his spot as team leader and that Ye Xiu is to be forced resignation from Jia Shi and to hand over the account of Leaf of Autumn to Sun Xiang!

As Ye Xiu leaves, he was of course taunted by the member he just kicked of the team but he leaves casually not letting the taunts get to him even though he is sad but what transpired with the boss-manager Tao Xuan and Sun Xiang.

With nowhere else to go…  Ye Xiu goes to an internet café across the street called Happy Internet Café and there he meets Chen Guo, the owner of the café and she happens to be in need of internet manager so he applies for the job. At the same time, he helps her beat an opponent and not long after finds out a new server, server 10 just recently opened in Glory, thus leading him to decides not only to work at the café but create a new start in Glory in the new server to fulfill his promise to Su Mucheng’s brother his best friend and original partner using his  friend’s old account…. Jun Moxiao Lord Grim, the Freelancer! The promise is when one day Ye Xiu reaches the point in which Jia Shi is in a long run successful and Ye Xiu has to leave or move on from the team, Ye Xiu must promise to make a new start continuing as a Freelancer…using Su Muqiu’s old account as Lord Grim the Freelancer to continue on developing the weapon his friend had failed to complete especially since when Glory first started to that very moment being a Freelancer is the most controversial and rare “career” used in Glory! Thus, making Ye Xiu vow to bring excitement to Glory as the Freelancer Jun Moxiao aka Lord Grim and to complete the freelancer weapon, the Umbrella!

Moving on…

My review of The King’s Avatar Chinese drama…

Overall…I totally enjoyed this live action web series / drama’s take on the popular web novel manga The King’s Avatar! I truly felt that the hype and excitement given to this drama by the fans of the web novel / manga was well deserved because it is an interesting show with a lot of lessons and themes clearly expressed! Such as “not giving up”, “teamwork”, if you are at the top you can fall and if you are at the bottom you can rise up. Other wonderful themes include believing in yourself and believing in your teammates and many more. The show got me so absorbed that I totally loved the entire show!

What I also enjoyed is the graphics especially for the game world of Glory! I thought it looked amazing and felt like I was watching the game in action. I love how the scenes would switch back and forth to show the gamers playing and clearly expressing their determination to win together in the game as they furiously move their fingers on the keyboards then the scene to then show the game in action. I thought this was impressive and exciting!

What I also love is the entire cast…main, supporting and minor cast members…whether they are the four main leads, the supporting cast who are the rest of the Happy Team and even the competing teams in Glory whether be rivals, allies or both! I thought they all played a good job in their roles.  The main cast Yang Yang,  and his three leading ladies… Jiang Shuying Lai Yumeng and Li Yujie. I thought they did a stellar performance in their roles.  Yang Yang as always is amazing, like my last review of him but in the TV version review of LOVE 020, there is no denying Yang Yang’s talent and the directors obviously trust him for this type of programs / shows especially gaming and fantasy concepts! His leading ladies were spectacular! Although I mostly adored the characters of  Lai Yumeng’s Su Mu Cheng and Li Yujie’s Tang Rou more…they were more badass and less annoying. Don’t get me wrong Jiang Suyin as Chen Guo was amazing but her character annoyed me, but I understand that her character has a slowest development process in the story. But the ladies overall did a splendid job. The supporting cast…the rest of the Happy Team / Xing Xin and the main antagonist who are Tao Xuan and Sun Xiang, the characters were presented so well you got to love them even the antagonist cause their really got into their roles and you can see how their characters develop and even if you dislike the character and character’s action you end up pitying them or admire that their they learn from their faults.

But anyways it is up to you guys if you want to check out and give The King’s Avatar a chance… But either way this show / drama /web series is definitely high in my highly recommend list!

Because of this, my curiosity for both the anime and the original web novel and manga had definitely grew and I will definitely most likely check them both out as well.

So it you want to check out The King’s Avatar, go for it!!! It’s on Netflix!!!

 Once again… Thank you @Netflix for adding this to series to your lineup! This an awesome show, in my opinion 💗🤗💗

 Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the Chinese tv series of The King’s Avatar.

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