VOICE Korean TV Drama Review

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I have a couple of reviews that you can say were at a back burner, need a refresher and to be worked on more.  And this review was one of them!

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And I want to clarify, I watch this Korean drama that I am about to give my review of a while back and became one of my faves. Every once in a while, I would re-watch it because I love it that much! And I finally decided to make a review for it…mostly because a Thai adaptation of this drama was released not too long ago on Netflix and I wanted to make a review on the original Korean version before I watch the Thai adaptation and make a review a of it. Really excited as well that coming soon this Korean version will be added to the lineup in Netflix, this March actually! March 1!

I also want to apologize for being behind schedule and only deciding now to post this review. But on the bright side, I was able to get a refresher, touch this review up to make sure I give all of my thoughts on this…especially since this is one of my favorite Korean dramas that I will give my review of!!! Hehe… Woohoo!!

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VOICE Korean TV Drama Review

Disclaimer: Pictures of the show, cast are not mine. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia, MyDramaList and Asian wiki.✌️  By the way, just to sneak in, you can find this Korean tv drama on Viki.com. Also it will be streaming on Netflix this March!

Warning…this drama is not for kids and not for those who are squeamish, because of the violence and this is a crime drama. So be warned! Peace out!


First off… as part of my usual introduction…peace out! Please don’t take what I say seriously… just with a grain of salt, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film, literature and television… Not at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies books and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this review as a television drama lover and a Kdrama lover… And just to clarify too, sorry if at some points I might run on with my words or have any grammatical errors… but I will definitely be honest about my thoughts and feelings in this review.

Moving on… I will first talk about bit about the main leads…Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha-na and Kim Jae-wook…and their characters in the Voice

Jang Hyuk is a South Korean actor and rapper. He is best known for his leading roles in the films 2001’s Volcano High and 2004’s Windstruck. He is also known from his leading roles in television dramas as well such as 2002’s Successful Story of a Bright Girl, 2007’s Thank You, 2010’s The Slave Hunters, 2011’s Deep Rooted Tree, 2014’s You Are My Destiny, 2017’s Voice which this review is focused on and 2017’s Money Flower.

In Voice, Jang Hyuk plays Moo Jin-hyuk, a “mad dog” detective who becomes guilt-ridden after his wife was murdered while he was at work. He was quite conflicted with Kang Kwon-joo at first, especially she testified that the suspect in her wife’s murder was not the culprit due the suspect’s voice not matching the culprit’s especially the habit of jaw cracking when speaking. But he later believes her as the story goes on especially after a couple of cases as they gathered evidences together while finding the real culprit to his wife’s and her father’s murder. He is one of the main protagonists in Voice.

Lee Ha-na is a South Korean actress. Lee made her acting debut with 2006’s Alone in Love. In recent years, she has been known for her role as Kang Kwon-joo on all three seasons of OCN’s television series Voice.

In Voice, Lee Ha-na plays Kang Kwon-joo, a tough policewoman who is gifted with perfect psycho-acoustics skills and went for voice profiling. She was working at the call center when a brutal murder case of Moo Jin-hyuk’s wife took place and in the process of investigating her father was killed which led to a cover-up. She was quite conflicted with Moo Jin-hyuk’s at first, especially she testified that the suspect in her wife’s murder was not the culprit due the suspect’s voice not matching the culprit’s especially the habit of jaw cracking when speaking. But Moo Jin-hyuk later believes her as the story goes on especially after a couple of cases as they gathered evidences together while finding the real culprit to his wife’s and her father’s murder. She is one of the main protagonists in Voice.

Kim Jae-wook is a South Korean model and actor. He is best known for his roles in the hit series 2007’s Coffee Prince, 2008’s comedy film Antique, 2013’s mystery drama Who Are You?, 2017’s thriller drama Voice which this review is the focus of, 2018’s The Guest, and 2019’s Her Private Life, which I’ve done a review on late last year.

In Voice, Kim Jae-wook plays Mo Tae-goo. He is the handsome, cold son of a transportation business mogul with vast connections.  He is also the vice president of that transportation business. He plays the elusive psychopathic killer that Moo Jin-hyuk and Kang Kwon-joo have been looking for and wanted to arrest, pay for all his sins. He is main antagonists in Voice.

Now…I will move on to the short summary recap of the beginning of VOICE Korean drama..

The story begins with a woman running frantically running away from a dark creepy hooded figure stalking after her while carrying a heavy metal kettleball. Once finding a place to hide from danger, she discreetly calls the police and she got got through to Kang Kwon-joo who was a regular policewoman at the Eunhyung-dong’s Police Call Center at the time. The woman tells Kwon-joo her predicament, that she is in danger, so Kwon-joo advised her to keep quiet and hide that she is calling for police assistance for her and informed her supervisor what is going on. But in the middle of Kwon-joo’s conversation with her supervisor, the woman had to hang up because the killer was close by.  Like an idiot, learning from Kwon-joo that the woman hung up because the woman informed them the killer is nearby and she is hiding from him…Kwon-joo’s supervisor idiotically calls the endangered woman which led to the woman’s phone ringing! The endangered woman frantically tries to shut it off, and is in shock that she left the ringing tone on. It is too late though…the ringing alerted the killer of her hiding place. Thus, leading towards the woman pleading to spare her because she has a baby waiting for her at home but in end the hooded killer gives her a brutal death…smashing the kettleball her head repeatedly.

The scene shifts to Moo Jin-hyuk, who was somewhat drunk and had finished closing a case with his team and are celebrating with a round of drinks when he learns the news of his wife’s murder. Upon arriving at the crime scene of his wife’s murder with his team to process it, and his wife’s body still at the scene as forensics and police process the area.  Moo Jin-hyuk, still not believing his wife is dead…goes over to his wife’s body and he calls for her to get up, afterwards he lies down next to her and just cries…

The scene shifts back to Kang Kwon-joo back at the Eunhyung-dong’s Police Call Center who is still reeling and upset over not being able to help save the woman especially after the situation with her incompetent supervisor when she suddenly gets a call on her line at the call center… It was from her father, who is a veteran on the force and who is going to retire. Her father was currently doing a follow up routine check of the area of the victim was found murdered which scared Kwon-joo because the killer could still be lurking around or had gone back to the scene of the crime, so she pleads with her father to wait for assistance when her father noticed a suspicious person lurking around who then started rushing away from him.

Three years later, Jin-hyuk and Kwon-joo after a somewhat explosive reunion through a case which led to their team up as the “Golden Time team” and solve cases together, resolve their misunderstanding and chase after the true identity of serial killer who took their loved ones and finally arrest him…

Finally, I will talk about my thoughts and overall review of VOICE Korean drama …

First off…I want to say want first attracted me to watch this show was the kind of supernatural hints of super hearing, the serial killer chasing and the dark plot and Jang Hyuk, because he is ab absolutely amazing actor! And even though I did not know Lee Han-na before Voice, I was interested in this shown because of the idea of a policewoman with the super hearing ability in a Call Center!

Anyways to me this is amazing show…even though I do feel that the lighting or setting of the show is too bright for such a dark plot. What helped not made me mind the lighting to much though was the background music, the plot and the characters. And despite the lighting, I loved this drama all the same!

Also, I am not in-depth and knowledgeable in law or crime but I love watching crime shows like NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc. etc. And whether or not, there might have been some plot holes from what I am not aware of… I can definitely say though that this show was pretty good and suspenseful.

What I can say that really made this one of the best shows to me is the casting! The casting is just perfect to me! From the main to the supporting and even to the minor cast members. Such an awesome cast! Especially the main cast of Jang Hyuk, Lee Ha-na and Kim Jae-wook.

Like I said before, besides the plot along with Jang Hyuk attracted me. Jang Hyuk as always is absolutely amazing and the role of Detective “Mad Dog” Moo Jin-hyuk was tailor-made for him!  Tough as nails, rough along the edges, smart, observant, crazy badass…excuse my language but deep and emotional. Lee Ha-na as Captain Kang Kwon-joo is an interesting one… Although I haven’t watch Lee Ha-na’s previous dramas, she is definitely a talented actress. She gave life to her role as Kang Kwon-joo as somewhat standoffish but strong sense of morals both as a human being and what it is to be a police officer. And finally, Kim Jae-wook as Mo Tae-goo! O – M – G ! First off, I first heard and last drama I saw of him before 2017’s Voice was actually 2007’s Coffee Prince and even though he did an amazing job in that show I honestly didn’t think much about him there because looks wise…yes I am going to sound kind of shallow but anyways… During Coffee Prince, his hair wasn’t my cup of tea. Anyways here in Voice, Kim Jae-wook is so fine… gorgeous. But, his character as Mo Tae-goo is a creepy sicko psychopath killer and he planned it well. Although, this drama doesn’t show the indepthness of how psychopathic Mo Tae-goo really is, Kim Jae-wook gives off this sick vibe of how creepy he is from his expressions especially his smirks and little smiles… Anyways one thing for sure, I couldn’t get myself to watch his other dramas after that…until two years later 2019’s Her Private Life. That’s now effective, Kim Jae-wook as the psychotic Mo Tae-goo was. Hands down! Creepy! He is in my personal Top 3 Villains in Korean Dramas along with A Girl Who See Smells’s Namkoong Min as Chef Kwon and Arthdal Chronicles’ Jang Dong-gun and Kim Okvin respectively as Tagon and Tae Al-ha.

And an important thing that I love about this drama Voice is that there is no hint of romance between the two protaganists! You get a vibe of respect between them as police officers and kindred spirits working together because they both loss the person the love from a deranged psychopathic serial killer. I thought that despite the dark dreary elements or plot of the story, I thought the teamwork between them was beautiful. Like a light amongst the darkness.

Overall, I really enjoyed this drama Voice, it is one of my favorites! And what makes it even more exciting is that since the drama is so good, there is now a Thai adaptation of this, which I can wait check out and give a review of as well!

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review of Voice!!!  Hopefully, this review builds your curiosity in checking out this awesome Korean drama and other Korean dramas!!!

Once again…as a warning…this drama is not for kids and not for those who are squeamish, because of the violence and this is a crime drama. So be warned! Peace out! It is available on Viki.com and also it will begin streaming on Netflix this March! March 1 actually!

Also, please check out Voice 2 and Voice 3 as well, the Korean sequels to Voice. I did watch these two sequels…both Voice 2 and 3, were pretty interesting too…just has a different male lead. Who is pretty good too!   It is just that although I did like both 2 & 3, it gets much darker and more complicated but I still like Voice the original better. So, I rather not give a review on this too. But I do recommend you to watch them too! But, please note that I am not sure where these two sequels are available, because it was once accessible on DramaFever, but DramaFever is not available anymore. When I am able to access both Voice 2 & 3, I will definitely make a review of them too!

And please look forward to my review of the Thai version of Voice as well which is recently being played on Netflix!!!

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