BUYBUST the Filipino Movie Review

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I have a couple of reviews that you can say were at a back burner, need a refresher, look over and to be worked on more…and this was one of them.  Either way I apologize for being behind schedule on posting this review. But on the bright side, I was able to touch this up …  To make sure I gave all of my thoughts on this…especially since this is the first Filipino movie review in a long time that  I am posting for month of May!!! Hehe… Woohoo!!


BUYBUST the Filipino Movie Review

Disclaimer: Pictures of the film and BUYBUST movie, are not mine. Got them from the internet. And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia.✌️

By the way the movie BUYBUST which can be watched on Netflix! And warning! THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS! Intense Action, fights and gore! Brutal actually… So NOT for the faint-hearted and definitely NOT for kids!

Before I start, just sneaking in that BUYBUST came out in 2018 and Netflix added BUYBUST sometime last year.


I was interested in BUYBUST because #1 it is a Filipino movie! I’ve watched it then when it came out on Netflix and I watched again for a refresher not too long ago.  Side note, I noticed Netflix has been adding a lot of Filipino movies since last year and there was not even too many at all before! I found that fascinating!  #2 Anne Curtis, who plays one of the main characters…and is sort of the center and involved in the story! Anne Curtis happens to be, in my opinion, a popular Filipina actress! One of my faves! #3 from all of Anne Curtis, previous roles…this movie BUYBUST is where she has the most badass character I’ve ever seen her acted as!!!


Let’s begin…

First off, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film and television… at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies, anime and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this movie review a movie lover… 😉

Moving on…like with some of my previous movie and tv show reviews, I will first talk a little bit about the cast… But in this case, I will just talk a tiny bit about actors/ characters…Anne Curtis, Brandon Vera, Victor Neri, Arjo Atayde and Nonie Buencamino…

Please note…I will only mention who their respective characters are as to not spoil too much…


Anne Curtis also known as Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff is a popular Filipina actress, who first started out in the industry at twelve years old. She is a Filipino-Australian actress, model, television host, VJ and recording artist in the Philippines. She is currently one of the hosts of the noontime variety show It’s Showtime, which airs on ABS-CBN Entertainment. Curtis starred many popular television series, which include 2004’s  Hiram , 2005’s Kampanerang Kuba, 2006’s Maging Sino Ka Man, 2008’s, Dyosa, 2009’s The Wedding, 2011’s Green Rose and 2013;s Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw and has hosted the noontime show It’s Showtime. She also portrayed the iconic Komiks character Dyesebel in Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel. She also starred in several films like 2011’s high grossing No Other Woman which earned her a FAMAS Award for Best Actress. Her other box-office hit films include 2010’s Babe, I Love You (2010) and 2012’s A Secret Affair. Her other critically acclaimed roles were in the films 2008’s Baler and 2018’s In Your Eyes. Throughout her career, she has received a Metro Manila Film Festival Award, three FAMAS Award nominations …winning one, three PMPC Star Award for Movies nominations, two Luna Award nominations…winning one, and six PMPC Star Award for TV nominations…winning two.

Anyways in this movie, BUYBUST, Anne Curtis plays Nina Manigan. The main female character of BUYBUST.

Brandon Vera is a is an American-born Filipino mixed martial artist currently signed with ONE Championship, where he is the reigning ONE Heavyweight Champion. A professional competitor since 2002, he has formerly competed for the UFC and the WEC. Vera is the 2005 WEC Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion.

Anyways in this movie, BUYBUST, Brandon Vera plays Rico Yatco.  The main male character of BUYBUST.

Victor Neri is a Filipino actor and chef.

Anyways in this movie, BUYBUST, Victor Neri plays Bernie Lacson

Arjo Atayde is a Filipino actor and is currently a talent of Viva Artists Agency and Star Magic. He is well known for portraying the antagonist Joaquin Tuazon, the son of the rich business man (in the ABS-CBN primetime series, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Francisco “Paco” Alipio in television drama series Hanggang Saan, and Elijah “Elai” Sarmiento in the recently concluded The General’s Daughter.

Anyways in this movie, BUYBUST, Arjo Atayde plays Biggie Chen. The main obvious antagonist of BUYBUST.

Nonie Buencamino is an acclaimed Filipino character actor known for his theater work. He is strongly linked with Philippine New Wave Cinema, playing roles such as Mayor Bartolome in Jun Lana’s Barber’s Tales and Felipe Buencamino in Jerrold Tarog’s Heneral Luna.

Anyways in this movie, BUYBUST, Nonie Buencamino  plays Detective Alvarez.

Anyways here is the plot of the movie and then I will continue onwards with my review…

The story begins around the time of the Philippine Drug War…. Drug dealer is interrogated two detectives…one of them is Detective Alvarez. They are trying to find the location of big-time drug lord Biggie Chen and learn that Chen is hiding at the Barangay Gracia ni Maria in Tondo, Manila. And the authorities launch a “buy-bust” operation to capture Chen.

After surviving the slaughter of her entire former squad in a drug raid compromised by corrupt cops, Rookie police officer Nina Manigan joins a new anti-narcotic elite squad of the PDEA. Her new squad is chosen to conduct the mission against Chen. Their the sting operation is to take place in Plaza Rajah Sulayman. The drug dealer is then used as a bait to lure Chen, but the Chen did not appear.

The squad then continues on to the slums of Gracia and split up into the Alpha and Bravo teams. Where, the operation is revealed to be bait to massacre the PDEA officers. The Alpha team is slaughtered, leaving Dela Cruz as the only survivor. The Bravo team, led by Lacson, fall back but find themselves trapped by slum settlers and drug mafias in which they must fight for their lives…

And this is where the story really takes off…

Moving on to the actual review…

This is going to be a really short review in fact…cause most of the time I was on the edge of my seat…getting worked up!

Anyways back to the film, BUYBUST…WOW…INTENSE…SO BRUTAL…

You got to see it to see what I mean…my goodness…

…but once again though…not for the faint-hearted and not for kids!

Anyways, I enjoyed this film! Like I said, I was pretty much entertained. And whether or not, like Cristine Reyes in Maria, Anne had training and/or stunt double for all her action scenes…  Although I do know for a fact Anne Curtis did had training for this, because of the videos released for the behind the scenes of the movie.  Either way, one thing is for sure, she played her role well! She has always been an exceptionally good actress whether as a protagonist or antagonist in romantic shows, comedies or dramas…and even hosting. But definitely in BUYBUST, is a new and good way for her in making her get out of her mainly dramatic actress image which is her area of expertise, that won her praise as an award-winning actress. Especially since she little to rarely does action too! Dyosa the ABS-CBN teleserye, I remember she done some action and harness scenes… But, in my opinion, this role in BUYBUST turns her into a more formidable, badass… versatile actress.

Anyways, slight spoiler alert… Loved Anne Curtis’ dynamics with Brandon Vera here, their chemistry is subtle like siblings… almost, looking after each other… Watching each other’s backs even though they just barely started training and working together. But they somehow have developed trust, especially Anne’s character Nina, had not too long before dealt with something so tragic with her previous crew.

Anyways, the entire cast is amazing especially and the heavy hitters in acting like Anne Curtis, Nonie Buencamino, Victor Neri and Arjo Atayde… Familiar faces from Filipino family and college year friendly faves like Aj Muhlach and Joross Gamboa… And a literal heavy hitters in the mixed martial arts UFC field..Brandon Vera! Definitely amazing cast!

Also, do not let the 5 to 15 minute slow, somewhat dull introductory start fool you, cause the atmosphere changes so quickly after that…

I would say the background music adds to that too…

Like I said before, you got to see it to see what I mean…

INTENSE! GUNS! KNIVES and some martial arts because of Brandon Vera…

Anyways, I think this is an awesome movie. I love action, crime shows and martial arts movies if they are action-pack and not dull. This one action packed but on the brutal side… So I can admit that I as much as I enjoyed the movie, it is a bit dark and gory though especially for my tastes, but still a pretty good decent movie.

Actually after watching their filipino movie..BUYBUST, especially after a refresher…I was slightly more prepared for some of the gore and brutal action fight scenes…not the majority though cause it is intense… But this movie definitely prepared me well for Cambodia’s JAILBREAK…another intense brutal action-packed but slightly more on martial arts movie, which I will post a movie review on it real soon. So please watch out for it!


Another slight spoiler alert…I like that concept of BUYBUST…about a military crew versus drug lords and angry citizens who are tired of being caught up in their drug bust war. Basically, a drug bust gone wrong, turned into an all-out war. This movie was said to be social take on Duterte’s Philippines War on Drugs.

So… Don’t let kids watch this and people who faint-hearted and does not like brutality and gore because there is a lot of that in this movie…


Thank you @Netflix for adding this to movie to your lineup! In my opinion, this a pretty well-made movie! Will watch so out for any more movies…especially Filipino that you may add! 💗🤗💗

 Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on the Filipino movie BUYBUST . Hopefully this review gets you interested in the anime and the live action movie version whether or not you are into anime and into Asian movies…most especially Filipino movies.

Once again… So Don’t let kids watch this and people who faint-hearted and does not like brutality and gore because there is a lot of that in this movie…

And it is on NETFLIX!

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God Bless you and your loved ones always! Let’s all pray for the best and for as cure for not only the Corona virus but all diseases as well

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