JAILBREAK the Cambodian Movie Review

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I have a couple of reviews that you can say were at a back burner, need a refresher, look over and to be worked on more…and this was one of them.  Either way I apologize for being behind schedule on posting this review. But on the bright side, I was able to touch this up …  To make sure I gave all of my thoughts on this…especially since this is the first ever Cambodian movie review ever!!!! And I am posting for month of May!!! Hehe… Woohoo!!


JAILBREAK the Cambodian Movie Review

Disclaimer: Pictures of the film and JAILBREAK movie, are not mine. Got them from the internet.  And just add, info on the cast I got from Wikipedia.✌️

By the way the movie JAILBREAK, can be watched on Netflix! And warning! THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR KIDS! Intense Action, fight scenes and some gore! Kinda brutal actually… So NOT for the faint-hearted and definitely NOT for kids!

Before I start, just sneaking in that JAILBREAK came out in 2017 and Netflix added JAILBREAK in May 2018.

I was interested not only because this is martial arts and action movie…. the description on NETFLIX sparked my interest…

“Four cops escorting a mobster to a high-security prison fight for survival when a gang boss orchestrates a riot from outside to silence their charge”


Let’s begin…

First off, like with music. I do not have a professional degree in film and television… at all…nada zilch degree. But I love movies, anime and tv shows, most especially if they capture my interest somehow. Despite the lack of degree on this area, I will still do this movie review a movie lover… 😉

Moving on…like with some of my previous movie and tv show reviews, I will first talk a little bit about the main cast… 

And I really mean just a tiny bit…because I could not find too much information about them…

 I will only mention the actor and who is their respective characters…

Anyways….here goes..

  • Jean-Paul Ly as Jean-Paul, the French-Cambodian officer who just transferred to the Cambodian Police squad and part of the police squad that is transporting the prisoner

  • Dara Our as Dara, member of the Cambodian police squad that is transporting the prisoner

  • Tharoth Sam as Tharoth, only female member of the Cambodian police squad that is transporting the prisoner

  • Céline Tran as Madame Butterfly, female antagonist. The Real Gang Leader

  • Savin Phillip as Playboy, prisoner to be transported who says on the news that he is innocent and will squeal on who is the real gang leader of the Butterflies

  • Laurent Plancel as Suicide, a prison guard

  • Dara Phang as Sucheat, member of the Cambodian police squad that is transporting the prisoner who 6 months before was in deep undercover.

  • Sisowath Siriwudd as Bolo, male antagonist. Inmate honcho who is incited to start a prison riot.

Moving On..

Anyways first of a bit of the plot of the movie and then I will continue onwards with my review…

The story begins after a mobster’s, Playboy, sentencing as guilty and sent to prison.

Live on news… Playboy exposes that he is not the gang’s true boss, and promises to deliver information about his employer. Thus causing the real gang leader, Madame Butterfly to puts a bounty on Playboy’s head by sending a couple subordinates as visitors to the prison to entice a big shot inmate, who really hates cops….to sparks a riot in the jail, with all the prisoners trying to get their hands on Playboy. Three local cops, and a French-Cambodian police officer are to escort Playboy to prison. As the riot begins, the officers have to fight for survival against the inmates and protect their key witness. Meanwhile, Madame Butterfly and her henchwomen come to the prison in order to finish the job themselves.

And this is where the story really takes off…

Moving on to the actual review…Cambodia’s JAILBREAK

This is going to be a really short review in fact……cause most of the time I was on the edge of my seat…getting worked up! Just like I was with the Philippines’ BUYBUST

Anyways back to the film, JAILBREAK…WOW…INTENSE…Slightly brutal and very BADASS…

You got to see it to see what I mean…my goodness…FIERCE!!!

Anyways, I enjoyed this film!

Also, do not let the 5 to 15 minute slow, somewhat dull and choppy introductory start fool you, cause the atmosphere changes so quickly after that…

Like I said you got to see it to see what I mean…

Anyways, I think this is an awesome movie. As I mentioned in my BUYBUST review…I love action, crime shows and martial arts movies if they are action-pack and not dull. And like BUYBUST…this is action packed but on the tad lesser on brutal side… Actually after watching the filipino movie..BUYBUST, I was slightly more prepared for some of the gore and brutal action fight scenes here in Cambodia’s JAILBREAK! One important and big difference from the Filipino movie BUYBUST is…Cambodia’s JAILBREAK is more on the martial arts side…mainly highlighting the Cambodian martial art of bokator…and like I said a tad less brutal… Cause of that you can say there is some light-hearted moments too lol… So in a sense, JAILBREAK is easier to watch because of that. If my calcutaion is accurate…JAILBREAK has about 5% of comedy because of Playboy, Sucheat and a dream moment between Jean-Paul and Tharoth just to give viewers a little breaks from all of the action and some of the intense scenes… Which I definitely appreciated 🤗

I got to say though…Playboy is stupid and has a death wish for exposing live on the news that he is not the gang’s true boss, and promises to deliver information about his employer which is Madame Butterfly… Of course she is going to go after him for threatening to squeal right on the news! Smh…

On the actors… Woohoo 🔥🔥🔥 Badass! I find it awesome and absolutely amazed by their skill and speed. The action choreographers, which are actually Dara Our and Jean-Paul Ly…who played one of the Cambodian cops and the French-Cambodian cop respectively….

🙌👏👏👏🙌 Awesome! Badass and ruthless against the rioters! But heck, it is a kill or be killed situation…

Tharoth Sam as the only female cop in JAILBREAK… She is Totally Awesome! And it turns out she is a professional MMA fighter aka “Little Frog”. She is amazing here…as in 🙌👏👏👏🙌 Badass!

The rest of the cast like Dara Phang and Savin Philips…respectively are talented and hilarious. And the female antagonist, Céline Tran… Yikes! Wouldn’t want to cross her! Lol

Anyways…either way this movie is…


I enjoyed and think JAILBREAK Is a awesome really good movie!

Another slight spoiler alert…I like that concept about a police prison transport squad versus prisons inmates and a scorned female baddie. Especially from the description on NETFLIX which sparked my interest in the first place…“Four cops escorting a mobster to a high-security prison fight for survival when a gang boss orchestrates a riot from outside to silence their charge.” Basically, a protective prisoner transport gone wrong.

Still though… Don’t let kids watch this and people who faint-hearted and does not like brutality and somr gore because there is some scenes that in this movie…


Thank you @Netflix for adding this to movie to your lineup! In my opinion, this a pretty well-made movie! Will watch so out for any more movies…especially Cambodian that you may add! 💗🤗💗

 Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first review on the Cambodian movie JAILBREAK . Hopefully this review gets you interested in the anime and the live action movie version whether or not you are into anime and into Asian movies…most especially Cambodian movies.

Once again… Don’t let kids watch this and people who faint-hearted and does not like brutality and gore because there is a lot of that in this movie…

And it is on NETFLIX!

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Anyways til my next post…

STAY SAFE! STAY HOME AND STAY HEALTHY! As well as Respect each other! Cause the virus doesn’t discriminate!

God Bless you and your loved ones always! Let’s all pray for the best and for as cure for not only the Corona virus but all diseases as well

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