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This is going to be a little different from my usual “Kpop Music” reviews…because I usually review albums and not too many MVs…

But in this case, for me this will be quite special…

And who will be the focus of my KPOP REVIEW…


ALWAYS iKON leader! 😉


B.I had been gone for a while, two years actually, because of his scandal that had pushed him to leave both iKON and YG Entertainment while he was under investigation, especially since the company had many issues going on at the time.

And just in case you are not updated on that he was found innocent for drug use of LSD btw, in which his results came back negative.

He admitted he was going through a rough patch in his early days, thought about doing it, bought it but he did not take/consume it. Other news, though say he didn’t buy at all.

But either way…

Despite all that and that sad, heartbreaking time… I am so glad he is back!!!

Anyways… Peace out for the delay…I know I am really late, and it is about a little more than two weeks since the song release…AND album release…

I had a lot on my plate…I was able to check out all the teasers for is 1st Full length album…

Most especially…his illa illa MV as well as the LIVE FILM and PERFORMANCE FILM of WATERFALL…

But it is enough time for me to gather my thoughts so I can give a honest, as much as possible, unbiased review…well…”try” to make a unbiased review in this case…LOL


For the love of Kim Hanbin aka B.I and iKON….



Disclaimer: I do not own #BIiKON #KimHanbin #131Label (But I am a #iKONIC / #YGartists #YGstan #BINIC #ID ) Any information about him, I got from Wikipedia 😊 Peace out!

BIOGRAPHY INFORMATION and PICTURES I got online. VIDEOS are not mine! Got them on youtube!

First off, like all of my previous album reviews post, I want to clarify I am no musical expert. But I am a music lover who is particularly leaning or more inclined towards KPOP & other Asian music. Don’t get me wrong I am into all kinds of music like classical music, instrumental to anime theme songs and International artists as well like Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Jojo, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, NSYNC etc etc, just to name a few. But as I mentioned before I lean a little more towards KPOP especially these past couple years.

Also, like I mentioned many times in all of my previous KPop album reviews, my interest in KPOP all started with the debut of 2NE1, BLACKPINK’s,  iKON’s, WINNER’s and Lee Hi’s older sister group from the same entertainment agency. The same group…who Park Bom, in my previous album review was also in…

2NE1 opened the doors to me to KPOP, with BIGBANG another sibling BUT elder group steeping deeply into my heart, followed by other artists including iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK and LEE HI in their entertainment agency, YG entertainment. But more of them on another time, including 2NE1 cause to me 2NE1 is always forever and legendary! 

But for now, the focus of my review is on Kim Hanbin aka B.I! 2018’s Songwriter of the Year! And his ILLA ILLA MV & WATERFALL LIVE PERFORMANCE FILM.

 Peace out btw for going off topic. 😊 Warning, I might do this occasionally… LOL

Now … Just a little bit about Kim Hanbin aka B.I… 

Kim Hanbin, mainly known by his stage name B.I, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer and former leader of the YG Entertainment boy group, iKON. He first made his public appearance is MC Mong’s promotions and MV for “Indian Boy” as well as “Horror Show” in 2009.

Not long after in 2011 he became a trainee in YG Entertainment. After two years of training he participated in a reality survival program WIN: Who Is Next as a contestant under Team B. The show resulted in Team A’s victory, thus B.I and his fellow Team B return to training. In May 2014, B.I and his fellow Team B member Bobby competed in Show Me The Money 3, where B.I released his first single that reached the top of the charts, “Be.I”. Then in 2014, Team B returned to the reality survival show scene Mix & Match, which the filming took place during B.I’s appearance in Show Me The Money, give him an experience that totally took a toll on him… Practicing and preparing for Show Me the Money , developing his solo experience while giving him a different level of responsibility and honing his leadership skills in Mix & Match! Mix & Match then resulted in the debut of Team B as iKON with an additional member…making the seven…Kim Hanbin aka B.I, Kim Jiwon aka BOBBY, Kim Jinhwan aka JAY, Song Yunhyeong aka SONG, Koo Junhoe aka JUNE, Kim Donghyuk aka DK and Jung Chanwoo aka CHAN!

Then, in October 2014, he featured in former labelmate Epik High’s Born Hater alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jing, WINNER’s Mino and fellow iKON BOBBY. From then 2015-2019, B.I composed and produced all of iKON’s songs and music album. He even co-wrote and/or co-produced other former labelmates songs as well…such us WINNER’s “empty”, BLACKPINK’s “Whistle”, several song’s in PSY’s 4X2=8 album, Seungri’s “Mollado”, Lee Hi’s “1,2 featuring Choi Hyunsuk of TREASURE” as well as Lee Hi’s “No One”.   B.I also produced, written and composed  four of the five tracks of iKON’s album “I Decide”.

At the time I Decide album was released in Feb 2020 and iKON was doing their promotions for it, B.I had already left the group the year before due to his scandal.  From time to time, he would release a couple demos from his SoundCloud just for the fans.  And one point during his time away the kpop scene while in came public knowledge of his charity work and donations especially the charity he had been donating to for years on his birthday in October.  Also what became known was the donation of masks he gave to the same charity, during the Covid crisis.  Once news release of his negative results and being found innocent, B.I slowly started making his moves into the industry.  He created his first label 131 Label, making him the the youngest CEO.  Also, after some encouragement in 2021, B.I also featured in Epik High’s song “Acceptance Speech.” The same year, just a week ago, B.I released his first album Midnight Blue (Love Streaming), which is not for commercial release as it is more of a donation album where all sales for physical sales, all social media platforms like Youtube and Spotify, all profits go to WorldVision, the worldwide children’s charity organization.

And just recently on June 1st, BI released his first full length album Waterfall, which had full online promotions for, which includes the Waterfall Live Film & Performance Film and  ILLA ILLA MV…

Just to clarify, this REVIEW will be divided into TWO parts…



Warning…I am going to put as much more effort as I can in this…so this KPOP review will likely longer than past KPOP reviews… Also, just to add, if on the meanings / interpretations of his lyrics I cannot say for sure that exactly what B.I / Hanbin is thinking and feeling… But I am mostly speculating with what I understand with his situation because in the end with will know for sure if B.I / Hanbin says something. But one thing for sure, what B.I / Hanbin went through was no joke!

Anyways back to this revew…



I will talk about the song and lyrics…

Here it goes…

First off just to squeeze in… I listened and watched the MV first without the English captions/subtitles..


…The moment the song began… I can feel my excited for B.I’s return is building up and at the same time it is making me which his debut with illa illa and the release of his 1st Full length album WATERFALL coming faster! Cause it is two weeks apart!!! Dang it!!!

Getting back to WATERFALL…oh my goodness…my heart…

The hook is amazing and the melody is so badass! It makes me what to dance and move my head along with the beat! This song is a definite headbanger!

Now, I will talk about B.I’s Waterfall lyrics…this time with the English captions/subtitles…

As always…B.I is an amazing genius writer / composer / lyricist…a poet!

As I know from the melody this is a headbanging badass song!…but B.I’s music is always deceiving in a sense…but in a good way…

His lyrics are so beautifully put together, inspiring, and relatable…with lots of meaning with amazing wordplay…

Peace! Repeating here…am I?…LOL

Anyways… B.I aka Kim Hanbin is practically telling us his journey for the past two years since the incident of his scandal to now his return…

Please forgive me I just got to write out a couple of verses that really hit me because they are darn beautiful!!!

Thank you, English Translations!!!

In the 1st verse of Waterfall B.I / Hanbins says,

“My name is monster, My name is sinner

My name is hypocrite/deceiver, my name is failure

Damn my talent, my name is UH…

If not for me that who will remember me

I got a lot of pain, life is like a bird song

No end to agony, a journey/trip to fill the void in my heart

If I wash away my shameful past

I pray to the sky that it will be washed away…

Damn… Kim Hanbin! You are pulling my heartstrings even though this is a badass of a headbanger song!

Totally mindblown!

Just from this verse alone…I want to clarify btw, that I am only guessing….that it is like he is practically naming out all the things people were saying about him about hearing…most especially the early stages of his scandal being revealed… That it brought him a lot pain and he mentions that “life is a like a bird song”. For me, I am not really sure what “life is a like a bird song” means but I do know that “bird song” is a important influence in poetry and in poets…because they can represent a special metaphorical and symbolic meaning especially the type or kind of bird they use. In this case, Hanbin just says “life is a like a bird song… No end to agony, a journey/trip to fill the void in my heart…” He is because vividly and symbolically expressing this time pain he experience as an unending agony. That if possible, he prays that he can wash away his painful past…

Next Verse, after the chorus…Hanbin raps…

“My name is trash, a dumb kid

I have to accept everything, there are no excuses

I’m trying to be like water and live with the flow

Collapse, the depth hidden in that word

Now that I understand, a new future has been drawn out for me

I should catch my messy/disordered breath

And let go of the regret of everything disappearing

The target has gotten to big for me to avoid

Fighting with a purpose on the battlefield inside of a screen

Drink a glass of cold water and get your act straight

God is so generous/tolerant, he saves me yet again…”

Damn…this makes me think and remember the sad times about what happened 2 years ago which led to Hanbin’s two year hiatus…which the scandal he was involved in, which is a LSD drug scandal…

On this, I am not sure if you know, understand, get the gist and/ or want to know what happened…

… So, if you want to read about the scandal he was in, please continue but on your discretion because I might have missed a few details because I am going to explain it according to what I’ve heard from fellows fans and non-fans, what I’ve seen online in news articles and know from friends who live in Korea who are neutral and know the credible news sources … Because most of them sucked and some are really biased against YG artists in general…so I had to ask them for credible sources…

But, if you don’t want to read the scandal, please skip the next five [5] paragraphs to get back on track with the review…

~ ~ ~ Going off topic now~ ~ ~

As a fan, knowing Hanbin’s situation and as a YG Stan and iKONIC following iKON at both times… I could not help my heart be filled with various emotions… Because even before the case first came out…things were not easy for Hanbin and iKON….

To be clear, the scandal B.I / Hanbin was in, was a drug scandal that came out…the drug btw is LSD and this issue came around iKON’s hiatus in 2016ish… he was proven innocent and his drug results came back clean… But then issues and allegations in 2019 with YG ent came out… one of them led to Hanbin’s 2016 case be brought back again light because the drug seller accused the company CEO for bribing her, but she later retracted her accusation. also kept on delaying coming to court and breaking her probation. This drug seller is known for destroying Kpop idols careers because it is rumored that she was once a KPOP idol trainee but failed. She is known for getting away or having the easy way out of her own crimes because she is rumored to be from rich family.

Anyways, B.I aka Kim Hanbin admitted at the time, 2016ish, he was going through a rough patch in his early days. As an iKONIC…from what we know…iKON and Hanbin most especially was feeling immensely pressured and depressed… Not only for their long hiatus in Korea with non-stop concerts in Japan causing the group to slowly lose the momentum they had in their debut and losing fans due to their lack of promotions back home in South Korea.   B.I had to push himself… He felt that he must work hard on everything from the music, dance etc for his group iKON as the leader… Especially write songs that will help his group become a success… They were also dealing with immense bandwagon with hate and ridicule…especially being called names like “FlopKON” and “YG’s failure” etc etc. Also dealing with the “rumors” that their company was giving iKON unfair treatment and rumors that their group will be disbanded. Harsh times… Hanbin then thought about taking the LSD drug, attempted to buy, but he backed out of taking it. As we know, was proven innocent in regards of the taking of it because his drug results came back clean.  Then this case was brought back to light in 2019, he left the YG ent and iKON, and focused on re-trialed, once again…Kim Hanbin got tested and and he was proven innocent for taking drugs because his overall drug results are negative.

Even though this was the case, Hanbin did not make any excuses for himself during the situation, he took responsibility by leaving the company and his group iKON, to protect his group members from getting affected and getting hate.  He attended the courts on his own and bared the hate and ridicule from public and media on something he attempted do, even though he didn’t take/consume the LSD drug. 

This is a perfect example of even if you attempted to do something but didn’t, you must still face the consequence whether or not the action is big or small. Hanbin’s only fault is he attempted but then he got scared because it is likely he realized he was about to make a mistake. He was ashamed he attempted buy and know he must face the consequences of that even though he did not consume any LSD and drugs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Whether or not you had read the previous five [5] paragraphs on the issue…and you are still curious, you can research on your own on the issue that went on back then… Especially since I might’ve missed a few details…and if course, I know from what I read, seen online. So, if you still want more info, please do try and research for yourself, I do advise to be careful of some news sources because some are misleading and biased from what I heard…

But either way… Drug scandals are a big issue in South Korea and usually known as career destroyers. Also, mental illnesses and depression are not well taken care of and understood in Korea especially in other Asian countries….


Back to review of Waterfall song MV…and repeating the Verse once again…

“My name is trash, a dumb kid

I have to accept everything, there are no excuses

I’m trying to be like water and live with the flow

Collapse, the depth hidden in that word

Now that I understand, a new future has been drawn out for me

I should catch my messy/disordered breath

And let go of the regret of everything disappearing

The target has gotten to big for me to avoid

Fighting with a purpose on the battlefield inside of a screen

Drink a glass of cold water and get your act straight

God is so generous/tolerant, he saves me yet again…”

Damn…that really hits deeply…for the lyrics, the interpretation I got is that even though he is proven to be clean and negative results from his drug scandal.  He still accepted responsibility and made no excuses because he was still involved in a sense since he thought / attempted to buy even though he backed out of it.  Thus, finding acceptance to it, he starts to move on and let go his regrets… Starts to go on a much path and realizes that God is God and that God saved him. And then B.I/ Hanbin starts to see a new future for himself…

Btw, interesting tidbit…in his former group…B.I is the only one who doesn’t follow a religion but despite that he still prays and he believes that there is a higher power… From what I understand from that he is basically an agnostic… 

From a line in that verse…. “God is so generous/tolerant, he saves me yet again…” the impression I got from it is that he found God and he became a Christian because before he didn’t follow a religion, but he still prays and believes in a higher power.  Now it seems he have a religion… Of course, do not know for sure unless B.I / Hanbin tells us, the fans, himself… But either way, B.I / Hanbin is basically saying that God is so Good, that he saves him again.

On to the next and final verse…B.I raps…that stands out and got to me…

“My people whom I’m grateful for

All the destined relationships in my life

All the memories in my life,

Maybe its all a miracle

I let go of my heart, and cleared my head

The intense moments and the stinging gazes…”

Etc etc etc

Dang…B.I aka Kim Hanbin’s words are just so undeniably poetic and beautiful. This time expressing his thanks to all the important relationships in his life and the memories he has while he lets it all go…the pain, the judgement, etc etc.

Those lines and the lyrics, the music, his voice resonated deeply into my soul even through this head banger of a song!!!

Now, I will talk about Videos of the WATERFALL LIVE FILM and the PERFORMANCE FILM…

This is quite short but both videos are totally awesome and badass as the song!

For the WATERFALL LIVE FILM, B.I / Hanbin is in a field at night where a nice suit and his hair is slick back. Simply rapping his heart out, mic on hand! Totally badass and fine looking like an Italian mobster, reminds me of Song Joong-ki in the NETFLIX K-drama Vincenzo!

Am planning on watching and reviewing that by the way…

Anyways…then on the PERFORMANCE FILM…B.I is dressed comfortably and cool looking in light toned sweat pants and sweat shirt.  Anyways, since this is a performance film, he is full on dancing…and the moves are sick!!! So totally cool and badass! His moves so fluid and undeniably amazing reminding me of his powerful, slick and smooth moves and charisma back in his early days on WIN: Who is Next and Mix & Match with his former group members iKON, when they were once known as Team B.

Moving On now with the illa illa

I will first talk about the song and lyrics…

Here it goes…

First off just to squeeze in… I listened and watched the MV first without the English captions/subtitles.


…The moment the song begun I could feel my emotions stirring and my eyes kind of tearing up a bit…not only because this is practically marking his official return to the music scene…but on now beautiful and poetic this song is…

Even though, there is a melancholy tone to the song…there is also an uplifting feel as well as if to give the listener hope… And that seem to have brought a healing and comforting effect on me…

…It may seem like a relaxed summer song but when you start getting into the lyrics as deeply as you can…oh my goodness…it practically makes me want to cry yet feel a sense of hope. Which reminds me of when he mentioned in his interviews that he wanted to give listeners comfort and hope…


His vocals are so beautiful and soothing. And his rapping as always amazing. As he sings or raps…I could feel his sincerity and the depth of his emotions…

…While his lyrics…thank you, English translations!!!

Such beautiful, emotional, poetic wordplay in this song!

Right off the bat especially his 1st verse, he says…

“There’s a beach at the end of my sleeves

Because I wiped away the watercourse/waterstream on both my cheeks

There’s a beach at the end of my eyes

Because its been soaked, filling up from warm water drops

I’m alone, I lost my way in an isolated island

Emotions of anemia, there’s a war in my head…”

From this he vividly describes that he is wiping his tears away with his sleeves and his sleeves are soaked from his tears, while he symbolizes the beach is was soaking up his tears, which happens to be the end of his sleeves. Then he says he is all alone and lost in an isolated island extremely exhausted with is mind full of worries and chaos.

My goodness! My heart!

 Then in the following verse, he then says…

“I learned how to cry with your help, then you disappeared.

The road we used to walk together, we can no longer walk it comfortably

Because you who used to fiercely hug me is no longer here

I rub around my eyes with my sleeves, I hate that it’s not a dream

Where are you going, leaving me like this…”

Oh my goodness! My heart…

This verse, really hits hard and is so emotional, filled with much sadness and longing as he tells whoever he is addressing here…who knows, could be his fans, his former groupmates, or he could even be talking about his once confident and stronger self…. that this/these “person/ people” who once faced and walked the same path as him and once comforted him had disappeared and is not there for him anymore. He couldn’t believe they are gone and he hates that it is not a dream.

I also love and felt my heart shaken by his words of…

“Longingness is what I do best

Depression is the most comfortable home for me

The corners of my broken heart will be sharp

I will be the one stabbed again anyway…”

My goodness…I felt that…

Pangs in the heart and sobbing mode right here…

Finally, got to mention this, although kind of sad…I totally love these lines…

“… I won’t shed new tears

Though I know it will crumble

I’ll probably build a sandcastle again…”

I love this because even though you get the impression that he feels that things will get destroyed or ruined once again, he says that he is ‘build the sandcastle again.’ Basically, no matter what happens and comes his way, he not cry anymore…he will not give up and try again. I found this beautiful and it gives a feeling of strength and hope!

B.I is such a true poet and an artist!

There is so many more lines that are as magnificent as well. But will leave it to you guys to check the MV and song out!

Now I will talk about the MV of illa illa…

The MV of illa illa is a totally awesome and such a beautiful MV.

The video clearly shows the story and the emotions he is expressing through his lyrics. Especially his acting!…

Even though, Hanbin says in a Behind The Scene video that his acting isn’t that good and he used movies and shows as reference… I felt his acting was beautifully presenting the feelings of his song quite well. Especially since I feel he is expressing what he had experienced and felt the past two years… Although won’t know for sure on that until Hanbin tells us himself!

Anyways…it is also interesting how he comes out of the water and ends up in the beach in the beginning of the song.  Then again Hanbin this mentioned illa illa flows directly after his song Waterfall which he also literally had the same order in his album as well as the fact that he did released the LIVE FILM and the Performance Film of Waterfall before releasing the illa illa MV…🤔 Yup! Very interesting!

Also…the cinematography and the transition of the scenes is so vivid and in my opinion, beautifully well sequenced!

Most of the beginning part of the song he is running…through a dark alley, over and through some obstacles… Then he ends of free falling or flying…not sure which…but either one looks so cool.  His rapping scene is dark but interesting…and oh my…he looks is so enigmatic! Then second half on the song, the MV starts to become much brighter with the sky similar shade as the sea but as if signaling hope and new beginning…

I also adore the part near the end of the MV where he is in his studio as he sings the chorus and as he sings, the end credits appear… Interestingly enough, he once said in the past he wanted to do something with movie credits in his projects and he fulfilled his wish /dream for that in this MV.

By the way, saw the Performance Film and Driving Film of illa illa as well… And both are fantastic and interesting! Especially after the Waterfall Performance, in the illa illa Performance Film as well…you can tell that despite the two-year hiatus…Hanbin’s dance moves never got rusty… It is like he had gotten better than before! He has always been a good all rounder talent…

So, seeing him perform is always so amazing! When he was still in iKON, he is also known as one of the main lead dancers and was formerly in charge of the choreography especially in their early days before he passed the responsibility over to one of his members. In behind the scenes, past interviews and survival show projects, his iKON members had mentioned, that Hanbin would monitor all their dance practices as well, and later he would dance the song they were practicing… once… by himself!!!

My goodness! Hanbin is so multi-talented…songwriter, rapper, singer, dancer, choreographer, lyricist, producer… He is an All-Around Talent!

Anyways…illa illa is so awesome! Especially since it is a such a beautiful poetic song that fills my soul with comfort and healing! Overall, it’s a work of art! I can feel B.I / Hanbin’s sincerity and genuineness. This cinematography is amazing, giving the right tone of atmosphere to what his music is trying to express! I never get tired listening to this song repeatedly! It is comforting and gives many emotions…most especially hope. Also well as making me realize even more how important it is to be honest with how we feel. That our feelings aren’t a sign of weakness but true to ourselves and what makes us human.

I highly recommend this song!

Overall, my thoughts on entirely of the ILLA ILLA MV & WATERFALL LIVE PERFORMANCE FILM are such heartfelt and awesome releases that was definitely made to express Hanbin aka B.I’s fans and listeners a sense of comfort as he expresses his own journey…his feelings especially these past two years of not being in the spotlight….

Honestly, I feel that it hard to shake off the mark he left on iKON’s sound, because he is practically the brains behind the lyrics and the music giving iKON a distinct sound…

 And with that, being said, both MVs and Film Videos ares undeniably beautiful, and heart felt as any fan would say yes…B.I aka Kim Hanbin wrote and produced song.  This is so him!

And hopefully, it is giving comfort as well to those who miss hearing his music and looking forward for more from him.

From the ILLA ILLA MV & WATERFALL LIVE PERFORMANCE FILM Review I could feel his soul, compassion, his love and his sincerity. That he accepted everything that happened even though it was hard for him, and took time for the truth to come out. That he is keeping real, staying true and never forgotten those who love him and he hopes they/we didn’t forget him too… I could really feel his sincerity! 

As I mentioned earlier B.I aka Kim Hanbin is a true poet and an artist! That his songs are not regular pop song or KPOP songs because both the music and the lyrics are a work of art and literature! Poetic and beautiful wordplay!

Also please check out his MIDNIGHT BLUE(LOVE STREAMING) as well, which I’ve made a review of a while back. It was a donation album where all the proceeds, meaning he put the album credit to, World Vision, a Christian Humanitarian Organization for Helping Children worldwide! This also means, even if one day in future B.I aka Kim Hanbin he *knocks on wood* passes away…all the profits will still go to this Organization. The same charity organization he had been donating to for years since his debut! B.I aka Kim Hanbin a good, sweet heart!


 Hanbin, you were never forgotten! I always remember you! All of your fans, friends and always do! I am so glad you are back! You are loved and YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED!

Fellow IDs, iKONICs and new fans of B.I / Kim Hanbin….let’s continue to support and love great artists and human beings like B.I for not making excuses by still accepted his consequence on attempting something even though he innocent in another by proving he did not take any drugs , for gaining the strength to become a better person, his road to redemption, his new path, his beautiful poetic music! Especially now that there are issues going on in search for the illa illa MV and once again his past issue is being brought up again.

Please go ahead and check out more on B.I / Hanbin’s songs with his return and new start on his own label, 131 Label Offical Youtube Channel!

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on Kim Hanbin aka B.I’s ILLA ILLA MV & WATERFALL LIVE PERFORMANCE FILM Review!

I highly recommend you guys to check the mentioned videos as well as “Got It Like That” and his teasers on Youtube as well as B.I’s 1st Full length album WATERFALL!!! Which I will do an album review of real soon!!! Hopefully….hehe

I cannot wait for my copy of his album to arrive! Wondering which one I will get the Waterfall Ver or the Seaside Ver? We shall see… Either way I am highly anticipating his album. And currently waiting for that copy first before I buy the other version of the album!

 And if you are interested in my content, please subscribe to and follow here on my website. I will start making even more reviews here soon on #books #anime #movies #tvshows #cds etc. Especially on future KPOP artists’ album reviews and possibly MV interpretation/ review as well. 

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Anyways til my next post…

STAY SAFE! STAY HOME AND STAY HEALTHY! As well as Respect each other! Cause the virus does not discriminate!

God Bless you and your loved ones always! Let us all pray for the best and for as cure for not only the Corona virus but all diseases as well!

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