131 Live Presents Full Concert Review

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This is my first review in a while…

And it is something quite special…

I have been to concerts before… all KPOP!

And honestly I “attended” / watched a online concert before which was both BLACKPINK THE SHOW & KCON:TACT 3 in March…

But this is the first time I will be conducting an Online Concert Review…

Which I actually attended not to long ago…this past weekend actually!

And even more awesome to note is that at this Online Concert…

It has B.I!!!

And features with performances by PINK SWEAT$ / AFGAN / EPIK HIGH AND  DESTINY ROGERS!!!!


131 Live Presents Full Concert Review

Disclaimer: I DO NOT any of the artists who participated in this concert…who are B.I, Epik High, Afgan, Pink Sweat$ and Destiny Rogers… But you can say I am fan or because of this online concert became a fan of theirs. And any information and pictures about these artists and events, I got from Wikipedia AND articles online AND/OR screenshotted 😊 Peace out!

Anyways I mentioned before…I have been to concerts before… Mainly KPOP!

My very first concert and first KPOP concert was in 2017 at G-Dragon 2017 ACT III M.O.T.T.E World Tour in New York at Barclays Center on July 27!

My second concert was also in 2017 at TAEYANG 2017 White Night World Tour in New York at Madison Square Garden on September 1!

I love and will always love BIGBANG…they kept me interested in KPOP even though 2NE1 was the one that reeled me into the KPOP craze and made me a fan and interested in KPOP most particularly towards all YG entertainment artists!

My third is in 2018 at GOT7 2018 Eyes On You World Tour in New York at Barclays Center on July 11!

And early this year 2019 at WINNER 2019 Everywhere World Tour in New York at Madison Square Garden Hulu Theater on January 29!

My first major multi-KPOP artists concert that I’ve attended, which occurs every year as a major event was KCON NY 2019 Concert!!!

I’ve also attended a couple of online concerts as well…

As a mentioned before…

BLACKPINK THE SHOW & KCON:TACT 3 which were both held earlier this year 2021 in March…

I paid for only 1 month subscription at the time for both events! Which consists a rewatch of performances in KCON:TACT 3’s case. While for BLACKPINK THE SHOW I had a 1 month with scheduled Re-broadcast of the concert. Both were awesome by the way, even though the atmosphere is much different at the actual venue. Both only concerts were still awesome!

By the way, for KCON events for KCON official YOUTUBE website if you are not aware, this happen every couple of months…so if you want you can keep a monthly subscription.  In my case, only attended the KCON:TACT 3 because one of my favorite KPOP groups that rarely attend these kind of events have participated in it. So I only had the subscription for 1 month for this KCON:TACT 3 event and that was it.  I will likely do this again in future…lol

As for the BLACKPINK THE SHOW, it was only broadcasted as a 1 month paid access for that month which either the option, only for the day of the event or what I chose which was the day of the event and access to rebroadcasting… Interestingly enough…not long ago…YG ENTERTAINMENT released the DVD and KIHNO KIT versions of the BLACKPINK THE SHOW to be sold to consumers. Honestly, I got the DVD version of it! And honestly not anytime soon but I will do a review of it at one point in the future!


I will start with focus of this review…




131 LIVE PRESENTS: B.I / PINK SWEAT$ / AFGAN / EPIK HIGH / DESTINY ROGERS is an online concert being played/broadcasted on the LIVExLIVE streaming platform! And tagline for the concert is “Distinct cultures. Different Music. One World. Our Identity. Join us in the beginning of a new movement.” Which  to be broadcasted on Oct 2 at 11pm ET / Oct 3 at 12 PM KST!!! Which happens to be this past weekend!!! LOL

Originally, early September…the concert was teased as 131 LIVE PRESENTS: B.I FIRST ONLINE CONCERT… And then, about a little more than a week ago, it is revealed that not only is their performance by B.I with songs from his album WATERFALL…will be posting an album review of that real soon by the way… Anyways it was also revealed that there are performances by Pink Sweat$ , AFGAN and EPIK HIGH as well as  DESTINY ROGERS is also a special performances!!!

In the concert, Pink Sweat$ , AFGAN and EPIK HIGH sang about two songs each. Either way, awesome performances that totally fit the tagline of the concert which was “Distinct cultures. Different Music. One World. Our Identity. Join us in the beginning of a new movement.”

Pink Sweat$ is the opening performance with was being viewed from Los Angeles.  He is an American singer-songwriter from Philadelphia! And his vocals are amazing! Soft and tantalizingly beautiful as the acoustic player plays.  I honestly don’t remember the titles for the songs, but from what I can tell I from his music is that it is definitely R&B but acoustic! And honestly, I don’t remember at the top of my end any acoustics with R&B before, and Pink Sweat$ does it beautifully! And interestingly enough from what I read he debuted with a EP in November 2018  and he released his 1st debut album early this year at February 2021! This online concert with him as an opening…reeled me in to checked out more of his music!

The next performance is by AFGAN who an Indonesian singer, songwriter, and actor.  He performance two songs! Like Pink Sweat$ his vocals are amazing as well! But, AFGAN’s vocals are more on deep, sexy side.  I heard of him before…as he collaborated with GOT7’s Jackson Wang a couple of months ago with “M.I.A.”  Awesome collab by the way…  Anyways, such tantalizingly hot performance! If I took note of him before because of his collab his Jackson, and recently his collab with B.I and Bipolar Sunshine with“Lost at Sea” illa illa 2… his performance her at this online concert reeled me in! I will definitely check out more of his music! LOL

Next up was  B.I’s turn, an couple of songs from his WATERFALL album!

His first performance was with WATERFALL! I totally loved it and it totally hyped me up! The performance of it has the background like his video of it.  The only difference is that in this online concert, they changed sets, there was back-up dancers, B.I wears a slightly different outfit and he has blond hair!

The next song he performed was “One and Only” and that is just an awesome badass performance! Which followed up with a slightly revamped “BE I”, which totally continued his performance of swag and badass-ness! I totally loved it! Such spectacular performances.

Then, I was so cute when he made his introduction to his fans like me, ID. The first half he speaks in Korean and then he speaks in English. Too bad there is English subtitles in the 1st part of his introduction, but it is understandable, because it is broadcasting at the moment. But hopefully later on, subtitles are available later on, because I definitely do plan on taking advantage of my 1 month rewatch access!

Then, the second part of his introduction this them in English is just so adorable especially when he starts it off with, “ Hello Everyone! My fans! My Love! IDs! My name is B.I. I appreciate to. I appearthe love and support you send to 131 Live”.  It is also so sweet and courteous of him to give his thanks to PINK SWEAT$ and AFGAN for their participation as well!  He also says that even though the concert is online he feels like we the fans are right in front of him as he performs, he still feels nervous and excited and that he is so glad to meet us.

And then he performs the title song of his album WATERFALL which is “illa illa.” Which is just such a beautiful, spectacular performance. And I don’t know why, at this moment, I get handsome Draco Malfoy vibes from him, which likely has to do with his blonde hair.

Don’t me on that. I will probably bring up his hair a couple times… But mind you…as a compliment.

Anyways as I said, his “illa illa” performance was just spectacular. I totally loved it!

And next up was B.I’s performance of “Got It Like That” with DESTINY ROGERS who was being broadcasted from Los Angeles while B.I is in South Korea! Not sure if DESTINY ROGERS was pre-recorded, but whether or not pre-recorded or dual performance via online… This “Got It Like That” performance…was such an awesome collaboration via online concert!!! It was dope! Both of them were awesome and had so much swag! And this time, there was bit of choreography near the end of the song.

I thought the concert intermission video was well made and hot.

Next song, was “Daydream”.  I was honestly a little sad, that LEE HI couldn’t join is as a surprise guest for “Daydream” since she was featured in that song… But it is understandable why LeeHi couldn’t join… Because, B.I already performed “Savior” with LeeHi at her 4 ONLY Live Performance on Youtube at the DAY ONE video. But, honestly wishing one day, B.I and LeeHi will perform “Daydream” live together or via video. Who knows, they just might in the future. Anyways, I still found B.I’s solo performance of “Daydream” awesome! I can only imagine, LeeHi performing “Daydream” with B.I and for sure it would be even more awesome! Love the performance either way! His vocals and his rap are just amazing. And the background was cozy and warm that it added well to the atmosphere of the song, especially since it literally has the image of fireplace there.

There is another sweet intermission talk from B.I/ Kim Hanbin. And it is also so sweet and courteous of him to give his thanks to DESTINY ROGERS!

I love the aspect that for his next song “Numb”, he performs it in front of mic stand.  Having the viewers focus on the song and the way he expresses himself with his body movements… It is so expressive, and I could feel his emotions. And his vocals are just amazing.

His song afterwards, “Help Me”, was also performed in front just a mic stand. I totally loved his performance. Especially with the image background of a dessert with black crystal towers behind him and the fog flowing on his feet, really added to the atmosphere of the song.  His vocals here were totally amazing!

Then afterwards, B.I performed “Stay” with TABLO of EPIK HIGH! It was such an awesome, badass, full of swag performance! I just loved it! TABLO’s English rap is just so badass! Their performance was just spectacular. I just totally loved the image background of the hot air balloons! Just beautiful!

Their interactions after that performance when B.I thanked him for coming and participating was just so adorable!!!  Also, that B.I gives TABLO a full deep bow and tells him that TABLO fully deserves it! And he does!

Then I loved the fact that they performed “Born Hater” afterwards, which the rest of EPIK HIGH, DJ Tukutz and Mithra Jin!!! Another awesome collaborative performance with a lot of swag and badass-ness!!! So totally awesome!!! B.I thanks and bows to them.

Then, it was EPIK HIGH’s turn to perform their two songs while B.I rests a bit and prepares for his next performance set for the rest of his WATERFALL album… EPIK HIGH’s performance was so amazing! I can totally imagine experiencing live in concert…AMAZING!!! They are so badass! Full of swag! Love these guys! Their music is so amazing and relatable!

Then there was an adorable, innovative intermission from B.I/ Kim Hanbin. But this time, a segment of Illusion Radio of  2 B.Is / Kim Hanbins.  In this case, B.I with Kim Hanbin as the DJ host where B.I answered questions from fans that had been complied in the interview for this Illusion Radio.  He talked what IDs are to him and whether he will release any of his unreleased songs and spoilers for his next album, and then he played a balance game.

Then, B.I performed again, this time with “Illusion” with him jumping around and a interesting background with changing lines. The rap for this this song is just amazing!

By the way, this time is blonde hair is just totally fluffy!

Next, he performed “Flow Away”, is just so groovy with the background and lighting of changing colors! I just love it! So amazing!

Then his performance of “Remember Me” was next and it starts of so adorably with him sitting in a squat position.  This sounds like an uplifting feel good song…but lyrics are kind of at the sad side, but this still makes me feel happy!

His next song is “Gray”, it another feel good kind of song. I love how this song gives me good vibes, even though knowing Hanbin/B.I his lyrics is usually the opposite

There is another sweet intermission talk from B.I/ Kim Hanbin. It is just so adorable; he stops for a moment to drink some water. Then he speaks in Korean…I can tell he is talking about the preparations for the online concert, and he gives his thanks. And of course, expressing his love and appreciation to his fans! The IDs! He then talks in English, where he explains even though he cannot see the cheers, he says that even though he doesn’t directly see the cheers. B.I says he sees and feels the cheers the love and the fans have for him in his heart. Then he is always connected with us, his fans, the IDs in his heart.

He then performs, “Then” sitting on a chair with a fuchsia with clouds image background and spotlight on him.  It is just a beautiful performance. And B.I’s performance is just so spectacular.

And finally, he performs, “Re-birth”, which he had directly dedicated to IDs, us the fans, before.  It is just such as beautiful performance of him just sitting down before he stands up. Where near the end of it he sings withoug

Either way, he looks like an angel.

Then it shifts, to a screen of “Encore stage will begin soon”,  just before an intermission of the behind the scene of his photoshoots and dance practices for the concert and the behind the scenes of his  MVs were being shown.

Then it is the encore performance of “Waterfall”.

And then the last talk from B.I/ Kim Hanbin.  He first talks in Korean, then he talks in English.  Where he gives his thanks and his love and gratitude to loved ones, fans and supporters and the people who helped prepared for the concert. But mainly focuses his gratitude and love to IDs, his fans.

He then performs his last song, which was “Lost At Sea.”along with the pre-recording vocals of Bipolar Sunshine and AFGAN. Beautiful song by the lyrics. The lyrics are so relatable and meaningful.

Then final thank you, good bye from B.I

Then the end credits.

Overall, 131 LIVE PRESENTS: B.I / PINK SWEAT$ / AFGAN / EPIK HIGH / DESTINY ROGERS was a well-produced, well-broadcasted, and well-coordinated online concert!!! I am not sure if Pink Sweat$, Afgan and Destiny Rogers performances are pre-recorded, but they were definitely awesome performances! EPIK HIGH’s and B.I’s were definitely on schedule. And like I said, it was a well-produced, well-broadcasted, and well-coordinated online concert!!!  I definitely wished is was longer and the all the participates in B.I’s online concert had performed 1 or 2 more songs. But one thing for sure, this concert definitely got me more curious in Pink Sweat$, AFGAN and DESTINY ROGERS! And got me loving and adoring B.I and EPIK HIGH more than usual and which they’ve performed more songs!  All the performances were amazing! Especially B.I’s / Kim Hanbin’s. But overall, I was satisfied and made me yearn for more!!! 

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on 131 LIVE PRESENTS: B.I / PINK SWEAT$ / AFGAN / EPIK HIGH / DESTINY ROGERS!!! Hopefully, 131 and B.I decide to release this as a DVD and/or KIHNO KIT! I will definitely buy it! And hopefully the add all the performances as well. For now, will definitely take advantage of 1 month rewatch access.

I hope all this review got you curious of all the artists involved in this concert…  PINK SWEAT$ / AFGAN / EPIK HIGH / DESTINY ROGERS!!!

As well as makes you want to check out and get B.I’s Waterfall Album, which all proceeds will go to the emergency relief of “Basic for Girls”, also conducted by World Vision.  The “Basic for Girls” project aims to improve the poor environment, such as the construction of women’s restrooms for women’s human right’s in Zambia, Africa and support for sanitary napkins.

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Anyways til my next post…

STAY SAFE! STAY HOME AND STAY HEALTHY! As well as Respect each other! Cause the virus does not discriminate!

God Bless you and your loved ones always! Let us all pray for the best and for as cure for not only the Corona virus but all diseases as well!

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