B.I WATERFALL Album Review

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It’s been a long time since my last review…


Except for the two reviews I’ve just posted earlier today and 131 LIVE PRESENTS FULL CONCERT REVIEW I’ve posted earlier this month …

As I was saying…

This is going to be a little different from my usual “Kpop Music” reviews…because I usually review albums…

But in this case, for me this will be quite special…

And who will be the focus of my KPOP REVIEW…



ALWAYS will be iKON’s leader! 😉

But now he is B.I the Soloist!

And CEO of 131 Label affiliated to IOK Music!


B.I had been gone for a while, two years actually, because of his scandal that had pushed him to leave both iKON and YG Entertainment while he was under investigation, especially since the company had many issues going on at the time.

He is just not allowed to do any promotions in Korea while under his for 4 years probationary period for his case.

Despite all that and that sad, heartbreaking time…I am still glad he is back in the music scene doing what he love… Which is creating music!!!

Anyways… Peace out for the delay…I know I am really late and it is about a little more than four months  since the song release…AND album release…

I was able check out all the teasers for is 1st Full length album…around that time…but I had a lot on my plate…

Most especially…his illa illa MV as well as the LIVE FILM and PERFORMANCE FILM of WATERFALL…which I’ve made a review of…not to long ago…


This time my focus is on his 1st Full length album… WATERFALL

I apologize this took me a long time to post. I honestly was waiting until I got the actual album in my possession before proceeding in posting this review…and finally got it recently… coinciding perfectly with Hanbin’s Birthday today…October 22nd…

So, pretty much because of that I had enough time to gather my thoughts so I can give a honest, as much as possible, unbiased review…

…well try too…


For the love of Kim Hanbin aka B.I and iKON….

In HONOR of his 1st ONLINE CONCERT coming in on October 2/3…131 Live Presents Online Concert…earlier this month!

The fact that October is also his birthday month!

Today…October 22nd is his Birthday!]



B.I WATERFALL Album Review

Disclaimer: I do not own #BIiKON #KimHanbin #131Label (But I am a #iKONIC / #YGartists #YGstan #BINIC #ID )

First off, like all of my previous album reviews post, I want to clarify I am no musical expert. But I am a music lover who is particularly leaning or more inclined towards KPOP & other Asian music. Don’t get me wrong I am into all kinds of music like classical music, instrumental to anime theme songs and International artists as well like Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Jojo, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Taylor Swift, NSYNC etc etc, just to name a few. But as I mentioned before I lean a little more towards KPOP especially these past couple years.

Also, like I mentioned many times in all of my previous KPop album reviews, my interest in KPOP all started with the debut of 2NE1, BLACKPINK’s,  iKON’s, WINNER’s and Lee Hi’s older sister group from the same entertainment agency. The same group…who Park Bom, in my previous album review was also in…

2NE1 opened the doors to me to KPOP, with BIGBANG another sibling BUT elder group steeping deeply into my heart, followed by other artists including iKON, WINNER, BLACKPINK and LEE HI in their entertainment agency, YG entertainment. But more of them on another time, including 2NE1 cause to me 2NE1 is always forever and legendary! 

But for now, the focus of my review is on Kim Hanbin aka B.I! 2018’s Songwriter of the Year! And his WATERFALL Album Review.

 Peace out btw for going off topic. 😊 Warning, I might do this occasionally… LOL

Now … Just a little bit about Kim Hanbin aka B.I… 

Kim Hanbin, mainly known by his stage name B.I, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer and former leader of the YG Entertainment boy group, iKON. He first made his public appearance is MC Mong’s promotions and MV for “Indian Boy” as well as “Horror Show” in 2009.

Not long after in 2011 he became a trainee in YG Entertainment. After two years of training he participated in a reality survival program WIN: Who Is Next as a contestant under Team B. The show resulted in Team A’s victory, thus B.O and his fellow Team B return to training. In May 2014, B.I and his fellow Team B member Bobby competed in Show Me The Money 3, where B.I released his first single that reached the top of the charts, “Be.I”. Then in 2014, Team B returned to the reality survival show scene Mix & Match, which the filming took place during B.I’s appearance in Show Me The Money, give him an experience that totally took a toll on him… Practicing and preparing for Show Me the Money , developing his solo experience while giving him a different level of responsibility and honing his leadership skills in Mix & Match! Mix & Match then resulted in the debut of Team B as iKON with an additional member…making the seven…Kim Hanbin aka B.I, Kim Jiwon aka BOBBY, Kim Jinhwan aka JAY, Song Yunhyeong aka SONG, Koo Junhoe aka JUNE, Kim Donghyuk aka DK and Jung Chanwoo aka CHAN!

Then, in October 2014, he featured in former labelmate Epik High’s Born Hater alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jing, WINNER’s Mino and fellow iKON BOBBY. From then 2015-2019, B.I composed and produced all of iKON’s songs and music album. He even co-wrote and/or co-produced other former labelmates songs as well…such us WINNER’s “empty”, BLACKPINK’s “Whistle”, several song’s in PSY’s 4X2=8 album, Seungri’s “Mollado”, Lee Hi’s “1,2 featuring Choi Hyunsuk of TREASURE” as well as Lee Hi’s “No One”.   B.I also produced, written and composed four of the five tracks of iKON’s album “I Decide”.

At the time I Decide album was released in Feb 2020 and iKON was doing their promotions for it, B.I had already left the group the year before due to his scandal.  From time to time, he would release a couple demos from his SoundCloud just for the fans.  And one point during his time away the kpop scene while in came public knowledge of his charity work and donations especially the charity he had been donating to for years on his birthday in October.  Also what became known was the donation of masks he gave to the same charity, during the Covid crisis.  Once news release of his negative results and being found innocent, B.I slowly started making his moves into the industry.  He created his first label 131 Label, making him the the youngest CEO.  Also, after some encouragement in 2021, B.I also featured in Epik High’s song “Acceptance Speech.” The same year, just a week ago, B.I released his first album Midnight Blue (Love Streaming), which is not for commercial release as it is more of a donation album where all sales for physical sales, all social media platforms like Youtube and Spotify, all profits go to WorldVision, the worldwide children’s charity organization.

And just recently on June 1st, BI released his first full length album Waterfall, which had full online promotions for, which includes the Waterfall Live Film & Performance Film and  ILLA ILLA MV…Also, all of the copyright fees, music and album sales, and content revenue generated after the album’s release is being donated to the emergency relief of “Basic for Girls”, also conducted by World Vision.  The “Basic for Girls” project aims to improve the poor environment, such as the construction of women’s restrooms for women’s human right’s in Zambia, Africa and support for sanitary napkins.

Now, here is the WATERFALL Album Review

I am starting with…

  • “Waterfall” – I love this song! One of my favorites! It is so totally cool and badass! He basically raps about his feelings and his journey the past 2 years since his incident and since he had been gone.  If you want a full-on review of this song, please check on my separate review on this one. Either way, I highly recommend this song! As well as the LIVE FILM and the PERFORMANCE FILM!
  • “illa illa” – I love this song! One of my favorites! This is such as upbeat, beautiful song! And so beautifully written too! If you want a full-on review of this song, please check on my separate review on this one. Either way, I highly recommend it!
  • “Daydream feat LEE HI” – I love this song! Of course, this is one of my favorites! Especially since this is B.I and Lee Hi collaboration.  About two years since their last collaboration with Lee Hi’s No One.  As 7 years, since their 1st collaboration together with B.I’s team in the survival show Mix & Match with their “Let It Go” cover…. Anyways “Daydream,”…is such a sad but beautiful and sweet song.  I could feel the longing, the sadness and acceptance within the song…especially through Lee Hi’s vocals. I will leave it here and let the song speak for itself. I highly recommend this as well as its Visualizer MV!
  • “NUMB” –  I love this song! It is so beautiful! You can feel his sadness and his longing as B.I sings in accordance to English translation of his lyrics…“I feel so numb. Neither sad nor happy. So numb.   Neither boring nor new.”  His lyrics and vocals just cut so deep into the soul. I will let the song speak for itself because it is just so beautiful. I recommend it!
  • “Illusion” – This is such a badass song. Straight up rap! Such as awesome song! Totally love it and recommend it! I will just let the song speak for itself because it is just that awesome! By the way the Visualizer Video of this with his anime avatar TOBI is awesome! I recommend you check it out as well!
  • “FLOW AWAY” – This is such a groovy song. The rap is so mellow but awesome! Like Illusion, I will just let the song speak for itself because it is just that awesome!
  • “HELP ME”- I totally love this song.  I love how it is more on the alternative rock side. It is just so amazing and expressive. You can totally feel his emotions, how he suffers, how much he needs help.  It is a sad song, but it is beautiful! I will let the song speak for itself cause like Illusion and Flow Away, it is just that awesome! And I highly recommend it!
  • “Remember Me” – I totally love song. It sounds so adorable.  I can feel the song uplifting me! But of course, this is B.I / Kim Hanbin, he is good at making happy sounding songs but they lyrics are either sad or mellow.  Especially with lyrics that goes along the lines of it’s so disgusting but to remember him. But either way, this is such a sad but good feel-good song. Interestingly and totally awesome news I heard, just months after the release of his album and the closure of his case, he is doing well on the charts especially with this song since netizens, mainly K-netz from what I heard, have been using it for their Tiktoks! Anyways…I highly recommend this song for your playlist.
  • “STAY feat TABLO”- I totally love this song! Of course, this is one of my favorites especially since this is a B.I and Epik High’s Tablo collab! I remember B.I featured in Epik High’s single “Born Hater” alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jint, fellow iKON member BOBBY and WINNER’s MINO.  And last year in September 2020, he worked with Epik High with “Acceptance Speech”. Both “Born Hater” and “Acceptance Speech” are awesome lyrically deep cutting, badass songs… so hearing to B.I’s and Tablo’s latest collab of Stay is just as awesome. I love how deep the lyrics is. Tablo’s rap and B.I’s flow and vocals are undeniable. Such an awesome collab which deep lyrics that one can definitely relate with! I will leave it here and let the song speak for itself.
  • “GRAY” – This is such an awesome song! I totally love it! One of my favorite songs on his album of course! Like with Remember me, I can feel the song uplifting me. But also like with Remember Me and knowing B.I / Kim Hanbin, he is good at making happy sounding songs but they lyrics are either sad or mellow.  But either way, this is such a good feel-good song. I totally love the post-chorus part with “Ta ta ta ta ta ta da. Ayy, da da da da da da da da…” It is just so catchy and makes it sound so adorable! I highly recommend this song!
  • “Then” – This is such an awesome and beautiful song. One of my favorite songs on his album of course!  This song was released as a demo before on his 131 Soundcloud. Now, it polished beautifully. I will let the song speak for itself! I highly recommend it!
  • “Re-Birth”- This is the last song of B.I’s Waterfall album. One of my favorite songs on his album of course! And it is so beautiful and meaningful…especially to his fans like me…IDs.   The song is so comforting, and uplifting! Which is exactly the feeling the B.I wanted to give his listeners and his fans…  What makes this song even more beautiful is that it is for his fans! Especially with lyrics so beautiful like “No matter how many times are reborn, will we still be meant to be?” …  I will leave it here and let the song speak for itself.  I highly recommend this song especially it’s Lyric Video addressed to the IDs…the fans!!!

Overall, I love all the songs in his WATERFALL album!

And my thoughts on the WATERFALL Album Review is it is such a heartfelt album that was definitely made to express Hanbin aka B.I’s fans and listeners a sense of comfort as he expresses his own journey…his feelings especially these past two years of not being in the spotlight….

Honestly, I feel that it hard to shake off the mark he left on iKON’s sound, because he is practically the brains behind the lyrics and the music giving iKON a distinct sound… But will love andsupport iKON and B.I / Kim Hanbin either way!

 And with that, being said, this album is undeniably beautiful, and heart felt as any fan would say yes…B.I aka Kim Hanbin wrote and produced song.  This is so him!

And hopefully, it is giving comfort as well to those who miss hearing his music and looking forward for more from him.

From his album, WATERFALL Album Review I could feel his soul, compassion, his love, and his sincerity. That he accepted everything that happened even though it was hard for him and took time for the truth to come out. That he is keeping real, staying true and never forgotten those who love him, and he hopes they/we didn’t forget him too… I could really feel his sincerity! 

As I mentioned earlier B.I aka Kim Hanbin is a true poet and an artist! That his songs aren’t regular pop song or KPOP songs because both the music and the lyrics are a work of art and literature! Poetic and beautiful wordplay!B

Btw, I totally love all the extras that come with the Waterfall album..whether it is the Waterfall version or the Seaside ver…and if you decide to get a poster too. Because in both versions, you get a smaller poster, (3) random photocards, stickers, a mini photocard, photobook and the most awesome piece in my opinion…a Secret message from Hanbin where a message from him in his handwriting comes out at a certain temperature!

Seaside Version
Waterfall Version

Also please check out his MIDNIGHT BLUE(LOVE STREAMING) as well, which I’ve made a review of a while back. It was a donation album where all the proceeds, meaning he put the album credit to, World Vision, a Christian Humanitarian Organization for Helping Children worldwide! This also means, even if one day in future B.I aka Kim Hanbin he *knocks on wood* passes away…all the profits will still go to this Organization. The same charity organization he had been donating to for years since his debut! B.I aka Kim Hanbin a good, sweetheart!


 Hanbin, you were never forgotten! I always remember you! All of your fans, friends and always do! I am so glad you are back! Even more glad that you are continuing on living! You are loved and YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED!

Fellow IDs, iKONICs and new fans of B.I / Kim Hanbin…. let’s continue to support and love great artists like B.I for not making excuses by still accepted his part, for gaining the strength to become a better person, his road to redemption, his new path, his beautiful poetic music!

Let’s continue streaming his MVs and videos by going directly to his 131 Label Official Youtube channel for it to watch it now and copying and sharing the link of the MV.  Also let’s continue streaming his songs and album as well on Spotify, Amazon Music, etc etc.

Let’s also support his future projects as well! …Such as the release of his 1st half album Cosmos this coming 11/11! Definitely excited about that!

Anyways if you made it up to here… Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review on Kim Hanbin aka B.I’s WATERFALL Album Review ….

I highly recommend this album!!! It is a poetic masterpiece!!!

Also, once again, proceeds will go to the emergency relief of “Basic for Girls”, also conducted by World Vision.  The “Basic for Girls” project aims to improve the poor environment, such as the construction of women’s restrooms for women’s human right’s in Zambia, Africa and support for sanitary napkins.

I highly recommend you guys to check out all his videos on the 131 Label Official channel on Youtube!!!

 And if you are interested in my content, please subscribe to and follow here on my website. I will start making even more reviews here soon on #books #anime #movies #tvshows #cds etc. Especially on future KPOP artists’ album reviews and possibly MV interpretation/ review as well. 

 And please check out and follow me on my Instagram LadyAzulMoon

Anyways til my next post…

STAY SAFE! STAY HOME AND STAY HEALTHY! As well as Respect each other! Cause the virus does not discriminate!

God Bless you and your loved ones always! Let us all pray for the best and for as cure for not only the Corona virus but all diseases as well!

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